Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Memoirs of a Geisha...Fragrance Line (Chapter Two): Aroma M Perfumes Geisha Blue

Today I bring you the second part of my journey through the world of Aroma M perfumes. Another ‘thank you!’ must be sent to Maria McElroy for her generosity in gifting me with so many samples of her gorgeous fragrance oils. 
(picture courtesy of the Aroma M website)

Chapter two brings me to the first of the Aroma M fragrances I tried when I opened my package: Geisha Blue.
Geisha Blue is yet another example of my being surprised by a fragrance whose initial description turned me off. You would think that years of obsession would have taught me to not form such concrete judgments of a product, or of notes in a perfume. No, I haven’t learned a damned thing. I am staunch in my opinions, and in the things that I like and dislike. 
Let me give you a quick rundown of Joey’s general perfumed preferences and pitfalls:
I like: animalic scents, fougéres, scents that smell like they could be mistaken for male body odor, scents that smell like someone bathed in patchouli or incense, heady gourmands, etc.

I do not like: aquatic scents, citrusy scents, heavy florals, scents that smell 'pretty' or typically feminine, overly sweet gourmands, overly green scents (and don’t go pointing out that patchouli is a grass, because I know it is, but patchouli does not smell “grassy”).
However, as I venture more into serious perfume obsession, the guidance of my fragranced friends and all of the reading I’ve been doing has shown me that there is a damned huge difference between what I think something smells like and what something actually smells like. A good example of this: buy a rose and smell it, then smell a rose perfume. The real thing smells different and better, always. 

The takeaway lesson, boys and girls?: I need to be more open, because the notes I always thought I hated, I hated for all the wrong reasons. I hated them because I didn’t know what they were supposed to smell like, what they could smell like when used well. I only knew bad examples. 

Once again, I’m digressing. Sorry, I can’t help but prattle on! Besides, this had a point. 
When I opened Maria’s package, I went straight for the information packet she sent me. The description of Geisha Blue caught my eye, because Maria claimed that the scent was perfect for “giving balance and repose” to the psyche, and was the perfect thing to wear “to smooth out a busy work day” or “whenever you’re stressed out.” Good lord, was I stressed out and mentally exhausted that day. I figured something that would help me zone out and possibly sleep would be a good thing.
Then, I saw the notes: blue chamomile, green tea, grasses and other greens, jasmine.
I gagged. How could I wear something like that? A scent with those notes would be the total antithesis of my normal fragrances. I would never like it.
However, a blogger’s work is never easy and sometimes she or he must take risks for the sake of the audience at large and the company who so expectantly waits for reviews. So, I dabbed it on. I waited a few seconds, and brought my wrist up, hesitantly, to my terrified nose.
Oh wow. Joey was proven WRONG. DEAD WRONG. Geisha Blue was pretty, but pretty in a way suitable for my preferences.
The initial hit is definitely all jasmine, but not a heady, heated jasmine. This is soft, this is powdery. I can smell the chamomile as well, but not as strongly. It works well to compliment the jasmine, lending it the subdued nature I picked up on. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I imagined a dried tea, ready to be brewed. A fresher chamomile would have given this a greener feel; there’s sort of a browned, mellow tone to Geisha Blue in the first hour of wear. 
Geisha Blue, as I wear it, does actually become greener. Again, this is not a bright green, but something quiet. I need to stop using the word ‘green’ - ok, let’s start this over again: as the fragrance blossoms on the skin, it becomes more reminiscent of a brewed mug of herbal tea. The jasmine becomes almost non-existent on me; instead I have calm, I have softness, I have the slightest hint of powder. It’s just cozy.

I fell asleep within two hours of putting this on. It sounds like a long time, but I have suffered from chronic insomnia for over a decade. It usually takes me 4-5 hours to fall asleep, if I even fall asleep. Geisha Blue is better than a sleeping pill.
But don’t worry, it won’t give you narcolepsy; I wore it the next day to work, and it kept me relaxed and happy - and I stayed awake. 

I’m pretty much throwing out my sleeping pills and investing in a full-sized (8ml rollerball, $50USD) bottle. I’m also throwing away my perfumed preconceptions. 

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Musing on Beauty said...

So you don't go buy all the candy in the world, please know that I READ THIS! xx

Larie said...

Your perfume descriptions are going to be bad for my wallet!

I also read this. No tears, no depriving the rest of us of candy :D

Alyssa said...

Geisha Blue was one of the first few samples I purchased from luckyscent that opened the world to niche/indie perfumes to me. Very unique was my first impression of Geisha Blue but, wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I returned to it after sometime and I found myself pleasantly surprised how easily likable and again unique the fragrance was. Clean and refreshing. it makes me feel good when wearing it. I also love Geisha violet and noire and after reading your review on green, i need to test it out!

Joey said...

Musings, I'd save you some candy! =)

Joey said...

Larie, I'm sorry! =) I don't mean to make you spend money...or do I?! Bwah-ha-ha!

Joey said...

Alyssa, thank you so much for your comment. I have Geisha Violet and Noire as well. Geisha Violet I need to wear some more before I can review it, as I'm not sure how I feel about it. Geisha Noire is just insanely sexy!

lexi920 said...

I'm putting a sample into my shopping cart on Luckyscent because of these reviews...I hope you are happy!!


Oh I can't wait to hear about Geisha Noire - that sounds right up my alley!!

Joey said...

Lexi, just your luck - Geisha Noire is going to be the next one I review! I'm just not sure if it'll go up tomorrow due to time constraints on my end.