Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black Honey: A R&B song or an amazing lip color?

I, for one, am very amused that Clinique’s upcoming Fall 2011 collection revolves around Almost Lipstick in #06 Black Honey. This is only because I feel like Black Honey is timeless. Why just focus on it for one season?  

The other night, I did an informal poll on Twitter asking my followers if they, at one time or another, had owned a tube of Black Honey. The majority of my followers responded with a yes.  This didn’t surprise me at all - Black Honey is a true classic (and I’m pretty sure that it’s been around for longer than I’ve been alive: a scary thought for some of you, I know). 

Black Honey is  really one of those makeup items that I feel everyone needs to own; this is not something I say often. It is not only a makeup milestone (it was one of my first -if not my actual first -  non-drugstore lipcolors when I was a pre-teen), but it is probably one of the most universal lip colors in existence. It looks almost scarily dark in the tube, a deep blackened wine. I promise, though, that it is much more wearable.

Black Honey has a sheer, glossy, gel-like consistency. This allows for that blackened plum to show up on one’s lips as a pretty shiny pinked-rose.  It is universally flattering; truly, I cannot imagine this lip color not working for someone! As for longevity, it’s not a terribly long-lasting color due to the slip and sheerness. However, it is not annoying to reapply since the product is itself very moisturizing. I treat my tube as if it is a lip balm. What I appreciate the most is that the color is just so versatile. It helps me to look polished when I’m going for a “no makeup-makeup” look, but it also helps to balance out a heavier eye look. 

(the fact that I'm not melting is amazing)
Now, I know that for the Fall 2011 collection there’s a double-sided Black Honey lipstick and lip gloss (please see Best Thing In Beauty's post on the collection here). I must buy that when it arrives at counters! I would love a lip gloss version of this lip color. 
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey retails for $14.50USD - possibly a tad bit pricey for what is essentially a tinted lip balm, but because the color is just so flippin’ perfect I just don’t care. 
If Clinique were to ever discontinue Black Honey, I’d buy a dozen and refrigerate them. 
My current tube was a gift from Clinique, but all prior tubes have either been bought by myself, or by my mom, or were GWPs.

An aside: I was listening to this song when I titled my blog post, haha! Gotta love D'Angelo!

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jbrobeck said...

I love when brands focus on a classic-except last time I missed the black honey nail polish... I was PISSED!

Joey said...

I bought the nail polish and gave it to my mom. What I surprisingly don't own is the Black Honey cream liner! Weird - I have almost every shade of that eyeliner that's been released (with the exception of the purple from Fall 2008 because it was too sheer).

LuvJ said...

LOL - yup, could be an R&B song! But this brings back memories. I think every girl in high school has this in their backpacks!

Joey said...

Haha I always kept mine in my pocket =)

Y said...

I actually tried it and didn't like it :(

Joey said...

Ah, Y, I'm sorry to hear that! =(

lexi920 said...

Surprisingly, I have never owned this nor did I feel compelled to seek it. Another shocker is that I know this would work really well for me yet I don't want to run out and buy it.

Please don't hate me.

Joey said...

Lexi, how could I hate you? I could say the very same thing about a ton of products most others love =)