Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This one, I dedicate to Scrangie...

I love Scrangie.
Scrangie represents everything unfulfilled in my life; namely, she has nails to die for, and my nails bloody effin' never grow. Thus, I have never gotten into nail polish.

Talking with her on Twitter showed me that not only is: 1) Scrangie awesome, but also; 2) Scrangie loves bright makeup - and she really loves the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) brights.

She inspired me to pick up #92 and #75 eyeshadows, so this look - and the palette I created for my birthday - is dedicated to her.

Make Up For Ever eyeshadows are creamy, blendable, and PIGMENTED. Seriously, I have never before worked with eyeshadows this pigmented and bright ; really, a little goes a long way with these colors, and they do have a learning curve. The mattes, especially, are to die for; the shimmers are so sophisticated. I'd marry this palette if I could.

My little work-in-progress palette consists of: (in order from L to R, top to bottom rows)

#92 : the infamous bright BRIGHT purple, matte.
#75 : HOT PINK!!, matte
#121 : dark plum, shimmer
#79 : mauvey-plum with a slight shot of gold, shimmer
#136 : pinky-coral-peach, shimmer (this shadow I've had for about 4 years, always used it as blush!)
#84 : gold-gray-green, shimmer (like MAC Greenstroke, but nicer)
#127 : TAUPE, shimmer - but more sheen-y
#129: warm brown, shimmer - but more sheen-y

(swatches are in the same orders they are in my pan - and are WAY more pigmented IRL!)

Today's look combines #92, #75, and #79. I used the beige from the Maybelline Natural Smokes quad as a highlight. #79 went into the inner 2/3 of my lid. #92 went into the outer third and into the crease of my eye. #75 went over #92 on my crease and about 1/4" over the crease. #75 also went on my cheeks, as it makes a fabulous blush!

Here's a silly collection of pictures - sorry, I get bored at work and like taking pics! If you want to know what's on my lips, it's Paul and Joe Lipstick #003 from the current summer collection.

14 love notes:

Kelly said...

Ooooo... Awesome palette! I wish I'd paid more attention to MUFE when I saw it at IMATS but I was just so overwhelmed by everything. Shame because it's so hard to get hold of in the UK. Oh wells, maybe next year :)

Kelly x

Joey said...

*waves* hi Kelly! come to NYC and I'll take you to the MUFE store =D


MakeupMusings said...

pretty! I want to steal your hair and that palette!

Recessionista! said...

Ooooh, so pretty! Looks gorgeous on you. :D

Joey said...

Kelleyrie, you can have my hair lol it's so annoying! =D

Recessionista, thanks honey! xox

Kelly said...

OMG Joey that would be so cool :) Would love to :D

Kelly x

Phyrra said...

I love how you blended the colors out, and your color placement! Beautiful!

A said...

Gorgeous! I need more MUFE.

casey aimee said...

I LOVE the MUFE shadows! They have some awesome colors, and they're definitely worth the price tag for the color payoff. :)
I love your look as well!

Joey said...

Kelly, seriously, if you ever come to NYC, I will take you on a date!

Phyrra, aw thanks! You are my color inspiration! Whenever I get stuck in a rut I check out your pics and copy your eye looks haha =)

Adele, thank you! MUFE is such a wonderful brand.

Casey, thank you so much! I was lucky to get all of mine with huge discounts or gift cards, but you're right - they're expensive but awesome! And they're huge as hell too!! =)

Elvira said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! I love the blending and everything looks so awesome together!

lexi920 said...

I really need to check out MUFE eye shadows. I always play with them at Sephora but I never buy them. Okay twist my arm. I love your EOTD!

Joey said...

Slutbutt, thanks! =) the pink stains a lot, though. That's the only annoying part...I blended up, and half of my eyelid is still pink!

Lexi, you doooo! You'd love 129 - perfect natural crease shade!

Scrangie said...

Awwweee! *^_^*

That's an awesome look. I've been using 92 with everything lately. Can't get enough. And to think, I never really liked mattes before MUFE. I don't think I've ever used a matte half as good as theirs!