Monday, August 8, 2011

An Introduction to Linnaeus Cosmetics, and some pretty Linnaeus taupes!

Linnaeus Cosmetics is one of those little Indie makeup lines that I am so glad I discovered. I can’t remember exactly how I discovered Linnaeus. I’m sure someone (Phyrra, Brian, or Becca) told me about Marin and her gorgeous assortment of endangered animal-inspired eyeshadows. 
Well, whatever - I’m just so glad I bit the bullet and tried some of her products, because Linnaeus Cosmetics may just be my new favorite eyeshadow line.

This is serious, y’all. Not only might these be the best indie shadows I have ever used, but they are among the best shadows I have ever used, period.

There is just something truly lovely about Marin. She is an avid animal lover, and is pursuing a degree in biology. She is in school full-time, works in a lab doing research full-time, has an up-and-coming cosmetics line, and somehow finds time to do other things (like raise a dog and a ferret). Clearly, she is of the same breed of crazy/raptor as Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics. Marin is also the sweetest girl to know. Striking up a friendship with her on Twitter has been such a joy. 
With all this in mind, how could I not want to support her company? I agonized for days over the Linnaeus website and finally chose ten lovely sample shades.
I’m sure that my choices won’t surprise you. I chose every available brown/taupe shade, and a couple of shades in the pinks/reds and purples/blues/greens ranges as well. With my order, Marin was sweet enough to throw in three free samples (including a yet to be released shade from a - OMG! - bunny collection!). What really made the purchase special for me was the lovely letter she wrote me, which I keep in my wallet as a reminder of how kind people can be. 
In the reviews to follow on Linnaeus Cosmetics, I will be dividing my order into color families that are a little different from the categories Marin has on her website. It’s easier for me that way - I didn’t want to do a huge swatch-a-thon, as I feel all of the colors deserve more than just a line or two. 
To sum up my feelings on the brand: Linnaeus Cosmetics produces quality shadows at an insanely reasonable price ($1USD for samples, $6USD for full jars, collections of three full-sized shadows are $16). Marin is forever offering contests and sales on the Linnaeus Facebook page and via her Twitter account. Also, Marin plans on donating a nice chunk of her profits (once she breaks even) to wildlife conservation. You have no reason to not try her products. 
So, to start off my Linnaeus reviews, I bring to you the (of course) TAUPE shades!:
(Hop, Anomaly, and Cliff Line)

Hop: Hop is a shade that is not yet available yet. It will be part of the bunny collection Marin is currently working on. I just had to show it all to you, because it’s truly just a gorgeous color. It is a highly reflective mauve taupe with pink and blue micro shimmer. It is not too warm or too cool, making it perfect for anyone. I have been using it as a quick and easy wash shade. I am so excited to see the rest of this collection when Marin completes it!
Anomaly:  Anomaly is part of the Echidna Collection. Here is Marin’s description: “It consists of a dark, burnt umber base with predominantly cool tones. Yet, a splash of warm copper and gold are delicately intermixed. There are also several white sparkles overlaying the dark base.”  What I see is a neutral to cool deep brown taupe base shade with a warm shimmer overlay. This is the perfect taupe for the crease or as a more subtle liner. It would also make a lovely base for a smokey eye.
Cliff Line: Cliff Line is part of the Brush Tail Rock Wallaby Collection. Here is Marin’s description: “It is a dazzling fuscous (light brownish gray) color with beige and champagne sparkles that catch the light. This color was inspired by the lighter gray/brown portions of the wallaby’s fur.” Cliff Line is indeed a silvery, light brown taupe shade with a gorgeous rainbow shimmer. It has to be one of the prettiest taupes I have ever seen. I have been loving this one wet; the silver tones show up on me more that way!
What I love about Linnaeus eyeshadows is that I can use them with any sort of eyeshadow base, and without Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - the shimmer shows up and stays put no matter how I prime my eyes. These colors also blend without losing any of their initial color payoff or intensity, and work well with any of my existing eyeshadows (I have been pairing Cliff Line with Giorgio Armani #12 eyeshadow - a matte plum - to much success). With primer, I get a good 12+ hours wear. Not too shabby! 
Marin, make some more taupes for me! Do any of these colors appeal to you? 

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PerilouslyPale said...

I'm so excited to receive my Linnaeus order!! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I LOVE it! xo

cait said...

Linnaeus are next on my list to try! I love Marin. She's such a sweetheart and cares so much. I'm just afraid once I start buying I won't be able to stop! I think I'll try to wait for Hop to be released. It looks beautiful! Great review!

Elvira said...

I got samples of ALL the taupes and some of the greens. I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for recommending them to me!

Elvira said...
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Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

Oooooh, I got the Echidna collection, and I'm loving it so much! I'll be reviewing it soon. Marin is such a wonderful person...I got a personal note in my package that was just so sweet. It made me feel as if she really, really appreciated me as a customer.

I agree that these are some of the best shadows on the market, and the colors are lovely. Gooooooo, Linnaeus!

Joey said...

Christa, I am so glad my enthusiasm is palpable. Marin deserves a lot of attention. Love you!

Cait, thank you! Hop is DIVINE. I am already plotting a second order =)

Elvira, you love me so much that you commented twice! LOL <33333 let me know which greens I need - I didn't order any!

Shan, I'm so excited you love your Linnaeus purchase! Marin is a doll.

Alyssa said...

Hope to see more post on indie makeup brands. I’m in the know when it comes indie perfumes and fragrances (well, like to think i am) but not makeup. Looks like your blog could be a place for me to discover this side of the beauty indie world.

Joey said...

Alyssa, there's going to be a pretty huge Indie focus on my blog in general =) I have a ton more Linnaeus swatches to post, and I'm also going to be posting some Evil Shades blushes tomorrow =)

Thank you so much for reading! xoxo

Jen W said...

I love all three! Especially Anomaly god I love neutrals.

And I really like your background on the founder she seems like an amazing woman.

Joey said...

Jen, Marin is an amazing person for sure! Try the line out sometime =)