Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad, or "I Fell For MAC Again, Oy!"

Once again, I have fallen victim to something from MAC. 
If you read my posts back when I wrote for Pink Sith, you know that I have a really difficult relationship with MAC. I once compared MAC to the jerky ex-boyfriend who was kept around solely because he was good in bed - once in a while, you just want it! Ha!
Well, I have once again fallen prey to MAC’s devious charms. I bring you the Lady Grey quad from the MAC Me Over collection, which debuted on August 25th in the US:

(With the lid on)

(Ooh, pretty colors!)

(a close up of Lady Grey, who refused to cooperate with my camera)
Oh, she’s a pretty one, ain’t she? I’m not exactly sure why I caved on this quad, but I’m going to blame it on the two bottom colors. There’s nothing like a good green-grey and a bronzey-taupe to get this bunny’s blood boiling!
This palette of shadows retails for $38 USD for the four shadows + the palette itself (and the shadows are not removable, bummer!). That’s something like $9.50USD per shadow, which isn’t terrible. I forget how much MAC eyeshadow singles cost now, but I’m assuming it’s something like $12-13USD , so this palette is a bargain.
As for the actual quality of the eyeshadows: I’ll have to discuss this individually, but I can say that the shadows are on the sheer side. They swatch more sheerly on my arms than they apply on my eyes, so I’m not complaining too much, but I do have to pack on two of the shades if I want some serious oomph. I will say that I think that the shadows are sheer on purpose - the concept of the color scheme made me think of shadowy washes. Still, I’m quite pleased with my purchase. 
Now, on to the individual colors!

 (With flash: All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey, and Hazy Day)

All Races: A Matte finish, All Races might be the most pigmented shade in the bunch. This is a repromote from a previous collection (the All Races one? I can barely remember), and it is a very cool-toned mauve-pink. In my swatch it looks downright ashy, but on my eyes it gives some nice natural depth. 
Tendersmoke: A Frost finish, I believe this is another repromote, but don’t quote me on it. It is pretty sheer, but lovely - a greyed purple with a red metallic sheen. 
Lady Grey: A Satin finish, this is the color that made me want the quad. I do wish it was more pigmented, but I’ll live. It is a grey-green with a bit of a golden sheen. I wonder what Karla Sugar thought of it!
Hazy Day: A Veluxe Pearl finish, this is the most pigmented color in the palette. It is a stunning olive-brown with a grey cast that makes it lean slightly taupey. I hope MAC rereleases this color sometime.

(Without flash: All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey, and Hazy Day)
Together, these four colors work to create a subtle eye with a lot of depth and dimension. I would post an EOTD if my eyebrows weren’t so damned wooly - I’m in desperate need for a wax or threading session. Maybe in a day or two I’ll update this post with one! Like I said, if I want some extra color I do have to pack on Tendersmoke or Lady Grey, but I don’t have  too much of a problem with that.
So, what do you think? Will you cave on this quad or on anything else from MAC Me Over?

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BlushingNoir said...

this is one of my fave mac quads ever! it's such a beautiful mix

Elvira said...

Nope. I don't think I'm gonna cave on a MAC item again. These swatches and other ones I have seen are so sheer I have no idea what MAC was thinking! Sure the colors are nice, I mean hell, there's a TAUPE/Mauve but the lack of pigmentation in the shadows puts me off.

matildaben said...

I bought this one the other day - I love subtle eyeshadows and this one is a real winner! I agree that they are very sheer but that makes it good for wearing during the work day.

Tali said...

Very pretty but too pale for me! Would need a darker shade to get the quad!

Joey said...

Blushing Noir, it is a beautiful mix of colors!

Joey said...

Elvira, they are sheer but to be fair, you're as white as paper so they wouldn't be as sheer on you. They also read as more pigmented on my eyes, with a primer.

Still, I hate when MAC sucks me in =(

Joey said...

Tali, I do wish that one of the colors had been a deep plum or brown - it would have paired so well with the other paler colors!

lexi920 said...

Hmmm...I already own All Races and I would have to see this in person. Still on the fence and I'm trying not to cave.

I do want to check out the shadow sticks since I'm always a sucker for that!

Joey said...

Lexi, I'll make it real easy for you: NO. DO NOT BUY.

This won't be pigmented enough for you. You'd be better off with those stick eyeshadows =)

Ben Nardolilli said...

In the case, they look like giant Smarties

Joey said...

MY BEN! <3333 what are you doing here?

Well, they do look like Smarties, you're right.

I miss you, and love you =)

Joey said...

Matildaben, these colors are really nice, no? Wearable but still punchy.

The Caffeinated Spaz said...

I totally caved on this quad too! I love it though - the colors are perfect for me. I love me some grey and mauve in the fall, so this quad fit the bill perfectly. Tendersmoke has got to be my fave - but all four shadows are pretty great!


Joey said...

Candice, this quad is so perfect for Fall! I think Lady Grey is my favorite shadow =)



I've liked the look of a lot of MAC stuff lately but then when the swatches come out, they are very disappointing. Which I guess is a good thing since I'm kinda broke but still... I also hate that they come out with so many collections so close together and everything is limited edition! I used to be obsessed with MAC (didn't hurt that my old roommate was a MAC makeup artist) but I've been discovering so many good indie and drug store brands that work as well and better (hello Wet n Wild!). So, long story short, I don't think I'll cave on anything from this collection. Lol.

Rebecca :)

Joey said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for commenting!

I TOTALLY agree with you about MAC. I miss the days when their LE collections were well-thought out and amazing. The last one I really caved on was Barbie Loves MAC back in, what, 2007?! Now their LE collections are all repromotes and of generally bad quality. There are very few awesome items.

And yes, Indies and good DS is the way to go! I have a review of Glamour Doll Eyes to do in the next few days and I am thrilled with my eyeshadows.

xoxoxo Joey