Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exploring my Sleek palettes collection, Day 3: Sunset

Today's installment of my Sleek overview brings a palette that's near and dear to my heart: the Sunset palette.

(in cool light, no flash)

A non-arguable truth about me: I love red and red-toned eyeshadows.

Another non-arguable truth about me: I just love bright, colorful eyeshadows in general (which is funny, because a few years ago you couldn't get colors anywhere near my eyes)!

It's no surprise, then, that I just adore the Sleek Sunset palette (and I adore the person who gifted it to me - hi Marley, you're the best and at some point soon you need to return to NYC and redo my wardrobe...). The Sunset palette is ripe with...well, colors that are reminiscent of a fiery sunset.

(in warm light, no flash)

Just a Joey rant: FYI Sleek, purple is a pretty predominant sunset color, not blue - there should have been a purple in this palette instead of the bright blue!

Anyway, the Sunset palette has a predominantly red- and orange-based collection of colors. There's also a bright canary yellow, and a completely out of place bright blue (very bright blue!). In other words, this isn't a palette for the faint of heart. It takes an adventurous soul to walk around in red eyeshadow, and I can understand if this palette doesn't appeal to most people. I, for one, freakin' love it - but I'm a weirdo, and we all already know this.

(in cool light, no flash)

Here is a description of the top row of colors, from L to R:
  • The staple dark matte black color that's in every Sleek palette.
  • This delicious deep, vampy super shimmery red color. This is, of course, my favorite color in the palette.
  • A mid-tone shimmery orange-red color.
  • A surprisingly enjoyable bright orange color.
  • A very sheer, lightly shimmery canary yellow color.
  • That out of place bright sky blue color, which is also somewhat sheer.
(in warm light, no flash)

Here is a description of the bottom row of colors, from L to R:
  • A burgundy-red color, with a brownish undertone.
  • A more maroon version of the third color on the top row. Honestly, if you're looking at the palette, this color is definitely redder than the top row's orange-red, but in my swatches they look pretty similar.
  • A warm, somewhat browned orange color. Definitely more muted than the orange on the top row.
  • A sheer, orange-tinged gold color.
  • A sheer, golden champagne color.
  • A happy, very well-pigmented pink-gold color.
I'd be lying if I said this palette was a necessary purchase. In fact, I think this is the one Sleek palette I own that is limited edition, so you might have to hunt for it - and if you're not necessarily into brights, it just wouldn't be worth your time. If you're into crazy, punchy colors, then this would be a great and cheap investment.

Edit: I lied, yo. This one's permanent, and the Graphite palette is the LE one! Thanks to Small Town Gal who was kind enough to correct me! =)

4 love notes:

Small Town Gal said...

It's a permanent palette :)

Joey said...

Thanks! I knew it was a toss-up between Graphite and Sunset, but I couldn't quite remember =( I will have to go back and edit it! Thanks so much =)

Marley said...

I'm glad you like it! It suits you much better than me. I agree about the sky blue- a pretty plummy color would have been much more Sunset appropriate. Nate and I are saving to come back to New York, as soon as we can! And when I do, we need to have a "play in Joey's stash" date!! And a "make a new palette at Inglot" date!

Joey said...

Marley, you're awesome =D I should do an EOTD with it, just for you!

OOH I want a Nate and Marley date!! Or more like a "Let's leave Nate at a bar while Joey and Marley go shop!" date =D I could use a new Inglot palette!!