Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well everyone, I'm an idiot!

Guess what Joey did today.

Joey forgot to bring her makeup bag to work with her. Joey didn't put on makeup this morning.


I had picked out the cutest combination of colors for today. I think I'll just go home tonight and slap it all on just to show you all, but here's what I had picked out (sans photos, of course, but I promise to take pictures tonight):

MAC Naked Pigment - Ok, I know I'm supposed to use something different every day, but what I lack in my collection are good highlight/brow bone colors. Naked is one of my go-to's for highlight. You will see it mentioned a lot here. I eventually need a full jar - I work from a generous sample of it given to me by one of my best friends.

YSL Ombre Solo eyeshadow in #02 Granite Grey - This was a gift from a very generous friend of mine. I love YSL shadows, and the Ombre Solos were the old singles - YSL has debuted new eyeshadow singles, and I think the Ombre Solos are being discontinued. Granite Grey is a gorgeous light to medium neutral-cool gray color, with a hint of taupe. It's shimmery but not overly so. I adore it with pinks, which explains my next shadow choice. These retail(ed) for $28.50, I believe.

Chanel Soft Touch eyeshadow in Fizz - This was a gift from my faux Momma Cindy over at Prime Beauty Blog, and I was extremely grateful; she knows my taste so well! I've been on a huge huge pink kick lately, and Fizz really hit the spot. Fizz was a limited edition shade, I believe, and it's just a pretty neutral-cool bright-ish pink. It really pops on my tan skintone! I wonder how I missed this shade while it was in stores.

I apologize for oversleeping and being in a rush to get to work. I promise an EOTD and pictures when I get home tonight.

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