Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Survey of Sorts...

I figured that every good blog has an "About Me", so I should have one too.
  • I'm 24, but I feel 85. This is not a good thing.
  • When I was younger, I was all about lip gloss and eyeliner. I think it was a high school phase. Now, I'm all about eyeshadow and foundation.
  • If there's one thing everyone knows about me, it's that I love (and collect) taupe eyeshadows. Surprisingly, I haven't really been into wearing my taupes lately! I've experienced a renewed love of color; all I've been wearing are pinks and purples on my lids. But not muted pinks or purples - I'm all about the brights!
  • My favorite brands for eyeshadows are: NARS, Paul and Joe, MAC (but only the permanent line), Bobbi Brown, and Urban Decay. I am starting to get into MUFE (Makeup For Ever) eyeshadows. I used to really be into YSL eyeshadows, but that phase has cooled down. I have no idea why. EDIT (9/2010): I really, really love Le Metier de Beaute eyeshadows now too!
  • In terms of drugstore shadows, I think that nothing beats Black Radiance. I've yet to try the new Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadows though. EDIT: As of 9/29/2010, I have tried at least one of the new Wet 'n 'Wild eyeshadows. They're quite nice!
  • My perennial eyeshadow quest: to find the perfect satin-matte highlight shade. The closest I've come is Edward Bess Nude.
  • The one eyeshadow shade I don't own: yellow! I should work on that.
  • The one eyeshadow shade I wear but it still scares me: blue. The weird thing is that blue eyeliner has always been one of my favorite makeup products. My old signature eye used to be smokey taupe with blue liner.
  • Non-eyeshadow related makeup factoids: I hate coral lipstick. I'm a sucker for a good plum blush. I am insane about brow pencils. Liquid foundation scares me. I only ever use Alcone sponges. I have products that I refuse to ever use just because they hold sentimental value to me.
  • Non-makeup related factoids: I graduated from NYU's Gallatin School. I hate dark chocolate. I have lived in NYC my entire life, and my favorite place in the city is the Museum of Natural History. I love fro-yo but am not a big ice cream person. I'm allergic to cats, which makes me sad because I love cats. My two heroes in life are Michel Foucault and Albert Camus (this might give you a good indication of what I studied in college). I don't like nail polish. Oh, and if you couldn't tell by the above photo, I also really enjoy taking pictures of myself on my Macbook while I'm at work!

7 love notes:

Joan said...

I'm liking your new blog so far! Found it through Pink Sith where I always enjoy your reviews. I'm trendoid on MUA and small world! I'm transferring to Gallatin in September.

Joey said...

Oh hi there Trendoid =D *gasp* you're going to be a Gallatino? zomg. you're going to LOVE it. I miss Gallatin so, so much. Email me if you ever have any questions!! xox

Sabrina said...

OMG Joey!!! YAY for your new blog. It's about time lol!!!!! Can't wait to see more about NY and the cool stuff you love/find there :) XOXO.

Joey said...

SABRINA! =D *squish* xoxoxo thank you so much! I'll have to do a special I <3 NY post just for you, then =D

Sarah said...

Hi, JB! Congrats on the blog, it's going to be great, I can tell already :) In case you're wondering, I'm here via Elvira's blog and I'm a MUA member of a couple of years (valentyne), so I've seen you on the boards a bit. Anyway, have fun with your blog, I'll add you to my list of reading material :)

lexi920 said...

You are too cute!

Joey said...

Sarah, hi hi! I recognize your MUA sn! I'm rarely on MUA anymore though =( but thank you so much for the support! I appreciate it.

Lexi, aw shucks! Thanks!! xoxo