Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laura Mercier Lustre Eye Colour in Celestial, or "I Blame Sabrina For This One"

I’m considering starting a “I Blame This Purchase on ____” series of posts because - let’s face it - some bloggers are ridiculously, ridiculously good at making us want to buy things. 

Sabrina of
The Beauty Look Book is one of these bloggers. Her exquisitely luxurious taste and her crisp, perfect pictures are basically the epitome of makeup porn. Every single time I go to her blog, I want to buy something. The following is the story of one of these times.
Last September, I was reading an issue of Allure Magazine in which Laura Mercier Celestial was voted by the Allure staff as one of the best grey eyeshadows on the market. There was just something in the description that made me instantly want it; if I remember correctly, it might have had the word “pewter” in it. Anytime an eyeshadow’s  description contains the word “pewter”, I am instantly drawn to it. However, I needed to see a real picture of the color first.

So, I ventured to Sabrina’s blog and found this postScroll through it and pay careful attention to the pictures. Find Celestial, and when you do, you will understand why I had a near-heart attack and emailed Sabrina with a request to swatch Celestial for me so that I could decide whether or not I needed it. Seriously, there’s a whole hilarious email exchange saved in my Gmail regarding this eyeshadow. It’s almost silly how instantly enamored with it I was.

Sabrina is a truly loving friend, and she obliged me with some stunning comparison pictures which I will post below (I swear, Sabrina was a photographer in a past life and I am grateful she lets me use her pictures). Just look at the swatch of Celestial: the hint of a taupe, the glimmer of what appears to be a gold sheen across a warm grey base. I needed this more than I needed food!

(Thank you, Sabrina!)
Unfortunately, I discovered that I actually physically need food to survive (although I need makeup to emotionally survive - but that’s another issue altogether), and through an unbearably tight couple of months I saved my pennies and ate cheap Chinese takeout instead of buying myself Celestial. I forwarded Sabrina’s pictures to Amy (of Cafe Makeup) so that she could commiserate with my burning desire to possess this shadow. I am sure that both she and Sabrina tired of my whining, but they’re both dears and would never outrightly admit it. I even finally made it to a Laura Mercier counter and swatched the elusive eyeshadow for myself. Yup, I needed it, I touched it, I loved it -  but I still did not buy it.
I waited until December to finally take the plunge; one day the Laura Mercier website was offering free shipping and a ton of lovely samples with any order. I bought my Celestial, a mere three months after first encountering it. Wow, there really is something to be said about teasing and drawing out pleasure, hm?
So, did the realities of Celestial come close to the expectations of it that I had been building inside of my head? Yes, absolutely.

(Light wash on top, heavier swatch on the bottom)

Laura Mercier eyeshadows are sadly overlooked, I think. I am a fan of the lustre formula: soft, finely-milled shimmers that are never overbearing, gaudy, or cheap-looking. Celestial is a pleasure to use: it blends well and works as a lid, crease, or liner color. It is a warmed pewter, made so by that lovely gold shimmer that melds so beautifully with the base color. Oh, and speaking of the grey base: there is the slightest hint of a brown in this grey, which I find to be genius. Many greys/gunmetals have a tendency to pull blue when applied (Urban Decay Gunmetal is a glaring example of this, as you can see in the above picture by Sabrina), but Celestial does not do this. It is this hint of warmth in both the base and the shimmer that bring Celestial tantalizingly close to taupe territory, and what makes it so utterly wearable. 

(Today I'm wearing the color by itself as a wash. God, I look dreadful!)
Wear time with a proper primer is about 10 hours, and the price is pretty darn right at $22USD. Unfortunately, this is a Laura Mercier item that Sephora does not carry, so you’ll need to either visit an actual counter or order it from the Laura Mercier website.
Moral of the story?: Allure, you did a good job choosing this color; Sabrina, you’re a danger to bank accounts everywhere.

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Charlestongirl said...

OK, Joey, now YOU are creating lemmings. :)

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

I'm falling more and more in love with Laura Mercier each day. I'm new to the line, but I've been blown away by everything I've tried, and I'm so amazed at how well-edited her line is...I want it all! Plus, I found a fantastic SA at Bloomingdale's who remembered my name after my first visit when I went back to see her A MONTH LATER!! Wow.

Celestial is lovely, and I'm thinking it would look good on me too, as I have brown eyes like yours. I'll definitely need to check it out!

Thanks for the lemming...


Joey said...

Haha! This is a worthwhile lemming to have, though! It is a truly versatile grey. It's very hard to find one that isn't too harsh, too blue, or too difficult to blend. Celestial is a dream.

Joey said...

Shannon, that's the perfect way to describe Laura Mercier's line: well-edited. Nothing over the top, nothing too trendy, but everything is infinitely wearable.

Celestial would be lovely on you! Do try it out.

Anonymous said...

It was worth not eating for! You look gorgeous!

Joey said...

Nicky, thank you my love! =)

The Caffeinated Spaz said...

You do not look dreadful! Welcome back! You've gained a new follower (me, lol). Looking forward to seeing future posts from you!

I've never tried a Laura Mercier eye shadow, and I'm curious now.

All of us beauty bloggers are enablers :) It's part of our charm!

-Candice :)

Joey said...

Candice, thank you kindly! I am excited to have you reading the blog.

You NEED to try a Laura Merier eyeshadow. Start with the Metallic Cremes.

Zuzu's Petals said...

I'm very glad to see you posting again. I adore LM eyeshadow (and lipstick), and Celestial is right up in the top, next to Topaz and Sable. It even looks good with my blue-green-grey eyes. Pewter!

Joey said...

Zuzu, thank you! I LOVE Laura Mercier lipsticks. I have a few Stickglosses in a palette. I feel as if she really does no wrong.

lexi920 said...

Gorgeous choice - I blame Sabrina for my Chanel and Edward Bess obsession (well I blame you as well for that!)

Joey said...

Thanks Lexi, and I'm sorry for making you spend money!