Friday, October 1, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 2: Storm

Generally, when people on Twitter or MakeupAlley ask which Sleek palette they should try first, the answer is usually a resounding "STORM!"

(in cool light, no flash)

The Storm palette is Sleek's answer to the perfect, every occasion eyeshadow wardrobe. Honestly, if you were stranded on a desert island with the Storm palette and a couple of brushes, you'd be set forever. Really, this palette is that versatile. You can do a smokey eye, a neutral eye, a contoured eye, a basic eye, etc. I can keep going and going.

(in warm light, no flash)

Basically: everyone needs this palette. It's permanent in the Sleek line, so you have no excuse.

Anyway, on to the colors/swatches...

(in cool light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the top row, from L to R:
  • A lightly shimmery, sandy taupe color.
  • A very shimmery white gold color.
  • A matte, mid-tone taupe color.
  • A shimmery light gold color.
  • A shimmery light warm pink color.
  • A shimmery coppery-orangey-pink color. This color is hard to describe, so I guess I can say it looks a lot like MAC Expensive Pink. There you go!
(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the colors in the bottom row, from L to R:
  • A deep, warm, coppery-brown color. Kind of reminiscent of NARS Fez.
  • A deep gunmetal grey color. Much warmer than any of the colors in the Graphite palette. It also has the slightest hint of green. Not sure if this is my skin tone playing with the color, though.
  • A dark, smokey hunter green color. Yum, I love greens like this.
  • A darker matte taupe color. This is about two shades up in intensity from the matte taupe in the top row.
  • The standard matte deep sooty black color.
Just a random, tiny rant about this palette: again, I wish one of the highlight shades was matte!

5 love notes:

Small Town Gal said...

Yummy, this is probably my absolute favourite palette Sleek does (I do love them all though!), I ignored it for so long while I favoured the Original one, but this is great for quick every day looks in the morning, especially during this dull weather we're having here in the UK :(

lexi920 said...

Pretty - I'm not familiar with this line. Are my eyes deceiving me or does the shadow pan texture resemble waffles??

Maybe I'm just craving a plate of waffles...

Joey said...

Small Town Gal, it's just such a perfect and easy every day palette!

Lexi - Sleek is a UK drugstore line, and yes, the eyeshadows look like waffles!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Mi amor, I love this palette. I want It sooo badly! Your swatches made me want It more. :(

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting this for a while, your swatches have made me want it now.