Monday, September 12, 2011

Opus Oils' Flapper, or "A Perfume to Get Naughty To"

There are quite a few things I could lose sleep over: general insomnia, stress, heartbreak, hunger, etc. 
I never realized I could lose sleep over a perfume. Yes, a perfume
The other night, my normally terrible sleep schedule suffered a larger than normal blow: I was up for literally half the night, tossing and turning: my senses heightened, my skin aflame, my mind racing. I kept sitting up in my bed gasping, my brain desperate for oxygen. 
Literally, my nose and mind had been clogged by one of the most delicious and intoxicating scents I had ever come across.
I’d like to introduce you all to Opus Oils’ Flapper, from perfumer Kedra Hart’s “Les Bohemes” collection.

(picture borrowed from the Opus Oils website)
My night had started innocently enough, I swear! I was getting ready for bed - my schedule in Florida has been much different than my schedule in NYC, and I go to sleep much earlier than I normally would. I always like to go to bed wearing a fragrance. Ever since my encounter with Aroma M’s Geisha Blue, I realized that scent does make a huge difference in my quality of sleep. Yay for something better than Ambien!
Anyway, I digress.
I chose Flapper from my large assortment of Opus Oils fragrances. I had much success with Dapper (Carrie’s recommendation, and one of the loveliest violets I know), so I thought it’d be cute to chose Flapper next. Y’know, the names rhyme, and I’m a cheesy bunny. I liberally dabbed on Flapper and climbed into bed, ready to sleep.
I always sleep with my head resting on bent arms, so my nose was near my wrist. I caught a lovely whiff of a green, sweetly hesperidic note: tangerines and clementines, with a hint of lemony zing. Cheerful, bright, but with a hint of an underlying milky creaminess. Pleasant but nothing out of the ordinary. 
Fast forward to fifteen minutes later, when a dozed-off Bun-Bun is jolted out of her sleep because - oh hell! - she smells something that she’s never actually smelled before. Creamy like a rich vanilla custard, obscenely indolic whitest flowers (gardenia, oh what a gardenia!), and something else she had never smelled before. It was almost sugary sweet, but not quite. Strong but not with obnoxious sillage, this mystery scent stayed agonizingly close to the skin. Quite frankly, it was redolent of sex, passion, and drugs. 
I initially thought that maybe I was smelling poppy/opium, but I knew that couldn’t be it. I had no bloody clue what the smell was, but it drove me crazy. All I could do was curse Kedra and wish that my boyfriend was within grabbing distance (Oh Ilusionisto, I cannot wait to wear this around you…). I was so unbelievably frustrated, but I wanted more. As the hours melted away at an agonizingly slow pace, the fragrance took on a warmer, powdery tone. That mystery note was wrapped in a gorgeous musk and tobacco note, which only served to increase its carnal feel. Perfume to get naughty to: who knew?
I spent half of the night smelling myself and vacillating between having x-rated fantasies and wanting to throttle myself for thinking it’d be a good idea to test an Opus Oils fragrance before bed. Kedra Hart makes some of the most gorgeous - but dizzyingly addictive - fragrances on the market. She has a bit of naughty fairy dust in her veins, for sure. Flapper is chock full of desire and addiction. This is not a scent to wear alone to bed. I learned this the hard way, when I had to cake on the undereye concealer the next day.

So, what was the mystery scent? It took a visit to the genius wordsmith Sheila’s blog (Scent Less Sensibilities) to find out: DATURA.

(picture borrowed from

I should have known! Datura is a plant known to be highly poisonous: it can cause delirium and death, and as Sheila pointed out, even its scent can make a person mad. Well then, that explains my crazed, sleepless night. Kedra and Sheila had a good laugh at my expense on Twitter that day.
Have I learned any lessons from this experiment? Yeah, I’m not going to test any Opus Oils’ fragrances when alone in bed!
Have I found my own personal Love Potion No.9? Definitely. 
Flapper can be found on the Opus Oils’ website, in a range of size/product options, and is quite affordable. I highly recommend starting with the entire sample pack of Les Bohemes - vials of 10 scents for only $20USD. 

Wear it at your own risk.

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kjanicki said...

I loved her Jitterbug and Dirty Sexy Wilde oils. Both are very naughty. Sounds like Flapper is one I'll have to try too.

Joey said...

Kjanicki, if you loved Dirty Sexy Wilde then yes, you need to try Flapper - it's less overtly sexual than DSW, but still sexual nonetheless. Also, it's just very sweet - not quite as 'pretty' as Jitterbug, but still reminiscent of flounce.

Grace London said...

I've ordered this. If Small London #2 happens because of it, I'm blaming you.

Joey said...

OMG, well if Small London #2 happens, name it Joey. I'll agree to sending over a bit of child support since I bear some responsibility for the creation.

tarleisio said...

ROFL...Poor, poor Joey...sleepless in FLA and with no relief in sight! :(
You nailed it, honey - that fatal, deadly datura...Kedra did her right in all her ghostly, haunting glory, and so did YOU! <3
I came to discover, meanwhile, that there's a new definition of heartbreak... Wearing 'Flapper' and being single! Having a picture of my Devil on my inspiration board is a very small consolation! It consoles me very much more, however, that at least I wasn't the only one who suffered! ;)

Joey said...

Sheila, you laugh!!

I am so glad that you enjoyed my review and that you think I did a good job describing Flapper. It is the sweetest poison I have ever smelled. I can't wait to be home and try it on when my boyfriend is with me. But yes, I suffered so much that night! You are not alone!

Kedra owes us some sleep! Haha! xoxoxo

Lavanya said...

oh My God! (i seem to be saying that a lot, lately)..*tries to grab the vial from Joey's hand, falls over and hurts herself*..I really need to make an appointment to visit Kedra's store and sniff her wonderful perfumes..this one and dirty, sexy wilde..and giggle water.

Joey said...

LAVANYA! <333 Hi!

If you make an appointment to visit Kedra, take lots of pics and let me know how it is! I love Dirty Sexy Wilde so, so much...I still haven't tried my Giggle Water yet but maybe I will tonight! xoxoxo

PerilouslyPale said...

OK now I am truly itching for my Opus Oils to arrive!! They should show up this week and thankfully hubby is on days! Hmmm now what kind of day at work would this produce? LOL

Joey said...

Christa, an answer: the kind of day at work where you're itching to go home and jump your husband.

Sharryn Stormonth said...

Fantastic imagery Joey, I am going to be bold and try this tonight, watch this space...

Joey said...

Sharryn, thank you so much! You are boosting my confidence in my writing so very much =) I cannot wait to hear what you think of Flapper.

Carrie Meredith said...

The last perfume to keep me up at night was Opus Oils' Lady Death, so I know exactly the type of energy magic that Kedra weaves! I love wearing Giggle Water in the evening, orange blossom is very soothing to me, but it does have citrus in it too- so maybe it wouldn't be good for before bedtime. Maybe we should ask Kedra what we should be dabbing on before bed, since everything she makes seems to be somewhat stimulating. :)

Joey said...

Carrie, I have yet to get through all of my Afraid of the Dark samples yet but Lady Death will be tomorrow's SOTD! I'm wearing Giggle Water now and it has reminded me of this orange water perfume my mom used to buy me - will have to take pics of it for the review I'll do - but again, there's a hidden sexuality in this fragrance that makes it so appealing. I may need to wash it off before I try to sleep.

Kedra most definitely needs to tell us which of her creations is safe for sleepy time! xoxoxo

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Thank you so much Joey for this delicious and highly entertaining review! I am so complimented that Flapper is now your personal Love Potion #9!!!

Thanks all, for your comments and compliments to my creations! I am very touched by your kind words!

And for all you hot blooded/bodied Perfumistas looking for a good night time Opus Oils scent, that's a very interesting conundrum!... I guess all the California nights of Jasmine & Orange Blossom air, have left their mark on me, so I do tend to gravitate towards the indoles... I hadn't realized before how this could pose a problem for some! KITTEN from the Burlesque Collection is soft & refreshing, and shouldn't be too much of a problem for sleep. DAPPER is smooth & relaxing (to me) so that might be another good option. Also, HIGH HAT from Les Bohemes is a clean citrus & green tea that is pretty tame.
Personally I often sleep in GIGGLE WATER, but I have to warn you that it gives me enchanted dreams, so I would only recommend it if you are up to running with the pixies through your slumber... Thanks for giving me a new project, LOL!

Sweet Dreams ;~)...


Joey said...

Kedra, YAY! HI! =D

I'm so thrilled you loved my review. We all adore you!

I slept with Giggle Water last night, another bad idea ;) too sexy for bedtime (when I'm alone!). I'll try Kitten and High Hat next, and see how that goes.

xoxoxoxo Joey

Sharryn Stormonth said...

High hat is a gorgeous night time scent. This was my first snif of an Opus oil and I loved it instantly. Time shifted in an instant, I was transported on a wonderful journey. I wore Flapper last night, Oh! yeah, I see what's going on there ;) Thanks Joey and Kedra xxx

Joey said...

Sharryn, I'll try High Hat tonight! =)

I'm so glad you're enjoying your Opus Oils order. Kedra is a genius! And a naughty one at that! xoxo