Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Saturday Night At-Home Mini Facial with Amore Pacific, Kanebo Sensai, and Chantecaille

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I had too much of an adventurous two days off from work (oh, the stories I could tell!), and I spent yesterday evening after work trying to organize all of my purchases/press samples from the last six weeks or so.
I have a lot to write about; so much, actually, that I had a bit of an anxiety attack while cleaning that I had to sit down and try to calm myself down. 
What, then, is a girl to do when she’s home on a Saturday night and stressed out?
While I was cleaning last night, I found this improbably comprehensive collection of high-end skincare and fragrance samples hanging out under my bed. I apparently had been tossing all of the freebies I was getting while shopping into this bin, which I then promptly forgot existed. If you were on Twitter last night, then you probably witnessed my incredulous reactions to the things I was pulling out from underneath my bed. 
I collected a couple of these samples, tied my hair back, and marched myself to my bathroom.

(picture courtesy of some website, oops!)
I started with washing off my makeup with St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser, which I purchased at Target for $2.99USD. Ever since my skin went nutty about six weeks ago, I’ve been trying desperately to clear it up. I bought this on a whim and I have to say that it’s been a lifesaver. I use it twice a day, and it’s managed to seriously reduce my clogged pores and breakouts while calming the natural redness in my skin. Also, it’s not drying out my already parched skin. Total winner!

(picture courtesy of

After carefully rinsing off, I broke out my deluxe sample of Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel (I couldn’t tell you where the heck I got this, but I’m assuming Bergdorf). This, in its full size, retails for $60USD. This was so awesome. It is a water-activated powder that is used to gently exfoliate the skin without abrasive, rough physical exfoliants or irritating chemical exfoliants. It has a unique plant-based enzyme complex that breaks down dead skin cells and other skin congestion. Instructions say to massage this on the skin for 30-45 seconds after activating the powder, but I did it for over a minute, concentrating on the areas of my face that are giving me the most hell. 
After rinsing off, my skin looked noticeably clearer and radiant, which was amazing. I noted on Twitter that the effect was akin to having had my skin laser resurfaced (which I used to do). It’s that good. I plan to use up my sample and see how much of a serious difference it makes on my skin - but I already have a feeling I’m going to end up purchasing a full-size bottle. I’m usually not terribly wow-ed by skincare, but this was fabulous.
After my peel, I used a 12% Alpha Hydroxy Acid all over my face; the one I use is from a small, indie brand that unfortunately no longer exists (you can see my review of it here). Since my skin’s been acting all wonky, I’ve been relying on AHAs to help clear up and even out my skin tone. I am currently looking for a new one, and am interested in the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Clear Skin Cream.

(picture courtesy of the Kanebo website)
To seal in my AHA, I used my deluxe sample of Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Hydrachange Cream (again, I’m assuming I got this from Bergdorf). I couldn’t find an exact price online, but it retails for somewhere over $150USD. The texture of this skin cream was divine: water-light but cushiony, it made the perfect seal for my AHA. I applied a light layer all over my face, neck, and decollete. 
(Random note: Kanebo Sensai samples are darling to look at - they’re serious miniatures of the real products, and are weighty and substantial to handle.)

(picture courtesy of some website, oops)
Of course, no mini-facial is complete without taking care of the under eye area! For this, I turned to my sample of Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate for Eyes (again, thanks to Bergdorf for most likely supplying me with this). The full size of this product retails for $175. This is a lovely eye cream that I also used around my mouth. It had an instant tightening effect on my under eye area, and the fine lines I have around my eyes seemed lessened and a tad bit plumped up. This was right after application! Amazing, no? 
I really enjoyed giving myself such a nice little treat. Little luxuries such as at-home facials with high-end samples are just the sort of thing I take for granted. Doing it was a treat for both my face and my mind, as I was able to calm down and get back to cleaning afterwards.

(all the samples on my desk at work!)

Oh, and the best part? I woke up this AM to skin that hasn’t looked this good in almost two months. What a blessing! I slapped on more of the Chantecaille eye cream, did my makeup, and happily headed off to work. 

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jbrobeck said...

The Amore Pacific was a Sephora Insider sample from about 1.5 years ago, I fell in love with the brand! And the full size lasted me 12 months!

Joey said...

Jbrobeck, since I don't shop much at Sephora I'm positive my sample is from Bergdorf. I can't believe the full size lasted you a year! Gosh, I need to buy it ASAP.