Saturday, May 22, 2010

Planning tomorrow's (taupey) eye...

I have to be up for work at 6:30 am tomorrow. I generally try to leave by 8am, which really doesn't give me much time to get ready (Have you seen my hair? Do you know how bloody long it takes to do my hair?!). Usually I end up doing my makeup at work on Saturdays and Sundays, but I find that this really throws me off; I always feel better if I leave my apartment with my face already done.

For this reason, I decided to set out tomorrow's eyeshadow look. I'm going to go with Dior Silver Look eyeshadow duo with MAC Naked pigment to highlight. This will be a simple taupey eye, which we all know I love. I'm going to probably smoke it out, and either add a plum liner, or black liquid liner. We'll see.

For an awesome review of Silver Look, check out Pink Sith's review here - her write-up is what made me want this duo in the first place. I remember when I purchased it (with a gift card, at Macy's Herald Square): I was absolutely thrilled, and literally made a mad dash home so I could play with it. Elvira uses the dark side of the Force to create lemmings that seriously never, ever dissipate until you just cave on the damn product. I have Dior Pop Look too, somewhere in my massive stash, and I am hoping to add Purple Look to my mini Dior collection soon too. Hey, my birthday is in three weeks...

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