Thursday, September 8, 2011

More UK drugstore fun with Makeup Academy eyeshadows!

Continuing on my general “Why does the UK have better drugstore makeup than we do?!” rant, I bring you a selection of MUA (Makeup Academy) eyeshadows.

MUA is a line that is sold in Superdrug (which in my mind, looks exactly like Heaven should look) and as far as I know, the shadows are very inexpensive. I believe they retail for £1 (which is equivalent to $1.60USD), which I find to be incredible, considering the quality of these eyeshadows. 
These eyeshadows come in both a pearl and a matte (matt) texture, and of the four I have, I have three pearl shades and one matte shade. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted these lovely little gems, so I must thank Jellyminx (of Jellyminx Thinks) and Madame Gourmand (of Madame Gourmand) for being so kind as to think of me and send me these eyeshadows. 
My only regret is that these eyeshadows aren’t sold in the US. I have my eye on Pearl #11 and Pearl #12 (both are warm, taupey shades - not that that should surprise anyone!). Anyway, on to my little collection:

Let’s start with Pearl #5. Pearl #5 is a lovely spring green with a hint of yellow. It reminded me of MAC Springtime Skipper - remember that shadow? - and it is easy to wear. Its vibrancy is somewhat muted, which means it does not appear neon on the eyes. It just glows. It is a very fun color and not one I would have picked out for myself, so I am glad I was gifted with it!

Next we move to Pearl #7. Pearl #7 is that perfect sort of vampy deep hunter green with the slightest grey cast. This color would make a perfect smoky eye (I am imagining it’d do well over a black base!) or it would be a nice, subtle liner shade. It is a less complex Makeup Forever #84; that color is more greyed. Of the four MUA eyeshadows I own, this is the one I’d rec for anyone.

Now we have Pearl #13. I apologize about the defiled eyeshadow, but I had actually owned this one for some time! This color is deceiving for sure - while it looks like a deep purple shadow in the pan, when swatched it is more of a reddish plum with red and purple shimmer. Also, this shade is less shimmery than Pearl #5 and Pearl #7 - it is more of a satin with a shimmer overlay. Does that make sense? This color is insanely pigmented - just a touch deepens any eye look.

Finally, I bring you Matt #18. This is an interesting pinked lavender color. My swatch is kind of bad; I find that matte eyeshadows are just hard to swatch in general. I swear the color does not appear that chalky on my eyelids. It’s a fun shade; I happen to be fond of pink-toned eyeshadows and a pinky purple is right up my alley. 

(In order: Pearl #5, Pearl #7, Pearl #13, and Matt #18)
So, UK readers: do you have a favorite MUA eyeshadow? US readers: are you as bitter as I am about the UKers getting all the good stuff?

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Lyuba-chan said...

Yes I am haha. Although I currently live in UK, I'm dreading the moment when I'll be back in US and won't have access to UK drugstores. What about my makeup swatching therapy? Did you know in UK you can swatch drugstore makeup?!!!!

Joey said...


Ok, I'm officially jelly to the nth degree.

Tammie said...

Yeah but I understand that in the UK you can't return used makeup, so I guess swatching is necessary in the drugstore setting.

Doesn't make me any less jealous though!

Lyuba-chan said...

Yeah :) I go to Boots or Superdrug and just play with makeup (I don't go anywhere without facial wipes anymore lol). After I'm done playing and swatching, I don't really need to buy anything. I was really surprised and excited when I saw that.

I'm not sure about returning, but you're probably right. UK is not as customer friendly in that aspect lol. But still, I wish US would do that... I've bought lots of makeup that didn't work for me, and never thought of returning it. If only I could have swatched it before buying.

Tammie said...

Oh I definitely agree, I am sure had I the ability to swatch makeup at the drugstore I'd return a lot less, not counting lipstick which sometimes looks good swatched on the arm and like crap on my lips lol.

Joey said...

Tammie - I am with you! I wish US drugstores let us swatch products before purchasing them. I hate returning products because I know they just get tossed =(

Tammie said...

Yeah that's how I feel...I feel bad wasting but how do they expect me to know I like something if I can't try it out before hand, even a little bit?

Joey said...

Exactly! I feel like drugstore cosmetic lines would see more sales if they had testers available!