Sunday, September 19, 2010

NARS, NARS, NARS! Part Two: The Eyeshadow Singles

Here's the companion entry to my last post: my NARS eyeshadow singles.

I have 13 eyeshadow singles, and they're well-loved. NARS just does eyeshadows so right. I am especially partial to the more neutral colors in the line, yet my favorite single is the blood-red Grenadines. Here's a (terrible) picture of me wearing it - I was at a Slipknot concert back in 2009, and my faded red lips were courtesy of the $8 Bud Lights at Madison Square Garden:

All but one of these singles is a powder. The one cream single is Mykonos, and while I adore the color I do not adore its lasting power. Mykonos doesn't hold up too well on my lids, but that never stops me from wearing it (or from wearing it on my cheeks or lips!). Also, I threw in my Aigle Noir pencil just for consistency's sake.

The sad little shadow on the right with Aigle Noir on top of it is Cairo.
The top row from L to R: Strada, Fez, Mekong, Abyssinia, Bali, and New York.
The bottom row from L to R: Himalayas, Cyprus, Ashes to Ashes, Mykonos, Nepal, and Grenadines.

Close ups of the singles:

Strada, Fez, Mekong, Ashes to Ashes, Cyprus, Himalayas (clockwise from top left).

The flash blew out Himalayas because of the interesting shimmerfire in it. Himalayas appears to be pearly white but when swatched it has this incredible pinkish-red duochrome. It's unbelievable over a black base, FYI.

Abyssinia, Bali, New York, Cairo, Grenadines, Nepal, and Mykonos (clockwise from top left)

Abyssinia is an amazing highlight shade, just another FYI. And god, just LOOK at Grenadines. It's perfect, truly. Matte blood-red, it gets no better!


Grenadines, Nepal, Mekong, Strada, Fez, New York, and Abyssinia (from L to R).

Can we discuss the awesome rose-gold shimmer in Mekong and the pretty bright gold shimmer in Strada? Awesomeness. And Fez is just a knockout.

Mykonos, Ashes to Ashes, Cyprus, Himalayas, Cairo, and Bali (from L to R).

Cairo is more pigmented than it appears on my arm: it's a bizarre grey-taupe-mauve that's just lovely. Oh, look at Himalayas - isn't that pink-red duochrome just pure sex?

My favorites: Grenadines (which isn't really wearable for most people, but screw it, I love red eyeshadow), Nepal, Bali, and Mekong. Nepal, Bali, and Mekong are seriously must-haves: Nepal is the perfect brightening wash, Bali is a workhorse of a shade (great for brows, crease, outer V, or liner), and Mekong smokes up any eye instantly.

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ShaGlam said...

Again a beautiful collection! Fez is my favorite single. reminds me of MAC woodwinked

A said...

I have to look into NARS again. I remember swapping away Kalahari ages ago because I thought the eyeshadows were too hard and powdery, and not very pigmented. I've been avoiding NARS ever since. Hmmmm. But they look great in your swatches!


Phyrra said...

Mekong looks gorgeous.

Joey said...

ShaGlam, Fez is sooo pretty! I find it to be just a tad browner than Woodwinked, so I love to wear it in the crease when I do wear Woodwinked.

Adele, definitely give NARS a try again.

Phyrra, you'd love Mekong, and you would love Grenadines too I think!

lexi920 said...

Yay - a Joey post. Also, your posts are good for my wallet. I end up shopping my stash after reading one.

Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you when I was there last weekend. Turned out I was super busy too. I was lucky to make it to BG on Monday which was my birthday - I was able to get Edward Bess to do my makeup for my birthday dinner that night. He speaks so highly of you. He was so nice and charming that I ended up spending way to much money at this counter. Luckily it was my birthday so my husband was patient and non-judgemental with my makeup purchases.

It's always a treat to see a new Joey post!

SultryRed said...

Im jealous of your collection lol :)

mewmewmew said...