Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 1: Graphite

The next four days are going to be a journey into Sleek heaven. I don't own many of the covetable UK treats, but the four I do own get much love. From what I understand, Sleek is a drugstore line targeted towards women of color; all of the items are highly, highly pigmented. The eyeshadow palettes are themselves collectors' items, since many of them are limited edition. Of the four I own, I don't think any of them were limited edition (except maybe the Sunset palette, but I will need someone to verify that for me).

Today's focus is on the Graphite palette. This was a gift from my ladyboss, and it is my favorite of my four Sleek palettes.

(in cool lighting, no flash)

The Graphite palette contains every color anyone would ever need for a dramatic (meaning shimmery and dark) smokey eye. You can do a silver smokey eye, a grey/gunmetal smokey eye, a black smokey eye, a dark blue smokey eye, or a purple smokey eye. Now, at first glance, most of the colors appear to be almost identical to each other. This, however, is the genius of the palette - you can do a real gradient smokey effect because of the difference in the under- and overtones of the colors.

(in warm lighting, no flash - hey, look it's Spongebob and Patrick in the back!)

Here is a description of the top row of colors, from L to R:
  • A very shimmery, almost silvered white.
  • An almost frosted opalescent pale pink-beige.
  • A metallic light to medium silver (it may just be a skin tone thing, but this color leans almost taupe-ish on me).
  • A shimmery gunmetal grey.
  • A darker gunmetal grey. Besides being a shade darker than the previous color, this color also leans warmer than its predecessor. This color is also more metallic than its predecessor.
  • A stormy deep blueish grey. This color is also warmer than its predecessor, and not as metallic.
(swatches done in cool lighting, no flash)

Here is a description of the bottom row of colors, from L to R:
  • A blackened blue-grey. This color is cooler and more metallic than the last color on the top row.
  • A very shimmery black.
  • A matte black (every Sleek palette has a matte black, and it's a glorious matte black).
  • A somewhat sheer and a bit chunky deep blue (it appears to be blue shimmer over a black base).
  • A blue-toned deep, dark purple.
  • A red-toned deep, dark purple.
(swatches done in warm lighting, no flash)

Isn't it cool how each shade is subtly different from the next? I feel like this would have been perfect had one of the top two highlight colors had been matte, but whatever. I use this palette quite often, since it's so easy to just pick and choose from the shades to create an instant smokey eye. Using a multitude of the shades together creates a "WOW" sort of a smokey eye, and is incredibly dramatic. This isn't necessarily the Sleek palette I'd recommend if you could only get one (that'd be the Storm palette), but it is definitely my favorite.

5 love notes:

Phyrra said...

I love how the colors all work together so you can make a gradient eye!

Kelly said...

I love the Graphite palette but I'm scared to use mine as I dropped it and the mirror shattered and now I worry little tiny mirror bits might be in the shadows :(

Just to let you know The Original, Storm, Acid and Sunset are the four permanent palettes whilst Bohemian, Circus, Graphite, Jewels and Safari (think that's all of them) are limited edition :)

Kelly x

Small Town Gal said...

Yep Graphite was the LE palette :D I have it, but sadly it doesn't get much love from me, still it's wonderful to have.

With regards to Kelly's comment, there was another LE called 'Curious' (which I adore!)

K said...

Woot, thanks for doing this series!

Joey said...

Phyrra, I do too! I bet you'd do some kickass EOTDs with this palette.

Kelly and Small Town Gal, thanks! Safari is the only other Sleek palette I wish I could have gotten. I don't think I ever saw a picture of Curious, though!

Kay, you're welcome! xoxo