Sunday, September 19, 2010

NARS, NARS, NARS! Part One: The Eyeshadow Duos

I know, I know - it's been a long time since I posted! I'm sorry. I write for too many blogs, and I completely forgot about my own little personal one. If it's any consolation to you, I'll be posting here a lot more: Momma Bunny bought me a new digital camera! Now, I can take quality EOTDs and stash pics.

Speaking of stash pics, today I bring you my somewhat small (or maybe it's just small to me) NARS eyeshadow collection.

While reading The Beauty Look Book today at work (I clicked Sabrina's NARS tag and read every entry that mentioned NARS), I was reminded of some eyeshadow singles and eyeshadow duos that I forgot I owned. Yes, I forget that I own things because my collection is not very well-organized.

In my quest to remind myself of what I owned, I decided to take pictures. This entry will feature my NARS duos, and my next entry will feature my NARS singles. I'm also swatching them, but please remember that I'm no Karla Sugar - my swatches are not amazing.

Just a note - the lines separating the duo swatches were created with my NARS Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. I reviewed this back on Pink Sith when I purchased it. Also, all but one of these duos were purchased by me. The one that wasn't was a gift. Enjoy!

The lone duo all the way at the left is Tzarine.
The top row from L to R: Habanera, Cheyenne, Rajathastan, Kalahari, Brazil.
The bottom row from L to R: Brousse, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Bohemian Gold, Taiga.

Close ups of the duos:

Tzarine, Habanera, and Brousse,(clockwise from left)

Cheyenne, Rajasthan, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo (clockwise from top left)

Kalahari, Brazil, Taiga, and Bohemian Gold (clockwise from top left)


Bomenian Gold, Brazil, Kalahari, Rajasthan, and Tokyo (from L to R; also, all swatches are done with the shade from the right side of the palette first, then the shade from the left side)

Taiga, Cheyenne, Kuala Lumpur, Habanera, Brousse, and Tzarine (from L to R; also, all swatches are done with the shade from the right side of the palette first, then the shade from the left side)

Also notice how sheer the lighter sides of Taiga and Kuala Lumpur are - those are heavy swatches. I am a MAC NC40, and they are very light but still noticeable on my skin. The lighter side of Kuala Lumpur is more pigmented on my eyes; it's reminiscent of MAC Melon pigment. The lighter side of Taiga makes a good highlight/inner corner shade, but is too light for my eyelids. Compare these colors to the lighter sides of Rajasthan, Tokyo, and Tzarine: those you can actually see on my skin, and can be used as lid shades.

My favorites: Habanera, Brousse, Kalahari (in my honest opinion, Kalahari is an absolute must-have for any makeup aficionado).

Bohemian Gold is discontinued. Rajasthan is limited edition. The other palettes can be found still.

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Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

Absolutely gorgeous, this has reinforced my need for Brousse and Tzarine!

Makeup Morsels said...

ooh Kalahari is pretty! I don't have any NARS shadows, mostly because the price tag makes me gulp. Karla Sugar is the queen of swatching, I'm constantly amazed at how many she does.

ShaGlam said...

Beautiful collection! I love my Nars duos. I have a couple singles, but I seem to always be drawn to the duos.

ShaGlam said...

p.s. from this post Kalahari is my favorite (may also be THE favorite) its just gorgeous

Musing on Beauty said...

Why or why don't I use my Nars duos more often, hmm?

Joey said...

Mimi, definitely get your hands on Tzarine. It's limited edition! Brousse is a lovely basic to have. The deep brown and smoky purple are colors that just punch up any eye look.

Makeup Morsels, Karla's arm is magical. Also, Kalahari is incredibly pretty!

SheGlam, you NEED Kalahari!

Musings on Beauty, USE THEM!!!! =D

Joey said...

Wait, why did I say Tzarine was limited edition? I must be going nuts haha