Friday, August 12, 2011

Part Two of My Evil Shades-a-thon: The Eyeshadows!

Today, I bring you Part Two of my foray into Evil Shades!
Part One brought you the two blushes I purchased: Pink Noise and Bronze Skies. I am very pleased with these blushes, and I’m looking forward to trying Andrea’s other shades in the future.
Today, I bring you six (six!) Evil Shades eyeshadows and Vitrium Spectrum Pot. For disclosure’s sake, I am leaving out of this review the Evileyes Primer in Naked that I received, only because I haven’t actually tried it yet (I did try it on my lips by accident and I can assure you that it makes a fantastic base for glosses). 
If I can have but one criticism of Andrea’s choice of shades: Girl, there ain’t enough taupes! Not every Indie lover is also a fan of colors! Throw us neutral gals and guys a bone! 
Ok, that’s over and done with. Now, to what actually matters!
I chose four eyeshadow shades based on Strych’s dangerous, dangerous blog post (see it here): Drakon, Conjure, Athame, and Halcyon. Andrea was generous enough to supply me with two extras plus the Spectrum Pot and Evileyes Primer samples. 
(An aside: Generosity is always appreciated, especially when it leads to discoveries of products that I absolutely will be buying full sizes of. Smart move, Andrea.)
The Evil Shades shadows are vibrant, smooth, and shimmery. Every color, I fell in love with. Application with these shadows was easiest with a stickier base, although I have tried them over UDPP and had no real issues. I just think the shadows look better over a sticky base. I suppose it’s a preference thing; I did all of my swatches using my Kanebo Sensai Eye Primer, which is the creamiest and stickiest base I have outside of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. 
I experienced no fallout, no creasing, and no fading with these colors. I love how they applied (true to pot - er, clamshell), and I appreciated that I could choose my desired level of intensity; these colors sheered out as well as they built up. 
Most importantly, I just loved the colors, and I felt that they were unique. I have not been using Indie eyeshadows long enough to discern which colors are dupes or just repackaged, but I feel that I have enough shadows - both mainstream and Indie - to discern whether a color is unique or not. All of these colors are special, and for that, I am grateful to Andrea and excited to experiment further with the line. 
Also, pricing is very reasonable: $1.25 for a sample clamshell (which has quite a bit of product), $5 for the standard 5-gram jar, and $9 for a “pro-size” 10-gram jar. Up the price of the jars by $1 for the Arcane colors.
On to the swatches and color descriptions (colors with an * were given to me outside of my order):

(From L to R: Athame, Halcyon, Bittersweet Symphony)
Athame - Described on the website as “a shining silver with a secret pink highlight”, Athame is one of those colors I have grown quite fond of this summer: a duochrome grey-lavender with pink shift. It’s prettier and more pigmented than MAC Vex, and my photo does it no justice. 
Halycon - Described on the website as “a sandy tan with copper shimmer”, Halycon is one of those ‘neutral with a punch’ shades I think anyone can wear. It is a lightly burnished, warm tan with a smattering of cool blue and green shimmer. It applies with less of a punch than my swatch shows, but the shimmer glistens in such a cool way. 
*Bittersweet Symphony - Described on the website as a “bright peach with green and gold shimmer”, Bittersweet Symphony is anything but bitter. This has to be my new favorite orange eyeshadow: bright enough to pack a punch, but not so orange that it’s unwearable or inappropriate for daytime. It just glows, there’s no other way to put it. My entire face looks more well-rested and happier and prettier when I wear it. I need a full size of this shadow as soon as possible. 

(From L to R: Victorian Night, Conjure, Drakon, Vitrium)
*Victorian Night - Described on the website as a “medium lavender with teal shimmer and a subtle blue-green shift”, this is just one of those colors that makes you gasp with delight. The description is spot-on and this color is just so damn lovely. Lately, my favorite purples have been coming from Indie lines, and Victorian Night is now joining that select group. It stands out so well against my eyes, skin tone, and hair. Also, it plays quite well with Athame. This one also requires a full size purchase. 
Conjure -  An Arcane shadow described on the website as a “stormy sparkling purple [that] conjures up a mysterious blue shift that floats over the purple base”, Conjure is deep and lovely. Even swatched dry, I see more of a deep blue base with purple shimmer. I could try to call it a blurple (blue + purple), but that might be stretching it. Regardless, this is a lovely shadow and perfect for a colorful smokey eye.

Drakon - Described on the website as a “medium blue green with gold, green and pink shimmer and a wine base that flashes through”, Drakon is a deep but lovely neutral. I actually thought that, based on Styrch’s swatches, that it would be a taupey shade. Drakon is really a deep wine-brown with multi-colored shimmer. It is more dramatic in person, and I think it would be a very handy multi-purpose shade (lids, crease, and liner!).
*Vitrium Spectrum Pot - Spectrum Pots are wax-based eye colors that are meant to act as bases, hold glitter on the lid, and intensify eyeshadow color. They can also be used as an eyeliner if desired. Vitrium is a pure white, and due to the titanium dioxide in it, I found it to be a bit dry (although I don’t think clamshells are the best sample containers for this sort of product). Despite this dryness, Vitrium applied easily and has been a great way to brighten up some of my eyeshadows. I have never had a white base before, so I found this a very exciting product!
So, can I recommend Evil Shades eyeshadows? Well obviously! I need to hurry up and get full sizes of Bittersweet Symphony and Victorian Night! Oh, and Athame too. 

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PerilouslyPale said...

OK the colours look fab and sound even more fabulous! I may have to try out some samples ;-)

lexi920 said...

I am all over that Drakon color!

Joey said...

Christa, thanks!! You'd like Halcyon.

Joey said...

Lexi, Drakon is SO you!

Evil Angel said...

But you see the problem is I kind of really suck at neutrals...a lot. lol I have tried and everytime my "neutrals" turn into some odd not even close to nuetral thing.And I swear my eyes are incapeable of taupe, what looks taupe to me is described as beige or brown by others. lol