Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm dancing with my Wet n' Wild Dancing in the Clouds eyeshadow trio!

Today’s review is a short but sweet overview on the Wet n’ Wild Dancing in the Clouds trio from that sadly limited edition (and hard as hell to find!) Dreamweaver collection from the summer.

Despite living in NYC, I have a hard time finding limited edition drugstore items, and must depend on the kindness of out-of-state friends and bloggers to purchase items for me. My darling Nicky (@niczimmerman on Twitter) is one of the best friends I have, because he gets my sick addiction and is always willing to help me out. He picked out three of the six Dreamweaver trios for me: what a doll! This review is dedicated to him. 

Of the three trios he sent me, this is my favorite. I love the combination of warm, rusty tones paired with the cool purple. Also, I like the difference in finishes: the purple “crease” shade is a satiny, sort of duochrome-y matte while the “eyelid” and “browbone” shades are a high shimmer/metallic finish.

As for the pigmentation, the purple “crease” shade swatched very sheerly. I was disappointed, until I applied it. As you can see in my terrible EOTD picture, the purple is actually quite pigmented when on the lids. I am learning that matte shades in general just swatch terribly. The “browbone” and “crease” shades are rich, buttery, and soft.
Now, for some color descriptions:

(swatched in the same order as they appear in the palette)
Browbone: This reminded me of Urban Decay Maui Wowie but without the annoying glitter. Just lovely! This is a burnished, green-tinged antique gold. It is highly pigmented, so when I did my awful EOTD I used just a touch to blend out the crease shade. You can’t really see it, since I take terrible pictures. Sorry!

(A note - why did the end of my eyebrow totally fade out?! Haha!)
Crease: A medium-tone satin matte pinked purple with a pink and blue shimmer that makes it seem duochrome-y. This reminded me of a Urban Decay eyeshadow but I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. Like I said, it swatches terribly (in that swatch pic, I think I layered the color four times!) but it applies well enough on the eyes. 
Eyelid: A shimmery, near metallic burnt orange color. I have been very fond of oranges this summer and this is a lovely one. It isn’t too warm, or too garish. The payoff is wonderful and allows for a sheer wash of color or a serious, OMG sort of orangey look. 
I am not sure of the retail price of this trio, since I did not purchase it, but I am assuming it retails for $2.99USD. If you didn’t pick up one of these trios, I think you missed out! Hopefully you can still find these in stores if you are lucky! I am grateful that Nicky snagged some for me. Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows are great quality for the price, and I cannot recommend them enough!

10 love notes:

RoboZelda said...

So I totally own this palette because IT IS AWESOME, and yet... haven't worn it yet?! GAH. Okay, I'm doing it next week for sure now!

lexi920 said...

I recently just bought Knock on Wood trio and it reminded me just how lovely a $2.99 shadow can be.

However, is it possible for a shadow to be TOO soft and buttery for my liking?

It's a shame that purple didn't deliver as you hoped. I am loving that browbone shade!

Joey said...

RoboZelda, I love your cute pic and your username! Please use the palette and let me know what you think! xoxo

Joey said...

Lexi, I am lemming the Knock on Wood trio! Wet n' Wild eyeshadows are very soft - some of my shadows in the 8pans are shattered/crumbly =(

Ava said...

Wow, look at those long eyelashes! These are lovely shadows. What eyeliner did you use?

Polarbelle said...

I think that's my favorite trio from the dream weaver collection. I lurve the purple so much. Will you come to my house and do my liner? it's fab!

Joey said...

Ava, thank you for the compliments! My lashes are courtesy of Clinique High Impact mascara and my eyeliner is courtesy of Clinique cream liner in Very Black xoxo

Joey said...

Polarbelle, if you feed me, then yes! I'll come over and do your makeup for sure =) xoxox

Anonymous said...

So glad they arrived in one piece! They look great on you.

Joey said...

Nickypoo, I LOVE YOU SO MUCHO <33333