Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some fun stash pics! (or, this is what happens when Joey can't sleep at 3:00am!)

I’m actually on a mini-vacation from work for the next couple of days, and tomorrow morning I leave to go spend the weekend with Ilusionisto at his place (he doesn’t live in NYC).  My only plan is to spend as much time cooking and dabbing perfume on him as possible. I’m excited! 
Anyway, I decided to start packing last night, and took the opportunity as a chance to organize some of my Sterilite drawers. I thought it’d be fun to show you some face makeup porn: base products, blushes, and highlighters of all textures! I hope you enjoy! 
(An aside: If you want product info like a color’s name, or if you see something I didn’t quite talk about, let me know!)
(A second aside: When Ilusionisto visits me, all he brings is underwear and a laptop. Oh, and a second shirt. I hate men sometimes: it’s so much easier for them!)
Here is my neatly organized bin of primers, foundations, concealers, loose powders, pressed powders, and liquid highlighters (this picture is missing whatever I packed with me). As you can tell, I’m really into BB creams. Note the Guerlain Meteorites, the CoverFX powder foundation (I also have the cream version), and my beloved NARS Illuminators in Super Orgasm and Copacabana. I use these every day. I really need to pick up Laguna! 

Here are all of my MAC blushes: my HG powder blush is MAC Afterdusk (why was this limited edition?!), and I’m also really quite fond of Dainty Mineralized Blush, which was a gift from Shannon of Lipstick Musings.

Here are my favorite cheap blushes: the Sephora powder blushes in Bronze Sensation (L) and Meringue Jalouse (R). Everyone needs Meringue Jalouse - even Diva Debbi agrees

Here are my Becca cream blushes: Frangipani (at the top) is my favorite.

How cute are these mini Clinique powder blushes?!

Ah, my beloved Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges! Of the four I have, Velvet Plum is my favorite (bottom of picture).

My NARS blushes! That pan of Nico (top left) is probably my fourth one? I use Nico for everything imaginable. I wish NARS would come out with more cream blushes, as I actually prefer them over the powder blushes.

And here’s my organized blush drawer! This is missing my Paul and Joe Beaute blushes (those are separated), and my Wet ‘n Wild Naive, which is somewhere in a makeup bag. Knowing me, there are a few more blushes missing as well that I haven’t quite noticed are gone.

Now, onto my highlighters (powder and cream) and bronzers!
This is one of my most prized possessions: my Ben Nye Fantasy Fireworks Wheel. It was a present from my college boyfriend, and it is so much fun to use as both cream shadows and as highlighters.

Remember Wet ‘n Wild Acapulco Glow?! I do. I also had the other famous highlighter, All Over Shimmer, but I sent it to someone who it was more flattering on.

If you can guess what this highlighter is, then you are a real addict.

The old-school Milani Glimmer and Shimmer Stripes!!!

My beloved Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders - I believe the top one is Odette and the bottom one is Athena.

For Awkward Chic, the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer.

Edward Bess All-Over Seduction in Afterglow, aka “10 Hours of Sleep in a Pan”.

My drawer, all nicely organized! After I finished with it, I realized that a couple of my powder highlighters are in the base makeup drawer, oops.

Finally, here’s what I packed for base makeup, blush, highlight, and lip color! My eyeshadows will be somewhere else because I have some that I need to swatch and review, so I’ll be packing those later! I hope you enjoyed this!

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PerilouslyPale said...

That was fun! I didn't know you had the EB highlighter! I've been interested in it forever since I think I'll prefer cream over liquid. You like it?

Joey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed, Christa! Yeah, I love Afterglow! It's a lovely highlighter: glowy without real shimmer. It layers well over powder too, which is nice. Totally worth the price tag - it's just really small, but you don't need very much of it =)

PerilouslyPale said...

You've sold me! Now if I ever have funds again....

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

How fun! Your stash actually puts mine to shame, which is saying something, lol! Although I bet I've got you beat on the red lipsticks!

So glad you're enjoying Dainty. It's a great color, just a bit too much color for me for some reason, and I don't have the patience for fan brushes and the like.

Wonderful pictures...thanks for the view into your makeup life!

organic foundation said...

Bronzers are so much more better than the blushes that I ever used.They are specially good for the darker skin tones.I love the MAC bronzers.

Joey said...

Christa, hold off on Edward Bess until Gift Card at Bergdorf. I can do a CP for you. We'll talk =)

Joey said...

Shannon, I love everything you sent me, and I mean that. Dainty is wonderful on.

As for reds: I have only a handful of reds so yes, you have me beat there. My collection of nudes and plums would rival your reds, I bet.

lexi920 said...

NICE - I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday afternoon.

My stash is atrocious! Also, I'm putting the pressure on Joel to send you sketches for your decant storage system.

He may email you personally with the details - I'll let you know!

Joey said...

Organic Foundation, I used to LOVE MAC Golden Bronzer! It's such a good color.

Joey said...

Lexi, take pictures of your stash if you organize it!

Also, thank you for pressuring DH to work on my storage system; it's so kind of the both of you! xoxoxox

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Great stash. This was so interesting to see. I'm so happy you are back with your blog so I can read more from you. You have me tempted by the Edward Bess highlighter too! sigh....

Joey said...

Marcia, I'm glad you found it interesting! I should do pics of my eyeshadow stash but I fear I'd kill someone =(

Also, the Edward Bess highlighter is AMAZING. Do try it! xoxox