Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm nutty over Wet'n'Wild Nutty!

As any reader of Pink Sith knows, I am crazy over taupe eyeshadows. It's a veritable mental disorder at this point, actually. I can't help it: taupe is just such a perfect, complex color.

Anyway, I hadn't paid Wet'n'Wild any attention since the line was revamped earlier this year. The lovely Gianna at Nouveau Cheap has raved about the line recently, and had been telling me for months to pick up Nutty eyeshadow single. Even my beloved Amy at Cafe Makeup posted about Nutty a while back. When Amy talks, you better believe I listen...yet I still hadn't bought the damned eyeshadow, though. Can you believe that?!

This past weekend I needed a real pick-me-up, so while I was at Duane Reade I picked Nutty up finally, figuring that $1.99 was a very small price to pay for a good mood.

I seriously cannot believe I waited so long. Nutty is gorgeous! Just look at that cute little swirly compact of taupe happiness!

(with flash, cool-toned lighting)

(without flash, warmer light)

Nutty is a glowy warm-toned taupe. Despite its warm base, it seems almost to have a silver sheen on my skin. The color itself is light but pigmented enough to show up on my MAC NC40 skin. The texture is divine - soft, but not as soft as a LORAC or Stila eyeshadow. You could have told me this was a $20 eyeshadow, and I would have believed you.

(without flash, cooler light)

(without flash, warm light)

Nutty works well alone as a wash shade, but it also plays nicely with other taupes. I wore this the other day with Edward Bess Intimate in the crease, and I loved it. It just might be my new favorite taupe combination.

(LOOKIT, SO PRETTY! warm, but with a silver sheen. I die!)

I cannot recommend Nutty enough! For $1.99USD you absolutely cannot go wrong.

So, are there any other drugstore eyeshadows I should be checking out?

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lexi920 said...

You know I did buy this based on Amy's review. It was the best $3 I have spent in a long time (make up related of course)

Marley said...

so pretty on you!!! I need to figure out how to make it work. It's a little warmer than I usually like my taupes, so I tend to ignore it, but I think I'll bust it out tomorrow. I'm so glad you are on a blog-writing spree!!

Joey said...

Lexi, it's suuuuch a pretty taupe!

Marley, I saw your post about Nutty. I like it on you! Have you considered trying it with purples to cool it down? =)

ndoodles said...

I have a WnW trio in Mojave Mauves that that taupe shade in that trio looks so much like it. That's a good thing since Mojave Mauves is discont! Thanks for sharing.

seventh_moon said...

I was amazed when i got this w/s as wonder it was the last one left at walgreens, the texture is very nice and the color is lovely! Its a great deal.