Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ahoy, mateys: OHWTO's Lost at Sea solid fragrance

Today's review brings you to a place of faraway adventure and general swashbuckling fun! Imagine a ship full of pretty, yummy smelling pirates commanded by a Drunken Pirate Captain Becca, and you will have an understanding of today's fragrance: OHWTO's Lost at Sea!

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My little tub of Lost at Sea was a sample scent Becca, the Nutella-addicted proprietress of One Hand Washes The Other, sent me with my original order back in late May. I was surprised when I loved it.

Why was I surprised? I don't normally do very citrus-y, sweet scents. I do love gourmands, but I love gourmands that are less literal (a good example: Pink Sugar literally smells like cotton candy - blech! - while Tauer Une Rose Vermeille smells reminscent of rose jam).

Sometimes, however, I need to be less choosy and just enjoy what's in front of my nose. Lost at Sea is one of those happy little indulgences. Smelling it gets my imagination racing and just makes me laugh.

The initial dab of the solid scent just brings to mind every pirate movie and story I know: there is an incredibly bright, fresh orange note (everyone knows that Vitamin C helps prevent scurvy, a scourge of sailors everywhere), and a delicious salty aquatic note. You can smell the blue and green waves crashing against the hull of your ship as you sail the terrible seas. Happily enough, this isn't a citrus-aquatic that gives me a headache. It is bright, it has decent sillage, but it is not obnoxious enough to cause headaches. It just makes me smile.

As time passes, the orange note fades and a warm coconut emerges: Captain Becca has steered us to a remote island. The warm sand and air mingles with the surrounding water. Becca serves us some fresh coconut water (spiked with rum, because that's how Becca rolls!) and we lay in the sand, happy to just be.

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I mean, really: how could you not want to wear a scent that puts all this into your head?! Plus, Becca makes it really easy for us: her solid scents last much longer than most that I have tried, and her solid scents are incredibly inexpensive ($4 for a single scent, $11 for three, or $44 for thirteen). If you want a full list of her fragrances, please check Becca's blog here.

Becca's working on her own website and I'm pretty sure it's up now. If you have any issues with it (or if you just want to romance her), email her at OHWTOFTW[at]gmail[dot]com or follow her on Twitter or on Facebook - she'll let you know how you can order! I cannot guarantee that she'll send you coconut rum or Nutella though, sorry.

4 love notes:

Eplefe said...

Something tells me a certain bunny is buying 11 solid scents. >_>

I am incredibly addicted to perfume oils even though I know everybody says solids last longer and smell softer. I LIKE STINKING.

I wish I could write scent reviews like you.

Joey said...

Sis, if you saw my original post on OHWTO you'll see that my first order with Becca was for the Baker's Dozen of solid scents! LOL

You can write reviews like me! Just try <3333

cle0tara said...

Haha, what an awesome review! I just ordered from OHWTO last week. I considered this one, but went for Evil Angel instead. Maybe next time.

<3 Tara

P.S. I love your perfume reviews!

Joey said...

Tara, hello my lovely! Thank you for commenting, and I am happy you enjoyed this review - and my other perfume reviews!

I have Evil Angel - it'll be reviewed soon =) it's SO yum. You chose well.