Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Cherie Dior, pretty (expensive) one that I adore!

Ah, Dior 5 Couleurs palettes, how you mock us with your gorgeous colors, silky textures (whether matte or iridescent), and your high price tags.

I only own a few Dior quints, because I refuse to pay $58 USD if I don't like every single shade in the palette (which happens almost every time a new palette comes out). The four that I have (well, five, but one is mini) are much beloved by me.

My very favorite came out for Fall 2009: #089 Smoky Crystal. I reviewed this palette on Pink Sith when I purchased it, and people really thought it was bizarre that I found this palette warm - warmer, in fact, than the ever-popular Earth Reflections is on me. I don't know, it's a skin tone thing I guess. All I know is that this palette is full of gorgeous greyed colors ranging from a pretty light taupe to bright silver, and a very pretty warm-toned pinkish-purple. I remember my mom oohing and aahing over it during dinner.

Honestly, I wish I had purchased a back-up of this palette. I use it more often that one would think by viewing my picture of it (it's hard for me to capture how worn the surfaces of the shadows are). I even used it when I went to see Lady Gaga in concert back in January!

(gah, don't I look excited to be seeing Gaga?!)

I love these colors because they all work together (today I used all five shadows in one look!), or they work well alone. They are glamorous, shimmery, and versatile. It was well worth the exorbitant price tag. Here's today's EOTD - please ignore my unbelievably vapid expression

(oh no, braindead Joey!)

And Adele, this is for you! It's the best I could do with my Macbook and the lighting at my job!

2 love notes:

A said...

Your look for today is absolutely gorgeous - I like that from this angle, I can see more of your lid. Question: can you take a closed-eye pic as well? Thanks! -Adele

Joey said...

Sure thing! Let's hope for the best! =) Thanks Adele!