Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm so special with my Sleek Oh So Special palette!

If you read my blog back when I first started it, when my goal was to catalogue my eyeshadow collection (thus the URL of my blog!), I started to work my way through my Sleek eyeshadow palette collection
I have quite a few of these Sleek palettes, no small feat considering that they are UK-only, and not available in the US. I mean, I believe I could order them from the Sleek website but if you recall the Sleek sale fiasco from a few months back, you’d understand why I’m wary to order from their website. All of my Sleek palettes have either been CPs (custom purchases), swaps, or gifts from generous bloggers. 
I never completed my trek through my Sleek palettes. Today is a continuation of that project; however, there are three Sleek palettes in my possession that I never reviewed. When I get back to New York, I should swatch and post them just for completion’s sake. I hate not finishing something!
Today’s feature is one of the newest Sleek palettes, the Oh So Special palette. I owe this post to the fabulous Kelly of Jellyminx Thinks. You are a cherished and much loved friend, Kelly; don’t ever forget that! You can see Kelly’s review of this palette here.

I’ll be brief: I love Sleek palettes. They are inexpensive, retailing for £6.49 (or $10.27USD). The eyeshadows are overwhelmingly pigmented (generally, their lighter toned mattes usually aren’t as pigmented as the rest of the colors). Their mattes are usually as good as their shimmery shades. With a proper primer, I get 8-10 hours of wear before colors fade - they never crease. The colors blend well without getting muddy, and they work equally well wet or dry. You really cannot go wrong with one. 
Oh So Special is a very wearable, mostly matte collection of soft neutral and a couple of darker accent/liner shades. I apologize for my swatch photo below: the majority of the shadows are so light that they blended into my skin tone, making it hard to distinguish the colors. I promise that on my eyes that this does not happen; instead I get a soft, illuminating wash of color that is appropriate for all times. If I want to amp up my eyes, all I have to do is smoke out my eye with one of the darker shades.

Also, the shimmer shades in this palette aren’t as shimmery/metallic as my other Sleek shimmer shadows. I wonder if the shimmer was purposely toned down for this palette? As you can see in my swatches, only one of the five shimmer shades actually looks quite shimmery!

(swatches done to reflect location in palette!)

Now, onto the color descriptions! I’ll start with the top row, going from left to right:
Bow - a creamy matte bisque shade that barely shows up on my skin but makes a lovely brow highlight
Organza - a shimmery orangey mauve brown (weird, right?) that just shows up as kind of a salmon shimmer
Ribbon - a matte salmon that is slightly more pinked than a salmon shade should be
Gift Basket - a shimmery deep taupe brown that applies more golden and more orangey than it looks like it would (strange!)
Glitz - a highly metallic gunmetal shade that leans blue
Celebrate - a very shimmery purpley wine color
Next, the colors that comprise the bottom row, going from left to right:
Pamper - a happy, matte peach shade
Gateau - looks like a plummy taupe, or dupe of MAC Trax, but swatches as a lightly shimmered pink with gold strewn throughout
The Mail - a matte earth shade
Boxed - a matte, warm deep brown color
Wrapped Up - a matte plum color
Noir - a matte black (interesting note; this is the least pigmented matte black that I’ve ever encountered in a Sleek palette)
I’m quite pleased with this palette! Although I love color, sometimes it’s necessary to be able to create a quick, subdued, easy eye - Oh So Special is perfect for that!

Now, I believe that Oh So Special is a permanent edition to the Sleek line, but I need someone to confirm this for me, please! Do let me know if you end up grabbing this! 

6 love notes:

Aprill said...

very nice palette!

Joey said...

Thanks Aprill! =)

mayaari said...

gorgeous shades! if i didn't already have the storm palette to get through, i'd be asking my UK friends to CP this for me :)

Joey said...

Mayaari, I have to use my Storm palette more often.

I am getting a CP of the Sleek Au Naturel palette as well - I'm excited for that one! =)


Jen W said...

I adore this palette! Texture and pigmentation is amazing especially the colours on the right side.

Joey said...

Jen, yes, the pigmentation is amazing! I'm so impressed with Sleek eyeshadows in general.