Friday, August 5, 2011

OHWTO, Review #1: 1605 Solid Fragrance

So, here we go with my first OHWTO review!
(Taken from Becca's Artfire store - how cute are these tubes?! Steampunk, FTW)
1605’s description on the OHWTO blog made my heart skip a beat. I mean, just read this (this is taken straight from the blog):
*160536 barrels of gunpowder, a faint yet insistent wisp of church incense, and a wafting of bonfire smoke. Warm ginger bread and a tall mug of hearty stout. Inspired by the story of Guy Fawkes, and created to evoke the tale every time you wear it. Opening mainly as a food scent, 1605 dries down to a warm, spicy and softly smoky scent- I can totally imagine this being worn and enjoyed by both guys and girls, and smelling great on all of them.
Gunpowder! Incense! Smoke! Hearty stout! Did Becca somehow know that I’d one day be a customer? I had to have this.
Of course, I have an issue with reading carefully at times, especially when I’m excited. I totally missed the part where the description states “opening mainly as a food scent.” Imagine my surprise when, after liberally applying 1605 in a frenzied haze of glee, I was nearly knocked over by something that could best be described as gingerbread batter. 
Oh. My. God. 
I’ll be honest: I cannot tolerate literal gourmands (meaning, I like gourmands that have edible aspects to them, but not gourmands that literally smell like food). This literally smells like gingerbread batter. I was not expecting that. I can clearly smell heavy vanilla, butter, grated ginger. Also, I don’t smell heavy stout. I smell a Blue Moon with a slice of orange. 
At this point, I was heavily confused. Where the hell is my gunpowder, Becca?! I had on my hands (and all over my arms) a citrusy, lightly spiced gourmand. 
Here are a few notes on 1605:

  • Everyone at work loved the smell. A client nibbled my arm. 
  • I admittedly over-applied this, in my excitement. There is no reason I should have applied so much of this fragrance. That’s my fault. I’m sure that had I just dabbed it on, I would have had a much less overpowering fragrance. One thing I really like about Becca’s solid perfume formula is that they are consistently long-lasting. I get a good 6+ hours with a normal application. This fact, however, worked against me with 1605.
  • I don’t think 1605 is a good fragrance for the heat. The temperature at my job really caused this to bloom wildly on my skin. I imagine that this would be nice and cozy during the winter, but for the summer, it’s a little too much. 
  • A summary of my initial thoughts: A very strong literal gourmand (I applied so much that it was actually sickly sweet to smell) with evident warmth due to the ginger and vanilla. Very reminiscent of a Blue Moon with orange slices. I could in no way picture this on a guy.

For the sake of the review, I fought the urge to wash my arms, and decided to let the perfume dry down. I’m really glad I did. The hyper-sweet top notes morphed into a light tobacco and leather, which mingled quite well with the vanilla. I was also reminded of a fruity incense my godmother used to scent her home with. Fruity, warm, and spicy - but with the slightest edge. I enjoyed it, and could finally appreciate the homey, baked goods edge. As the hours past, 1605 mellowed out nicely. Now, the only person nibbling my arms was me!

Final thoughts: I cannot imagine 1605 on a man, although I’m sure there are guys out there who could pull this off. I definitely did myself a disservice by overapplying the fragrance initially. Although I typically steer clear of such gourmands, 1605 is definitely quite nice and if you enjoy the smell of baked goods, you’ll love this. I’ll be saving my tube for when winter approaches.

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Alyssa said...

Where can i find this?

Joey said...
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Joey said...

Alyssa, there is a link to Becca's Artfire shop in the post below this one =)

lexi920 said...

I'll have to check this out. I like the gourmand scents and it sounds really interesting.

Joey said...

Lexi, it's very edible-smelling lol