Sunday, October 3, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 4: The Original

Alas, we've reached the end of our short journey through my Sleek palettes collection! I'm so sad, really. There are so many lovely Sleek palettes that have been released over the past year or so, and I do have some regrets about missing out on one in particular (the Sleek Safari palette, which of course had a ton of browns and greens - yum!). For my last entry, I'll be showing you The Original palette. Yes, that's its name. Creative, hm?

(in cool light, no flash)

I'm going to assume (and hope) that The Original palette is named so because it is, in fact, Sleek's original palette. It's not the most cohesive palette in terms of color choices, but the wide range of colors and tones that the palette offers does allow its user to create a myriad of (brightly colored) looks. Out of the four Sleek palettes I own, this one is probably my least favorite just because I can't really use the palette on its own to create a look. Like I said, the color choices aren't cohesive. In case this statement isn't clear, let me show and describe the eyeshadows:

(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the top row, from L to R:

(in cool light, no flash)
  • The standard Sleek matte black color. I've really come to appreciate that each palette has such an incredible black shadow. Honestly, it's the best black I've come across, and it works well as liner or to smoke up any eye.
  • A cool-toned lilac-y purple color.
  • A cool-toned metallic blackened blue color, with the slightest hint of green. There's not enough green to make this a teal, but it's definitely an ever-so-slightly warmed-up blue.
  • A very bright, cool sky blue color.
  • A pretty shimmery teal color.
  • A warm grassy green color.
See what I mean about the lack of cohesiveness?

(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the bottom row, from L to R:
  • An almost slightly chunky (it's too shimmery) butter color. Again, I wish this color would have been matte. Oy.
  • A very shimmery, almost metallic golden pink color.
  • A very shimmery, almost metallic warm golden-orange-sand color.
  • An orangey-rust color.
  • A burnished bronze color, very lovely!
  • A golden-green color.
Yup, there's a bizarre mix of colors in this palette. If you're one for very bright and colorful eyes, I think'd you enjoy The Original palette a lot, but if you're like most people and you usually do not do rainbow eyes, then it is just something fun to have. It's definitely not necessary, but it's a cheap way to experiment with shades you might not necessarily want to shell out the big bucks for.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 3: Sunset

Today's installment of my Sleek overview brings a palette that's near and dear to my heart: the Sunset palette.

(in cool light, no flash)

A non-arguable truth about me: I love red and red-toned eyeshadows.

Another non-arguable truth about me: I just love bright, colorful eyeshadows in general (which is funny, because a few years ago you couldn't get colors anywhere near my eyes)!

It's no surprise, then, that I just adore the Sleek Sunset palette (and I adore the person who gifted it to me - hi Marley, you're the best and at some point soon you need to return to NYC and redo my wardrobe...). The Sunset palette is ripe with...well, colors that are reminiscent of a fiery sunset.

(in warm light, no flash)

Just a Joey rant: FYI Sleek, purple is a pretty predominant sunset color, not blue - there should have been a purple in this palette instead of the bright blue!

Anyway, the Sunset palette has a predominantly red- and orange-based collection of colors. There's also a bright canary yellow, and a completely out of place bright blue (very bright blue!). In other words, this isn't a palette for the faint of heart. It takes an adventurous soul to walk around in red eyeshadow, and I can understand if this palette doesn't appeal to most people. I, for one, freakin' love it - but I'm a weirdo, and we all already know this.

(in cool light, no flash)

Here is a description of the top row of colors, from L to R:
  • The staple dark matte black color that's in every Sleek palette.
  • This delicious deep, vampy super shimmery red color. This is, of course, my favorite color in the palette.
  • A mid-tone shimmery orange-red color.
  • A surprisingly enjoyable bright orange color.
  • A very sheer, lightly shimmery canary yellow color.
  • That out of place bright sky blue color, which is also somewhat sheer.
(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the bottom row of colors, from L to R:
  • A burgundy-red color, with a brownish undertone.
  • A more maroon version of the third color on the top row. Honestly, if you're looking at the palette, this color is definitely redder than the top row's orange-red, but in my swatches they look pretty similar.
  • A warm, somewhat browned orange color. Definitely more muted than the orange on the top row.
  • A sheer, orange-tinged gold color.
  • A sheer, golden champagne color.
  • A happy, very well-pigmented pink-gold color.
I'd be lying if I said this palette was a necessary purchase. In fact, I think this is the one Sleek palette I own that is limited edition, so you might have to hunt for it - and if you're not necessarily into brights, it just wouldn't be worth your time. If you're into crazy, punchy colors, then this would be a great and cheap investment.

Edit: I lied, yo. This one's permanent, and the Graphite palette is the LE one! Thanks to Small Town Gal who was kind enough to correct me! =)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 2: Storm

Generally, when people on Twitter or MakeupAlley ask which Sleek palette they should try first, the answer is usually a resounding "STORM!"

(in cool light, no flash)

The Storm palette is Sleek's answer to the perfect, every occasion eyeshadow wardrobe. Honestly, if you were stranded on a desert island with the Storm palette and a couple of brushes, you'd be set forever. Really, this palette is that versatile. You can do a smokey eye, a neutral eye, a contoured eye, a basic eye, etc. I can keep going and going.

(in warm light, no flash)

Basically: everyone needs this palette. It's permanent in the Sleek line, so you have no excuse.

Anyway, on to the colors/swatches...

(in cool light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the top row, from L to R:
  • A lightly shimmery, sandy taupe color.
  • A very shimmery white gold color.
  • A matte, mid-tone taupe color.
  • A shimmery light gold color.
  • A shimmery light warm pink color.
  • A shimmery coppery-orangey-pink color. This color is hard to describe, so I guess I can say it looks a lot like MAC Expensive Pink. There you go!
(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the bottom row, from L to R:
  • A deep, warm, coppery-brown color. Kind of reminiscent of NARS Fez.
  • A deep gunmetal grey color. Much warmer than any of the colors in the Graphite palette. It also has the slightest hint of green. Not sure if this is my skin tone playing with the color, though.
  • A dark, smokey hunter green color. Yum, I love greens like this.
  • A darker matte taupe color. This is about two shades up in intensity from the matte taupe in the top row.
  • The standard matte deep sooty black color.
Just a random, tiny rant about this palette: again, I wish one of the highlight shades was matte!