Friday, August 5, 2011

An Introduction to One Hand Washes The Other

Back in late May or early June, I placed a huge order with One Hand Washes The Other  (OHWTO) after months of constantly hearing about how awesome Becca (the lovely owner)’s products were. I can only handle so much peer pressure, really. Somewhere, I hear Carrie chuckling at that.

I am admittedly not easily swayed by pages of bath and body product listings. I’m no longer a lotion-crazed, shower gel-hoarding pre-teen. 
(An amusing aside: My mom used to buy me entire ranges of BBW fragrance lines. At one point, I could have opened my own BBW. It took me years to use all of that stuff up. I ended up RAOKing most of it when I joined MakeupAlley.)
However, I am a perfume-obsessed individual, and the OHWTO Baker’s Dozen of 13 solid fragrances for $42 just sounded too appealing to pass up. Becca has a handy-dandy blog where she lists all of the fragrances available in her ArtFire store. On the blog, she has a long list of stock fragrances (pre-mixed compositions, some dupes of popular perfumes), and a decently-sized list of private stock fragrances. These are the ones that Mad Scientist Becca has developed herself. I went through both lists, and chose literally every fragrance whose description included the word “masculine” - I later sent Becca a near-hysterical Tweet or two begging her to not judge my perfume perversions. 
I mean, is it really bad that I like to smell like a guy? There are certain men, and certain occasions, that I liked to be reminded of - and scent is the best memory-trigger...
Anyway, I received a very lovely parcel from Becca a couple of weeks later. She generously included an extra full-sized solid fragrance, and two sample-sized solid fragrances. She even wished me a ‘happy birthday!’ on my invoice. Ah, wonderful customer service makes Joey a happy bunny indeed. 

(Look at the stamping! I love that key!)

(ZOMG what a lovely parcel! Look at all of the tubes!)
 (My solid fragrances; in the little envelope, there were two solid perfume samples)
(I love Becca's attention to detail!)

Now, at the time that I write (and post) this, I have yet to sample all sixteen (yes, sixteen) of the fragrances that I ordered from Becca. However, the ones I have yet to sample are among the Stock fragrances that I ordered. I have tried all of the Private Stock fragrances, though, and the series of reviews to come on OHWTO will focus on these five fragrances. At the end, I promise to also include a short post on which Stock fragrances were my favorite; even though they’re not original creations, they are (from what I’ve tested so far) surprisingly nice!
So, stay tuned for my review of 1605 from OHTWO! 

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KittenMittens said...

I love her perfumes!!!! I got the bakers dozen dealio (x2 I think at the time) when she came out with all those spring scents but her blog mentioned more scents recently so it looks like I'll have to do some more shopping action. And the tape. THE PURPLE TAPE! SO PRETTY! I know I can't actually reuse it etc, but when I open my mailbox and see the tape, I know it's a package of awesomeness.

Joey said...

I love Becca's packaging SO much. OMG and the wax seals?!!?!??! TOO CUTE. GAH.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i would have missed the gingerbread part too. everything else about that fragrance sounds amazing. i'm looking forward to future reviews, HOE.

Joey said...

Nick, I'm glad I'm not the only one who glazed over that description! LOL it's yummy, but not masculine at all.

Thanks for the support LOL xoxoxox

KittenMittens said...

Oh yes the wax seals! I open the envelopes from the wrong end so I don't screw up the wax hahaha. Not sure why, it ends up in the garbage about 30 minutes later but I can't ruin the seal!

Joey said...

The seals just make the package! =)