Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memoirs of a Geisha...Fragrance Line (Chapter Three): Aroma M Perfumes Geisha Noire

Today rings in the third part of my journey through the world of Aroma M perfumes. Once again, a hearty ‘thanks!’ to Maria McElroy for allowing me the opportunity to review her fragrances.
A recap for you lovely readers: my first Aroma M review was on Geisha Green, my favorite of the six scents I sampled; my second review was on Geisha Blue, my new alternative to Ambien.
So, which Aroma M scent do I have for you today? 

(picture courtesy of the Aroma M website)
Meet Aroma M Geisha Noire, or as I’ve decided to rename it, Geisha Seduction (I wanted to say ‘sex bomb’ but after finishing my review, I went and looked up other reviews and saw that Gaia had staked earlier claim to calling Geisha Noire ‘sex bomb’ - I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking so!). 
I’m sure most of you are familiar with Guerlain Shalimar. Shalimar is a true classic (regardless of any reformulations), and served as the benchmark for my earliest fragrance preferences. I subconsciously always look for perfumes that remind me of that gorgeous, almost overpowering Oriental. The easiest way for me to explain Geisha Noire is to say that Geisha Noire is a child of the legacy of Shalimar. Again, I am glad that 1) Gaia also agreed; and 2) my darling Ladyboss agreed as well - during a quiet moment at work I had her sniff my wrists and she exclaimed “Oh, that reminds me of Shalimar!” 
Also, Geisha Noire reminded me very much of Avon Imari. Imari is what my mother would buy me as a child when I begged her for Shalimar. I’ve always thought that the two scents were similar. Imari might actually be closer to Geisha Noire than Shalimar is, because both Geisha Noire and Imari lack the rose that I find to be evident in Shalimar.
Ok, so now that I have that out of the way, you all should have some idea of what Geisha Noire is like. It truly is a good “after dark” sort of fragrance. I imagine myself in a pair of Louboutins and a daringly low cut shirt, in the streets of Manhattan on a noisy Saturday night, on my way to see my latest paramour. This is the complete opposite of Maria’s imagery: “ an exotic covered bazaar.”
Granted, I understand where that image comes from. The initial hit of Geisha Noire is entirely reminiscent of incense. I sat at my desk for a while sniffing myself in an attempt to discern what exactly I was smelling. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert (yet!) so here’s a list of everything I smelled - maybe someone can tell me if I’m correct or not!
  • Musk
  • Patchouli - I think I’m imagining this but Geisha Noire has this skin-like drydown that’s very similar to the effect of patchouli on my skin.
  • Amber - I know for a fact there’s amber in this; in fact, the amber is blaringly obvious.
  • Sandalwood - There has to be sandalwood. I’m not crazy; I smell a ton of it.
  • Rose - This could just be me thinking about Shalimar.
  • Cardamom
  • Clove - I’m pretty positive I’m not imagining this. This is very clove-y! 
  • Tonka bean - There’s a lovely warmth at the heart of this fragrance that is almost vanilla-nutmeg-y without actually being vanilla or nutmeg. Process of deduction tells me this is Tonka bean.

Taken together, the smorgasbord of notes result in a fragrance that is almost overwhelming, but in a sexy way. It’s reminiscent of when you’re with someone and they’re touching you and hitting all of your spots and it’s just almost too much. Yeah, I took it there, I went the sex route! Really though, Geisha Noire screams sex. It’s velvety, it’s powdery, it’s dark. It’s all of my best encounters rolled into one beautiful perfume.
The drydown of this fragrance is surprising: while still sexy, it’s considerably softer. The heavy incense morphs into a sweetened honeyed smell, while still maintaining the powdery amber tone of the scent at its start. There’s also still a bit of clove. Mmm, honeyed clove. Just lovely!
Oh, and when I wore this to work, everyone complimented me. Two of my female clients asked for Aroma M’s retail locations so they could buy a bottle, and my male clients winked at me. 
Basically, $50USD (for a 8ml rollerball) is a small price to pay to be able to seduce everyone in sight.

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Anonymous said...

I get paid tomorrow and now I hate you because I want this.

Joey said...

Nicky, order samples! =) xoxo

Carrie Meredith said...

Geisha Noire is totally sex-bomby, you're right. I really like it and think it's a truly excellent Oriental.

Joey said...

Carrie, it is an excellent Oriental!

Today, samples of Bond No.9 Harrods Amber arrived for review - I wonder how similar it will be to Geisha Noire!

Lucy said...

This and the Violet are my favorites.

lexi920 said...

Looks like I'll be adding this sample into my Luckyscent cart.

PS. I'm sure my husband will thank you for it!

And thanks for taking me there haha

Joey said...

Lucy, I am still undecided on Violet. The three remaining Aroma M scents I have to review are the ones whose reviews are going to be more difficult for me solely because they smelled so contrary to what I expected.

Joey said...

Lexi, LOL! Have DH make you a case for your perfume samples as well! =)