Sunday, July 17, 2011

To quote Cameron James: "AND I'M BACK IN THE GAME!"

Over a year ago I started this blog because I realized that I had more eyeshadows than anyone in this world could ever sanely need, want, or use.

Unfortunately, both life and laziness got in my way and to my (and possibly your) disappointment, I completely stopped updating.

Now, over a year later, I have come to the realization that I have let life get in my way too many times. I can say this not only for the blog, but for every arena of my existence.

I have made too many excuses for myself.

I know that some people’s lives change in an instant. Some people’s lives change over a course of time. This past week, my life has been steamrolled by a litany of irreversible events - some devastating, some uplifting, some bizarre and benign. At the end of it all, I can clearly see that I can no longer allow myself to forget that the most important person in my life is me.

This all sounds terribly dramatic - it is, but I don’t mean to come off as sounding catastrophic. This should be a joyous thing, because one of my biggest goals at the moment is to resurrect this blog. I’m changing the name, and somewhat changing the goals and scope from what I had initially stated.

Mostly, I just want to share pretty things with you.

My beauty blogging friends have been my biggest source of strength in the past five years. I would not be here today without each and every single one of you. Your love, laughter, and lipstick wishes sustain my spirit every day. This is one-hundred percent true.

More than anything, I want to give to you all some of the joy you give to me.

Also, I want to make you buy things. I am, after all, one of the most notorious enablers in the beauty blogosphere.

There will be taupes, there will be bacon, and there will (possibly) be some blood. Maybe some cute boys too!

But, at the end of the day, there will always be me and my passion...and my exorbitantly large eyeshadow collection.

20 love notes:

xiao said...

bring on the bacon porn!

Joey said...

I should rename the blog "THERE WILL BE (BACON) PORN...and some makeup"

Carrie Meredith said...

Joey, reading this has made me good-ol-fashioned-happy. I've added you to my blogroll and subscribed, the only other thing left for me to do is give you a big e-hug. :) I'm really looking forward to your posts!

Joey said...

Carrie, you're a source of inspiration and multiple lemmings for me - before I showered, I had to be good and X out a window with a huge Opus sample order =)

*HUGS* I can't wait until I do some perfume posts because your comments will be the best part!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to more blog posts. Also, I look forward to cute boys.

Joey said...

Nickypoo, you are the cutest boy I know. I will end up having to post pictures of you.

Cindy (Prime Beauty) said...

Welcome back Bunny! We've missed you and I will be reading every day. Love you!

Joey said...

I love you too, Momma C! I just hope I don't bore everyone.

Gaia, the non-blonde said...

Welcome back, gorgeous! Can't wait to see and smell with you and through your eyes (that sounds so wrong that it's right).

lexi920 said...

YAY!! Throw in some salted caramel and I will buy anything you tell me to!!

Honestly, I am glad so discover you are back.

Joey said...

HAHA! Gaia, it was so right, so very right. I can't wait to start every perfume review with "So Gaia did a better job, but I'm going to try..."

Joey said...

Lexi! Salted caramel bacon, maybe?

I'm glad I'm back too. I'm also wondering if the inclusion of bacon was a bad idea. Am I trying to promote obesity here?

Charlestongirl said... think that I slept through this momentous event last night! I'm thrilled for you.

I'll be reading every feature.

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

I'm so glad you're back! The world order has now been restored.

I'm adding you to my blog roll as we speak!!

Can't wait to see your first review.


Musing on Beauty said...

Welcome back, lovely Bunny! <3

Joey said...

Shannon, thank you so much! My review is coming up soon =) I'm happy to be back! xoxo

Joey said...

Miss Musings, thank you! xoxoxo <3333

lexi920 said...

oh honey, bacon is NEVER wrong!!

You ever tried the Bacon Chocolate bar? I'm salivating just thinking about it!

Joey said...

Lexi, of course I have. I have bacon caramel chocolate at home right now =)

Joey said...

Oh, Charleston Girl - I skipped over your comment! =( I am so sorry!

Your gentle (but firm) prodding got my little blog back up on its paws, so I owe you quite the thank you! xoxoxox