Monday, July 18, 2011

Just because I’m curious…

Does anyone have any sort of suggestions for fun blog projects I should take on? 
I’ve already been inspired to take on a sort of autobiographical trip down memory lane and do a series of posts inspired by how fragrance has shaped my romantic encounters. I’m planning on going through each of my past paramours and reviewing the fragrances each one wore, and the fragrances each one preferred on me. I think it’d be fun. Besides, smell is generally so inextricably wound up with our memories: what we remember, how we remember, and why we remember.
I do plan on also going through my ginormous eyeshadow collection. I was reading through my past entries and I realize I never finished my Sleek palette project! 
I’d also like to do a bunch of posts on oft-neglected, more workhouse-y products. I feel that beauty blogging has, for some reason, created a silly sense of importance on the newest products, and limited-edition products. I realize that people enjoy seeing what’s new and what’s hot. Still, I think it’s silly to forget that brands have, you know, permanent collections of products. It’d be fun to go through my collection and point out things that you the reader can have at any time. Let’s face it - not all of us have the time or money to keep up with new releases. 
Oh - and I’m going to continue my reflections on Indie lines. I’m all for supporting the little guys out there.
In addition, I’d like to do posts on UK lines - I’ve amassed a small collection of UK drugstore products that are too awesome to not mention.
Of course, I’m going to throw in skincare and haircare. 
Basically, I’d like to not be the typical beauty blog. I want to make this as personal as possible, as intelligent as possible, and as fun as possible. I need incentive to write, but I know that it’s important to keep you all interested.

Thanks everyone! I’m excited to hear your thoughts.
P.S. I also do plan on occasionally posting about my life outside of the beauty blogosphere. And yes, there will be food porn. So, on that note, enjoy these random pictures from my birthday dinner at Dos Caminos, Soho NYC. Dos Caminos makes the best cast-iron cornbread, and these ridiculous cocktails called Del Diablos (Skyy Vodka, passionfruit juice, pineapple juice, and five different types of chilis). 

(Carnitas tacos and the amazing cornbread)

(The Del Diablo, or "The Greatest Cocktail on Earth, if you're Joey")

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Morenita Lokita said...

blog about your beautiful hair!

Suzanne said...

I'm a colossal fan of indie reviewing. Also the perfume/autobiography sounds REALLY interesting. my vote on that.

Perhaps reviewing key productsas well, the stuff you can't live without?

Joey said...

Morenita Lokita, can we discuss how much I love your user name? Soy una Borincana! =)

I can definitely do a post about my hair routine. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I chopped off 9" of my hair about two months ago. It's been interesting dealing with shorter hair and the re-emergence of my original curl pattern.

Gracias, amor! xo

Joey said...
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Joey said...

Suzanne, thank you! Products I can't live without...that'd be interesting.

Also, I am so into Indies right now. I've placed quite a few orders this weekend from various indie lines so that will definitely happen.

As for the perfume/autobiography, I wonder how far I'll get before I need to call my therapist because I'm fixating on my exes! =) I think I know exactly which boy I'll start with too.

Carrie Meredith said...

I've been cooking up a blogging project that I'd like you to participate in if you'd be interested-- I'll email you about it. :)

Joey said...

Carrie, of course!! I'd love to. Will there be alcohol involved? Can I involve alcohol?!

lexi920 said...

I love the scent idea just because it's so personal and subjective. Scent moves me too, I am often tempted to write about it too but I'm just too intimidated to even try!

As you can see - I love posting about delicious cocktails I encounter. Aside from cosmetics - liquor is my other passion. That sounds bad, doesn't it?

Joey said...

Lexi, I'm one of the biggest drunks you'll ever meet. Have you ever had a Del Diablo? I highly recommend it.

I have to get to work on this scent project of mine!

Moxie said...

Indie lines! Great! You have tons of great ideas. Look forward to reading whatever you write about xx

Joey said...

Hi Moxie! =)

Thank you so much! I have orders from Linnaeus Cosmetics and Evil Shades coming soon. Also, since Becca of OHWTO reopened her store, I can finally review the SIXTEEN fragrances I have from her! So, lots of Indies!


productdoctor said...

Haha! I live right down the street from a Dos Caminos. Del Diablo, here I come!

Joey said...

ProductDoctor, are you NYC-based? I'd love to go out for a Del Diablo and some counter browsing if you are =)

lexi920 said...

I'll have to have a Del Diablo next time I'm in town. Sounds way too tasty (dangerous) to pass up!

Joey said...

First round is on me, Lexi! xo