Saturday, July 24, 2010

If I can marry an inanimate object, I'd marry my Inglot palette

I'm sure you've all heard of Inglot before. Inglot is a Polish (not Australian, oops!) makeup and nail polish line that is ridiculously, laughably affordable. There's only one location in the US so far, and it is located in Times Square - basically, if you're a New Yorker, you have to trudge through tourist hell to reach it. However, Inglot is worth it. I have never seen such gorgeous textures, colors, products...FOR SO CHEAP! The palette I'm going to show you in this post cost me $45.

Yes, $45. $45 for 10 eyeshadows that are the size of a MAC eyeshadow, in the palette! I die. I DIE! There is a multitude of different palette options, and the staff at Inglot is so patient and sweet. My dear friend Amy (of The Beauty Chick blog) and I took our time to pick out our palettes, and our lovely salesgirl didn't bat an eye at our crazy indecisive rants over which taupes we needed. I definitely need to make a return trip for the $15 liquid highlighters, which are reminiscent of the Armani Fluid Sheers. Seriously, everyone must try to make a trip to this store if at all possible.

The only downside about this palette is that it's incredibly hard to take out the eyeshadows once they are in; the magnets are strong! This means that I cannot take out the colors and tell you the numbers. I can describe the colors for you, though.

There are 7 shimmers, and 3 mattes. The majority of these colors are shades of taupe, clearly. There is a bronze-ish color, a greeny-pewter color, and a burgundy-red. Oh, and I threw in a shimmery beige-butter shade so that I could have a highlight.

The texture and pigmentation of these eyeshadows is astounding, given the price. They are silky, buttery, and deliver knockout color. They are also incredibly long-lasting. I have used
at least one shade from this palette every day since I purchased it. I am especially fond of the three mattes - neutral to cool matte taupes?! I AM SO IN!

Anyway, enjoy the pics! (oh, just an FYI: the color swatches on the Inglot website are extremely accurate, and I am down for doing CPs!!)

(these are swatches from the top row, L-R)
(these are swatches of the bottom row, L to R)

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Elvira said...

I am dying here! I think I needs me some Inglot some time in the fall/winter. I can't wait to see some eye looks you do witht his palette! OH BTW when I was in Las Vegas there was an announcement at the Venetian shops that Inglot would be there in the fall of 2010

Joey said...

Oh yay, Inglot in Vegas!

I should definitely make you a palette =) and I have pics I could post of eye looks!

Musing on Beauty said...

Hey there, I gave you an award on my blog, check it out ;-)

ShaGlam said...

Hmmm. Now I really want to try these. I actually recognize the name, but I haven't heard much about inglot. You are quite convincing tho! I am all the way in CA, though, so no luck in me getting to that store.

applepark said...

I never realized that their makeup was so cheap btw! I just moved from NYC to CA. Joey you look great!!! (applepark on mua)