Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm debating tomorrow's eye look instead of sleeping.

Well, it's already tomorrow (it's 1:17am in NYC as I type this), but I think I already know what I might want to do. I was Tweeting earlier about my Bobbi Brown Pewter Chrome eye shadow and how I had forgotten about it. I was thinking it'd look good with this Black Radiance eye shadow duo I bought a month or so ago - it's a white gold color and a deep gold-green (the green is almost pewter-y on its own, and the duo itself is a decent dupe of the NARS Taiga duo).

So, I'm thinking I can do the white-gold color as a highlight/inner corner color, Pewter Chrome on the lid up past the crease, and the deep gold-green in the crease, outer V, and lower lash line. Deep green liner or black liner to finish, with nude lips and a bronzey cheek. Definitely a more dramatic eye look

That could work. Let's see how I feel in the morning; hopefully I won't totally change my mind about this. Pictures to follow once I actually do my makeup, of course.

3 love notes:

Musing on Beauty said...

Can't wait to see that one!
I'm glad you started this blog, I have millions of forgotten eyeshadows as well and you inspire me.

Elvira said...

Dude. The BB Pewter Chrome looks AWESOME with a green shadow in the crease. It has this great hidden green undertone that a lot of people don't always notice. I think it will look brilliant with that Black Radiance Nars Taiga dupe. :-)

Joey said...

Musing on Beauty, thank you kindly =) I appreciate the support and I hope I inspire you!

Elvira, my beloved slutbutt, I love you.