Friday, June 4, 2010

Because I've been a bad blogger this week, here are some pretty pictures to make up for it!

Here's a collection of photos that are long overdue. These were used in the past week for my various EOTDs.

Friday's EOTD: Inoui ID #11 palette - I wore this because I was inspired by my favorite blondie Dara over at Belle Du Jour NYC, and her post about looking for the perfect pale sky blue. The blue in this quad is more greyed, which suits my skin tone perfectly.

(Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right - how divine is that sparkle beige and blue?)

Sunday's EOTD: Maybelline Stylish Smokes quad in #02 Natural Smokes - A purchase from June 2009, this quad has one of the most divine taupes this taupe-addicted bunny has ever seen. The shimmer is hard to capture, but is truly gorgeous. These shadows are creamy and pigmented, and the lasting power is insane. I wore these while tanning in Central Park, and my sweat beads could not make these colors budge. A necessary and cheap addition to anyone's stash, this is one palette I could not live without.

(lawlz, look at my Blackberry Curve's shadow on the left!)

Monday's EOTD: Random Clinique GWP trio - The colors in this trio seem ill-matched, but they work well together. Confetti is a white-pink with a bizarre green shimmer-cast (sort of like MAC Vex). Lucky Penny is a very well-known and very well-loved rosy copper that looks gorgeous on anyone, and the dark brown shade is a pretty red-brown. Perfect for a quick,wide-eyed look.
(Gah, scary Joey knuckles!!)
(ooh, weird green cast! haha)

Thursday's EOTD: Dior Pop Look duo - A birthday gift from a much missed friend, this duo has an extremely pigmented matte red-brown and a gorgeous melon-y shimmer. These palettes are designed to create different looks, and I love to use the melon shimmer in my inner corners, blended into the red-brown. Perfect, perfect summery eye. I wore this alone, with a touch of the melon shimmer as a brow highlight. Pricey at about $37.50, but versatile.

So, here you go! I finally feel caught up. Today I stayed home to clean and do laundry, so I'm bare-faced. Check back tomorrow for my next EOTD!

6 love notes:

Marley said...

Crap, Joey, now I have to buy Pop Look....that's gorgeous.

Joey said...

Marley, you don't already HAVE it?! zomg, you need it.

By the way, finally ventured into Inglot. Have a huge list of shades I'll be picking up as a bday gift for myself! haha! =D

K /BihadaDiaries said...

Oooh stylish smokes! Can you believe I still don't have it???

Just started following you on twitter (I'm xmts)!

lexi920 said...

You ever try Victoria Secrets cosmetic? I feel that line is underrated. I picked up some eye shadows - Decadent (taupe that pulls a bit purple on me) and a sparkly brown Lose Control. I can't wait to play with that one. I am hoping the fallout isn't crazy. It's one of those metallic shades that look wet when you put it on your skin. Both shadows are $10 each - not too bad. Decent pigmentation too.

Joey said...

Kay! =D you need the Smokes quads ASAP!!

Lexi, nope, I never step foot into VS! Is the stuff actually nice?

lexi920 said...

surprisingly - yes, the shadows are decent. Sabrina has one of the palettes - that's how I got curious about their makeup. I figure if it's good enough for Sabrina to wear then I have to check it out!