Monday, July 18, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Lavande Nail Polish, or "How I Learned to Love My Nails"

What better way to get back into the swing of things than to post about something I normally in my right, sane mind would never write about!
Yes, this means that I am bringing you all a nail polish review. Joey, of the “I Don’t Understand Nail Polish!” camp is doing a nail polish review. 2012 has arrived a little early, perhaps?
Well, my general (and now fading) disinterest in nail polish stems from the fact that up until quite recently, I was a chronic nail biter. Nail biting was one of my nervous habits. When I was a child, I didn’t do it so much - and I was crazy about nail polish. My mother used to love buying me cheap and colorful nail polish, and I’d paint my nails and my toes and her nails and her toes. Cheap child labor, always a winner!
When I hit middle school and my stress levels rose, my nail biting became more frequent. To disguise my nasty nails I used to have fake acrylic tips put on every week. Yes, I was a total Bronx stereotype with my 2” fake nails and airbrush designs and 3D charms. However, once I got to college it proved impossible to keep those acrylics on, since I never did get used to typing with them. So, my nails remained sadly bare and chewed off, and my nail polish collection consisted of four nail polishes in various shades of nude and plum-red, the only colors I ever use for pedicures. 

However, the popularity of nail polish blogs - Scrangie’s in particular - made me wonder if I was missing out on doing my nails. There is something inarguably polished and ladylike about a polished nail. Besides, there are some pretty lovely nail polishes out there!
It took Scrangie’s gentle coaching (or coaxing?) to get me to grow out my nails, and it took Le Metier de Beaute to get me to finally paint them. Of course, you know this would end up somehow coming back to Le Metier! 
Le Metier nail polishes are adorably tiny little bottles of luxury; Big 3-Free colors that are not for little girls, but instead are meant to compliment the luxurious and sophisticated makeup of the line. There’s never a garish color; only lovely shades that make your hands and feet look as lovely as your face. 
What color did I gravitate towards? Oh honey, as if you even had to ask: Lavande, the color designed for Bergdorf Goodman! Lavande is the same pale greyed lavender as my beloved Bergdorf shopping bags. Ha, now my tips and toes can match me when I shop! 

Lavande is opaque in two coats; I almost left it at one coat, because I like sheer nails, but I wanted you all to see the true color of the polish. 

(one coat)

(two coats)

My hands are (near freakishly) tiny, and I find that darker nails make my hands even stubbier than normal. Lavande instead elongates my nails without overwhelming my hands. While it is a clearly trendy shade, the muted grey undertone makes Lavande appropriate for any situation. I would go so far as to argue that it’s a neutral. 

(gosh, these polish pics are hard to take!)
In terms of the wear, I first tested Lavande on a base coat-free nail; it lasted 3 days without so much as a tiny nick. With proper protection, I get about 6 days off of it before I need to remove it...because my nails grew out. 

(my best shot!)
What I love the most about Lavande is that it makes me feel rich, happy, and spoiled. Who doesn’t love to be reminded of Bergdorf Goodman? There is an extra swish of my hips in my step when I wear it, and I find myself a little flirtier and demonstrative - my hands demand attention! 
Lavande retails for $10 and is available at Bergdorf Goodman; call Dustin at (212) 872-8612 and tell him Joey sent you. Mine was a lovely gift from Le Metier. 

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Scrangie said...

Wow! That color is EXTREMELY flattering on you. Your nails are so nicely shaped and they look awesome. Especially in that pale lavender. I didn't even know Le Metier had nail polish, now I'm going to have to check it out. Rock on, Joey!!

Joey said...

Scrangie, I cannot take credit for my nails. It's all you, really. Your "MOISTURIZE, JOEY!" tweet from a few months back became a daily mantra and I was able to grow out my nails! They don't break anymore!

Le Metier NP are very tiny but the colors are lovely and the wear is phenomenal. Check them out! xoxoxo

Carrie Meredith said...

I adore this color and I really need to get it. So, you can't order it online?

Nail polish comes in 2nd to perfume for me. I'm obsessed with it, utterly. I can't resist the Chanel metallics.

Scrangie said...

Yaaaay! I'm so happy your nails are nice and strong now!

lexi920 said...

Lovely, and for $10 how could I walk away from that?

Joey said...

Carrie, if you want it, say the word and I will get it for you =) it's the least I can do!

Joey said...

YAY! Thanks Scrangie! I'll always be sure to give you credit where credit's due!

Joey said...

Lexi, you can't. Like I said on Twitter, LMdB nail polishes are better than candy!

jbrobeck said...

I love Le Metier polishes so far, I just got my first ones from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Your nails look fabulous AND strong!

Joey said...

Jbro, thanks so much! =) I'm proud of my nails.

I really need to get that LMdB Nordies set!! =(

Carrie Meredith said...

Joey- you won't have to twist my arm, I'd love a bottle! Thank you for being so thoughtful. xoxo

Joey said...

You're very welcome! I am certain I saved your address somewhere. I will go to Bergdorf ASAP =) xoxox

luv2smilexo said...

gorgeous! I'm so excited that you are finally opening up to polishes (my secret obsession haha). Now you will have to get me into niche perfumes :P

Joey said...

LOL C, I love you a little too much to do that to you.