Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Too Faced Glamour to Go Palette - yay for (sort of) free makeup!

Hi everyone!

I know, it's been forever since I updated. I've been terribly busy - my birthday was this past Thursday and I spent about 4-5 days just celebrating. Plus, work has been frantic.

Luckily, I've acquired a ton of new eyeshadow lately, and I've made a promise to myself to blog more often, so...let's hope for the best!

Today I bring you the newest Sephora Beauty Insider 500pt gift: the Too Faced Catwalk Collection. This set features a Too Faced Glamour to Go palette, with a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance and a mini Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara.

The palette is really quite nice; I was expecting shitty quality, but I was blown away by it! The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented (of course, my Blackberry doesn't take the best pictures) and the blush and lip colors are lovely. The palette is very neutral and perfect for every day - there are two or three shadows that can really punch up a look: a lightly glittery black, a color that looks chartreuse but is really a very yellow gold, and this gorgeous iridescent pink that seems duochrome (it flashes purple and green). This is really the perfect travel palette.

(the best picture I could take while at work)

(first four shadows are the top row, last four shadows are the bottom row - prettier IRL)

(bottom part of the palette; how pretty is that blush?!)

For my EOTD today (which I had like two minutes to do), I swept the the bottom left color (a shimmery pink-beige) from last to brows. Then I added the light silvery taupe color (second from right on the top row) to my lids, and the warm brown (top left) in my crease. I used my Maybelline Natural Smokes quad to line my lids and fill in my brows. Simple and quick, but pretty! My look was finished with mascara, blush, and one of the shimmery glosses in the palette. I highly recommend this!

(see? simple and quick...because yoga never waits! haha)

5 love notes:

Phyrra said...

I like the colors of the lippies (I'm guessing?) on the left in the picture with the blush.

Sabrina said...

Lovely EOTD! Just perfect!!! I'm still waiting to see your report on your birthday makeover on your blog! That tweetpic was so chic. I want the details :)

lexi920 said...

Hi Joey,
Good to see you back! That is a cute palette and I think I maybe close to 500 points. I think I might cash it in just based on your review. How is the blush on your skintone?

Joey said...

Phyrra, those are lippies, and they are so pretty! A tad sheer but still more pigmented than I expected.

Sabrina, GOOD IDEA! I should write about that =) I'll get to that today, then.

Lexi, hi! It's such a cute palette and much more pigmented than my shitty swatches were able to portray. Also, the blush is very much like NARS Orgasm on my skintone. If Orgasm shows up on you, this blush will show up on you too!

lexi920 said...

Hey Joey,
So I was at Sephora last night and I didn't see this palette in their 500 points gift case. The guy who wrang up my purchases last night the next months gift is going to be really good. He didn't tell me what it is because I just assumed that it was going to be this 2faced palette but he did tell me that it was going to be from Dior and that I would just love it. I'm very curious and also really pleased to know that I'm just 55 pts shy of 500. You know that's just a moisturizer purchase away from that gift. I hope he's right!