Friday, September 2, 2011

Perfecting my Fall 2011 smokey eye with Alima Pure's Fall Runway Collection

I have been woefully, woefully behind with my makeup reviews lately. The stress of August combined with the gross humidity in NYC made for a low desire to wear anything beyond mascara and lip gloss. 
Now that the month of hell is finally over, I can get around to all of the reviews I should have done this past month. The following is one of them.
The Alima Pure Fall Runway Collection was released at the beginning of August, and to be honest, I’m not sure if it is even still available (although, as of when I wrote this, the link to order it worked!). Regardless, I wanted to post a short review of the colors and textures, because these eyeshadows - and Alima Pure in general - deserve recognition and praise.

(How cute are these jars?!)
Alima Pure eyeshadows were among the first loose shadows I ever tried, back when I first joined MakeupAlley. Alima’s mineral foundation was a lifesaver for me in my undergrad days, and the fabled #25 foundation brush (the original one!) is still one of my prized makeup possessions. The products are priced well and the quality is outstanding.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review these shadows. 
The Fall Runway Collection ($30 USD, with $2 going to the Global Fund for Women) is comprised of four colors:

(The eyeshadows, without flash)

(The eyeshadows, with flash - the shimmer and sparkle in these colors is amazing!)
Backstage (Satin Matte eyeshadow) - Pale pink matte
Front Row (Luminous Shimmer eyeshadow) - Light gold sparkle 
Press Pass (Luminous Shimmer eyeshadow) - Rosy browned taupe shimmer
Catwalk (Luminous Sheer eyeliner) - Gorgeous shimmery dark brown w/ gold sparkle eyeliner

(Swatches, in the order listed above, with flash)

I was peasantly surprised by the collection, although I shouldn’t have been given my past experiences with Alima. Alima Pure eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and come in a range of finishes. It’s hard to find a cosmetics company that specializes in loose shadows that makes matte loose eyeshadows. Alima makes some lovely ones; Backstage, surprisingly, became my favorite of the four eyeshadows. It is a perfect brow highlight and a perfect color for blending out harsh edges. I am not sure what I’ll do when I run out of this shade! Alima better make it permanent.

((Swatches, in the order listed above, without flash)
Front Row is a pretty rose gold shade with a high sparkle. It is a sheerer shade, which is nice. It allows for a bright, illuminating wash of color, so it is suitable for any complexion (golds can be hard to wear). Press Pass...well, you know I love this shade! Who doesn’t love a rosy deep taupe?! It is the perfect taupe with the right amount of depth: light enough for the lids but deep enough for the crease. Catwalk works wonders as a dramatic crease shade and as an eyeliner; when wet, the gold sparkle in it shines. 

Oh, and lasting power? With a proper eyeshadow base, I had twelve hours of wear, with very minimal fading. There was no fallout, no crumbling, and no sliding around. These shadows are high-performance!
All four colors work together to create a gorgeous smokey eye, or a naturally pretty eye. The possibilities are endless. If this collection is still available, I really recommend springing for it. If it isn’t, order a few samples of Alima Pure eyeshadows! You won’t regret it.
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Elvira said...

This is beautiful! It really has the perfect combo of colors!

Joey said...

It really does, Elvira! You would LOVE the taupe.