Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PHYTO Runway Report from NYFW S/S 2012

Has anyone else been paying attention to NYFW hair, nail, and makeup trends? I admittedly get somewhat bored with NYFW tweets and posts, but sometimes I really enjoy some of the looks. 
PHYTO was kind enough to share some backstage breakdowns of hair looks that they did for different shows, and a couple of them really appealed to me. With curly, thick hair like mine, it’s sometimes really hard for me to style my hair in different ways. However, I felt like even I could do some of these looks! Furthermore, I’m currently testing some PHYTO hair care and I’m impressed by how my hair is behaving. 
So, I hope you enjoy the breakdowns below!
Inspiration: A wet, yet sculpted just out of the shower look. 
Joey’s take: This is basically how my hair looks every day! I let it dry in a wet, tight ponytail and at night, I let it down for perfectly formed waves and curls.
Step by step:
1. Saturate the hair completely with dollops of Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse.
2. Spray Phytolaque Soie light hold hair spray onto a toothbrush to tame flyaways.
3. Finish for extra hold with Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray.  The back of the hair moved naturally.

Inspiration: “Clean and simple lines.” 
Joey’s take: A slightly more advanced version of my normal hair! Haha!
Step by step:
1. Sprayed Phytovolume Actif onto the hair.  Applied heat and created a side part.
2. For those with dry and damaged hair, add a pea size amount of Phyto 7 daily hydrating cream to nourish ends.  
3. Pull hair into a ponytail and wrap with elastic. Spray Phytolaque soie light hold hair spray.
4. Apply Phyto Professional Shine Defining Wax to smooth the ponytail for a natural hold with sheen.

Inspiration: “Mad Magic Magnificent.”  VOGUE Italia March 2004. Karen Elson by Steven Klein.  
Joey’s take: I need to try this! It’d be the perfect way to get my flyaways out of my face. I have an industrial piercing in my right ear, and thus the hair that frames the right side of my hair is a bit shorter because of breakage due to the earring. This would be a great way to keep that chunk of hair under control! Plus, it looks fancy without trying hard. Great for going out!
Step by step:
1. Apply Phyto Professional Glossing Cream to create soft twists with a little shine.  
2. Spray Phytolaque Soie light hold hair spray to keep twists in place. 
3. Pull hair into a low ponytail, and wrapped elastic with hair.  
4. Spray Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray for a strong hold and finish.
5. Apply Phyto Professional Matte Texturizing Paste to ponytail to create a textured    explosion.

Are you going to try any of these hair looks?

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