Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Introduction to Evil Shades, and two gorgeous blushes!

Evil Shades is one of those lines that every Indie fanatic had told me about repeatedly, but I had never really checked out. Like I say time and time again, I am very slow to jump on bandwagons. It’s partly because I have too much makeup to begin with, and partly because I really need to be WOW-ed by a product swatch or review before I can make the plunge.
Well, here is the review that made me take the plunge. Thanks Styrch for basically forcing me to finally make my way over to the Evil Shades website and haul!
I decided that, since Evil Shades makes lip colors, blushes, and eye shadows (along with primers, cream shadows, etc.) that doing the $8USD Blogger review set would be my best bet; it allowed me to try a little bit of everything. I scoured the website for a good half hour, and finally narrowed down my lemmings to two blushes, three lip colors, and four eyeshadow samples. 
I ended up having a lovely email exchange with Andrea (the Evil Shades owner - follow her on Twitter!) because stupid Paypal cut off my rambling, hysterical message to her, and I had to resend my product choices.
(An aside: I always, always write rambling, hysterical messages.)
She shipped my order out quick as can be, and within a week or so I had two bulging little bags of samples to play with! In her generosity, Andrea sent a few more samples my way, in addition to my order. Since I had a lot to play with, I’ll be splitting my reviews up into three posts: eyes, lips, and cheeks. Today, I’ll start with cheeks!

(how cute are the clamshells?!)

To sum up my thoughts about the line in general: I should have ordered from Evil Shades a long time ago, as I’m overall very impressed with my products. 
Now, onto the blushes!
Based on Styrch’s swatches, I chose what I believed would be the two darkest blush shades available: Pink Noise and Bronze Skies. Both shades are new to the Evil Shades blush family. 
I typically have issues with loose blushes, especially Indie loose blushes; I find that they cause one of three problems for me: they are not pigmented enough, they are too chalky, or they are too shimmery. Luckily, I had none of these issues with the two shades I chose.

Both blushes are indeed shimmery, but not overly so. I found that both blended into a nice glow. Oh, and they’re very pigmented! 

(I tried to sheer out the colors, if you can tell!)
Bronze Skies is an orange umber with pink, purple, and gold shimmer. On my cheeks, it is a glowy, peachy shade that isn’t too obvious. I actually have been using this on my eyes as well - on my eyes, the orange tone stays more apparent. I am not sure if I prefer it on my eyes or on my cheeks. I do know I wish that it was a tad more orangey on my cheeks, but it does make for a perfect way to top off a bronzed face; it gives me a natural sheen that does not clash with or look fake against my bronzer. 
Pink Noise is a deep lavender pink with gold shimmer. I thought this would be more pink when I ordered it, and I was surprised to see how purpled this blush was. I did not think it would work for me, but it does! Maybe it’s the gold shimmer, but this blush gives me a great “out in the cold” flush without looking like I have windburn. I enjoy that I can have the option of varying the degree of intensity, because the color is so buildable. 
If I were to order a full-size of either color, I would choose Bronze Skies because of my ability to use it as an eyeshadow as well. That isn’t to say that I don’t like Pink Noise, because I do - I just think I’d get more mileage out of Bronze Skies. 
Have any of you checked out Evil Shades’ blushes?

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styrch said...

I have samples of both of these blushes too. I LOVE Pink Noise. It works really well with my skintone, but on fair skin I really have to sheer it out or I get a streaky effect. Bronze Skies is one of those blushes I think anyone could use, though we may all use it as different things (bronzer, blush, contour, etc).

Evil Angel said...

Pink noise is an odd color, on me it is very pink toned but the purple cools down the gold shimmer for me.

My darkest blush shades are Brazen, Atomic and Skon....but I reccomend caution and a light hand because I don't load my blushes with base/fillers so they tend to be more pigmented when applied than they appear in the jars.

I'm glad you like them. And if you want Bronze Skies more orange just shoot me an email if you order a full size and I can amp up the orange tone a bit.

Joey said...

Styrch, thanks for forcing me to take the plunge =) On me, Pink Noise is just a very lovely flush. I can't imagine using Bronze Skies as a bronzer or contour, but it makes an amazing blush and eyeshadow! Ha!

Andrea! SQUEE! Hi! I'll have to try those other blushes, then. I loved these two very much! If I can say, my biggest surprise with your line has been your lip colors. I tend to stay away from lip colors when ordering from Indie companies but yours are on par with my higher end products.

Alyssa said...

Alright, soooo I went through my favorites the other night and stumbled on a few indie makeup websites that I had added a long time ago and had forgotten all about!

Familiar with them?

Joey said...

Alyssa, hi!

No, I have never tried either brand before =( my foray into Indie MU-land hasn't been very expansive.