Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team 10/29/11

Our makeup mavens have more exciting beauty news this week: giveaways, reviews and a new website with a weekly podcast to discuss makeup and trends!

Is your makeup doing a disappearing act in the middle of day? Keep your makeup fresh and glowing all day long with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray. Prime Beauty is giving away two, enter now!

Beauty, Bacon and Bunnies warns us that it's getting cold outside and soon the holidays will be upon us. Always in the know, Joey brings us the Alima Pure Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collection in Cold Outside.

Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, talks about her new site "It's Just Lipstick", where she and Meredith, from Retrodiva's Beauty, discuss makeup & trends in their own irreverent way in their weekly podcast.

Modesty Brown shares her small but perfectly formed collection of NARS eyeshadow duos. Well, perfectly formed if you're a fan of taupe! 

Have you found the L’Oreal Paris Project Runway displays yet? Beauty Info Zone wants to you to see some of the gorgeous Watchful Owl products available. They are worth a search.

Can pale people wear gold lipstick? Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed sadly finds out that the answer to that is "no" but feel free to come and mock her anyhow!

Have you had a chance to try any Kiehl's products yet? If not (or even if you're already a fan!), stop by Lipstick Musings to enter the giveaway for a Kiehl's "Favorites" Kit. It's got something for everyone!

Visionary Beauty takes a look at the Perle delight of the Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4-shade palette in Les Perles.

Juicy! Juicy! Juicy! See what gorgeous Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick has Perilously Pale drooling.

London Makeup Girl has a weakness for Chantecaille Lip Chics, and succumbed to one of the new shades from the Autumn collection. Have a look at it on her here: Chantecaille Calla Lily Lip Chic applied.

Looking for great quality professional brushes at a good price? You might be interested in Kim Professional Makeup Brushes. Pammy Blogs Beauty scopes them out!

Everyday Beauty reviewed Glazed Lips L301, the final red in the "Ellis Red" trio.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joey's Thursday Thoughts

1) The Fall 2011 Bergdorf Goodman Beauty catalogue is an exercise in excellent photography. Somehow, it made the Prada Candy bottle look stunning - it was probably helped by, on the adjacent page, a gorgeous spread of the Shiseido cream eyeshadows. I need to give these eyeshadows a second look: the few I tried, I did not enjoy (the pink and purple shades). Has anyone purchased any of the Shiseido cream eyeshadows?
2) Lately, I have been all about finding the perfect peachy-pinky-champagne eyeshadow. I mean, you have no idea how many I’ve bought lately; I’m ashamed to take pictures, lest you all get an idea of how insane I am. However, I think I found my perfect color: Shiro Cosmetics’ [Subject Name Here], from the Science Collection (eyeshadow shades inspired by Portal, one of the best video games EVER). [Subject Name Here] is a gorgeous, luminous peachy-pinky-champagne that just lights up my eyes with minimal effort, but gives a maximum impact. 

Perfect, perfect. Shiro Cosmetics is one of the best Indie lines around - the quality of the eyeshadows is top-notch, as is the customer service. Caitlin, the sweet owner of the line, recommended this color to me when I asked her for help. I paid $3 for this generously sized mini eyeshadow. She sells sample baggies for $1, and the 5g full-sized shadows are $5. I will be bringing you some Shiro swatches next week, because Caitlin just came out with a new TAUPE!

*PS - Please, please: Support Indie!
3) I have been taking a trip down Makeup Memory Lane, and yesterday I picked out my Chanel Glossimer Extreme in Darling. The Glossimer Extreme shades were from Spring 2006. Darling is a beautiful, extremely metallic rosy-brown shade with decidedly mauve tones. It is a bizarre and beautiful color when on the lips. 

I have a decently extensive Glossimer collection, but Darling was the first Glossimer I ever bought myself. I remember it very well: my freshman year at NYU, a girlfriend and I decided to spend a lovely sunny Saturday in Soho, browsing the boutiques. We drank champagne and flirted at Louis Vuitton, giggled inside Kiki de Montparnasse, and then went to Chanel so that my friend could pick out a wallet for her mother. There, I gravitated towards the Glossimers. The lovely saleswoman picked out Darling for me, and it was instant love. I believe I still have the little Chanel shopping bag the Glossimer was placed in. I felt so glamorous. Every girl needs a little luxury in her life, and I am happy to have this lip gloss to remind me of that.

4) Speaking of little luxuries, on Tuesday I went to the Sephora Sensorium with @alyssaharad, a fellow ‘fumehead and all-around kickass date. We were both surprised at how interesting, entertaining, and well-thought out the Sensorium was. Firmenich + Sephora did a fantastic job, and it was well worth the $15 fee (which you get returned in the form of a Sephora gift card). 

(Here's me posing in the jumbo Polaroid-ish frame!)

The funniest part, for me, was at the end where you get to ‘blind sniff’ perfumes; I fell head over heels for this one scent: sexy, amber, powdery, musky, gourmand-y. It was heaven. I asked an employee to reveal the identity of the scent to me, and I was floored to discover it was Kate Walsh Boyfriend! A celeb perfume! Alyssa could not stop laughing at my horror. I hate to admit it, but I went to Sephora yesterday to try it on, and it is really just a delicious fragrance, extremely similar to Prada Candy but less expensive. My $15 gift card will be going towards the $20 perfume oil rollerball

Do you have any Thursday thoughts to share with me? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Youth, Eternal: Opus Oils' Ode de Vampyre and a Short Study on Scented Eroticism

In my last perfume review, I took an intimate look at the scent of my boyfriend, and explained exactly why I fell so head over heels for Opus Oils’ Dirty Sexy Wilde.
Now, I touched briefly on the concept of one’s own unique scent, and I mentioned that past paramours of mine have commented on my smell: I (apparently) smell of baby powder. Talcum notes dance across the expanse of my skin. Ha, imagine dusting me on a baby’s bottom! 
Many of the past men in my life have told me that I am a study in opposites: my tiny hands, babyish face, and bouncy curls are but a mask for the hypersexualized reality of my personality. Impish grins and talc-scented skin hide the deviant within - or emphasize it, perhaps? How many men have commented, in the middle of the night, on the softness of my skin and the delicate scent that it emanates! Years later, I reconnect with them and immediately they say “I never forgot how you smell.”
And shouldn’t it be like that? Shouldn’t the mark we leave on those most intimately connected to us be one that never quite fades? 
There is no greater memory-trigger than scent, none. I can tell you exactly how every man who has graced my life smelled, just as they can surely tell you how I smelled. I know exactly how I feel when I smell the fragrances so closely related to special times in my life, but I never thought about how I’d feel when and if I’d come across my own scent. How can I ever really recognize such a thing? Does one ever pay enough attention to oneself to notice something so intimate and fundamental to one’s being?
I’m not sure. I look at myself in the mirror multiple times of day but when it comes down to it, I see myself as a reflection of what others project onto me. I think I smell myself in the same way: I look for the honeyed, powdery notes in my sweat and I project onto myself all of those restless nights and bright mornings and I smell memories. I smell those whose skin has caressed mine, whose words spoke of desire and wanton lust, and whose breath echoed the soft silence of shared slumber.
Familiarity and seduction are the keys to every scent I’ve ever loved; an awareness of my contradictory personality, and a purposeful exploitation of it. As I write this review, I make a mental list of my favorite scents of all time. All of them are skin scents; all of them dry down to powdery whispers. They all become a part of me. 
Thus, I’ve spent the past few years finding scents that fulfill my need to amplify the desire within me. Of course, I also love fragrances that don’t necessarily fall into the confines of my perfumed predilections. Still, whenever I find a perfume whose first whiff elicits a deep pang of familiarity, I hold onto it tightly and don’t let go. A “like me, but better” scent - a funny idea, but I think it can exist. I think I found mine.
Third Eye Blind’s “I Want You” played on my iPod, while I was on my way to visit my boyfriend last week. It is, in my opinion, the finest love song ever written. I realized that, despite having listened to the song over and over again countless times in the past 14 or so years, I never picked up on a lyric regarding scent:
“Here I am and I want to take a hit of your scent ‘cause it gets so deep into my soul.” 
So funny that I never noticed that! Maybe I’ve always spent too much time focusing on the hook of the song: “Send me all your vampires.” Vampires! I was struck with divine inspiration. I travel with an assortment of fragrance vials with me, to dab and test as the mood strikes. 
I pulled out Opus Oils’ Ode de Vampyre and applied it to my wrists, waited, and then sniffed.
Oh my god, oh my god! I experienced a moment of sensory confusion: I could smell the perfume, but it was something I had smelled before, a myriad of times - so many times, in fact, that I almost didn’t notice it.

(picture borrowed, of course, from the Opus website - I love all of the product options offered!)
Ode de Vampyre is my scent, bottled. The slightest hint of a spicy saffron mixes with this unbelievable powdery accord: orris and sandalwood, two of my weaknesses. A strong facade of innocence covers up the demon within - I get hints of rose, of resin, of wood, but they take a backstage to that beautiful babyish scent. Delicious, so close to the skin, and frighteningly familiar. 
Is this the scent that strikes my prey? If it is, I completely understand now why I’ve always been complimented on my smell: I was simultaneously hypnotized and comforted. I spent that entire bus ride with my wrist to my nose, enjoying how the fragrance became increasingly honey-sweet and soft. In that moment, I came to understand myself in a new way; I saw myself as human and not, vampiric and haunting, smiling and open. Dangerous, flawed, fragrant. I finally understood the appeal.
And if I needed any more proof that Ode de Vampyre is Ode de Joey: the next evening, back in my room in New York, out of the corner of my eye I saw my boyfriend grab the shirt I had worn on the bus ride to Jersey. He held it up to his nose and breathed deeply, and then crumpled the shirt into a makeshift pillow upon which to rest his head. I couldn’t help but laugh - it was nice to know that my scent affected him so. 
Ode de Vampyre is part of Opus’ Afraid of the Dark collection. I already reviewed Charlie #5, also from this collection. I highly recommend ordering the sample pack of these fragrances - $8 for four vials is a small price to pay for the ultimate in seduction.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Getting Chilly Outside! Be Cool with Alima Pure's Holiday 2011 Collection (Part 1)

I know that Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet, but that isn’t stopping me from looking towards the in, the Holiday collections that our favorite brands are bringing out! Yeah for new makeup collections!

Today I bring you Part One of my reviews on the Alima Pure Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collections. Alima, who always brings out the loveliest seasonal kits (see my Fall Runway Collection review here), really outdid themselves for the holidays by releasing two absolutely stunning kits. 
Each kit retails for $36USD and contains three full-sized eye shadows and a full-sized blush or shimmer powder (as you’ll see, one kit has a blush, the other has a shimmer powder). The best part about the kits - other than their stunning quality and gorgeous colors - is that $2 from the sale of each kit will be donated to the Global Fund for Women. So, not only do you get to look good by buying these kits, but you get to do good as well!
The two Holiday kits are themed by color-tone: there’s Cold Outside (the cooler kit, obviously) and Warm Inside (the warmer kit). I am focusing today on Cold Outside, which was my favorite of the two!

(with flash)

(without flash)

(Snowdrift, Snow Angel, and Jack Frost e/s; Rosy Cheeks blush on bottom)
Snowdrift eye shadow, which Alima describes as “an off-white shimmer with a hint of silvery blue”: This is a lovely sheer-ish true silver shimmer on me, whose intensity can be easily built up either with layering or by applying the shadow wet. It reminds me of a soda can sort of silver, but not as chrome-y - just, that’s the sort of pure silver the color is. The color surprisingly doesn’t lean blue on my skin, as many silvers tend to. This shadow is very shimmery, but not glittery. 
Snow Angel eye shadow, which Alima describes as “a light-to-medium blue with silver sparkle”: OH MY! What a beautiful, beautiful blue! Jewel-toned, crystal clear, bling-y blue! It reminds me of Fyrinnae’s 1.22 Gigawatts, which is more electric but definitely the same tone of blue. I always think jewel-tones when I think of the Holiday season, but jewel-toned blue is not a typical color. I really appreciate that Alima thought outside of the box for this collection. As bright as this color is, and as pigmented as it is, it can be applied sheerly for a smaller dose of color. 
Jack Frost eye shadow, which Alima describes as “a deep blue-toned purple shimmer”: This is absolutely, hands-down, one of the most stunning purples I have ever seen. Now this is a gorgeous holiday shadow: regal, bejeweled, and just...I want it all over my face. It’s really just the purple of my dreams.
Rosy Cheeks blush, which Alima describes as “a gorgeous just-in-from-the-cold matte pink blush”: Now, if I was lighter-skinned, this might be a “Oh, I was just in the snow!” sort of color, but I’m not and it isn’t. Instead, this is a neutral sandy pink on my skin; lovely for sure, but I do have to layer it to get some impact. I don’t mind, though. With eyeshadows this bright, cheek color shouldn’t be so obvious.

Now, the face chart that comes with the kit (crappy picture above, sorry!) gives directions for a look that I can’t quite pull off: Snowdrift would absolutely not look good as a highlight color on my olive-tan skin. So, I modified the look. What do you think? 

I used Snow Angel on the inner two thirds of my lid, and Jack Frost in the outer third and the crease. A matte pink cream shadow from Lancome acted as a highlight, and I used a black Bourjois liquid eyeliner. 

I wet Snowdrift and used it to line my bottom lashes, and then set it with more Snowdrift (used dry). Filled in brows, a healthy dose of Rosy Cheeks blush, and some pink Chanel gloss completed my look! 

Will you be picking up Cold Inside? =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting My Inner Artist On With Piccasso Brushes!

There are two things that excite makeup bloggers:
  1. Acquiring new brushes.
  2. Discovering a brand that was previously unknown to him or her.
Well, this review is extra exciting for me to do because it covers both of these things!

(ooh, pretties!)
Meet my new babies, courtesy of the lovely people over at Piccasso Brush. Piccasso Brush is a Korean line of brushes, and they were generous enough to send me a few brushes to review. 
Now, everyone I know is raving about different Asian brush lines: The Non-Blonde is faithful to her Hakuhodo brushes, and The Black Panties is in love with Chikuhodo. Well, Miss Bun-Bun over here has found a new love in Piccasso. 
Piccasso Brushes over a staggeringly large selection of brushes (both in kits and single brushes) and false eyelashes; I had serious trouble choosing my new babies, but I managed to narrow my selection down to three essentials: two eye brushes and a cheek brush. After some lovely emailing with the brand’s PR girl, I sent her my choices and waited for a package.
It came two days later. I repeat: TWO DAYS LATER. FROM SOUTH KOREA! I’ve had mail sent to me from Brooklyn that’s taken a week! Color me impressed. Furthermore, everything was packaged beautifully - I should have taken a picture! - and the company also included a few unexpected bonuses (the two pairs of false lashes and the brush case). 

(I promise to review the falsies eventually!)

(The bag has three slots - perfect for my three brushes!)

The icing on the proverbial cake was a lovely, hand-written letter in very good English, explaining the uses of each brush, descriptions of the falsies, and an overview of the company.
Why do I share this all with you? Well, I love when a company goes the extra mile to ensure a happy customer. The shipping was fast, the products were packaged well (I love how the brushes come in individual plastic tubing to protect them from damage), and they genuinely seem to care about how pleased I am with their products (I received a very cute reply to my thank you email!).

(Look at how nice the tubing is!)

It is so important that I feel that all aspects of my shopping experience is worth the cost of the product. I can tell you that, despite having received these brushes for my consideration, I would have happily paid full-price for them.
So, which brushes did I choose? 
The #13 Cheek Brush: This brush, made of Red Squirrel hair, is meant to be used to place highlighter products on the skin, and the Piccasso website also states that it can be used as an eyeshadow brush. Oh, this brush is everything I wanted: it applies highlighters in a sheer wash across my skin, and works well to apply concealer under my eyes. It does also work well to apply washes of cream eye color to my lids. The #13  retails for $33 on the website. Here, I have compared it to the NARS #17 brush, which I use to contour my face.

(#13 on the left, NARS #17 on the right)

The #213 Eye Brush: This brush, made of Grey Squirrel Hair, is meant to apply eyeshadow across the lids and work as a blending brush. This is the largest eye brush I own, and I adore it. It’s just amazing for a quick wash of a powder eyeshadow across my lids, and it does work well as a crease brush. However, I do have large eyes - I imagine this brush might be too large for some users! The #213 retails for $30.80 on the website. Here, I have compared it to the MAC 252 and the MAC 249, which were previously my two largest brushes. Notice the differences in shape and density - the Piccasso #213 is truly luxurious! 

(#213 on the left, MAC 252 in the middle, MAC 249 on the right)
The #224 Eye Brush: Well, hello MAC 224 dupe! We all know what this brush is for, and what it can do: blend out creases, apply soft washes of color, buff out concealer, etc. Yes, the MAC 224 is a wunderkind of a brush - except for its lousy quality. I love the shape of this brush, but my MAC 224 has lost its shape and many of its bristles. So, I chose the Piccasso version, also named #224. It is softer, denser, and of a higher quality than the MAC brush. It has not shed or lost its shape since I started using it.  Also, despite being made of dyed mohair, none of the color has bled when I wash the brush. WIN! The #224 retails for $38.50 on the website.

(Piccasso #224 on the left, MAC 224 on the right)
I clearly highly recommend shopping with Piccasso Brush - yes, the price points are high, but you pay for what you get: the service is impeccable as are the brushes. 

Are there any Piccasso brushes tickling your fancy? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's time for another Mystery Makeup Bag! The London Makeup Girl Edition =)

Happy weekend, everyone!

It's time for a look inside another Beauty Spotlight Team member's makeup bag, and this week it is Grace London's turn to dish the dirt and show us the stuff. Is she a minimalist, or does she carry everything but the kitchen sink inside her daily essentials kit? What secrets are hiding inside London Makeup Girl's bag?

Click on the pretty bag to find out! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Food + Cute Boy Porn!

Hi my lovelies!
I’m sorry I don’t have a review for you today. My migraine never subsided, and I ended up having to make a trip to New Jersey to bring Ilusionisto some TLC in the form of a TON of Dinosaur BBQ. 
I’m really not kidding when I say a ton; see the picture below!

We devoured that plus half a pint of Ben & Jerry Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream, which I also brought him. I am the best girlfriend ever!
After an all-night “Game of Thrones” marathon, Ilusionisto and I went to pick up his childhood best friend, D, in Midtown Manhattan for lunch and boy time (which gives me time to blog, yeah!). Today is D’s 24th birthday! Here are some pictures of the boys pretending to be tourists. Can you guess where they are?

Tonight, Ilusionisto and I are joining my college best girlfriend at the movies for a midnight showing of “Paranormal Activity 3”. Whew! What a fun day! How is everyone’s Thursday (or Friday AM) panning out? Did anyone haul Sephora F&F yet?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some of my favorite blog posts from this past week!

In lieu of a review today (I’m currently writing this while in the throes of a horrendous migraine, so please bear with any spelling or grammar errors!), I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts this week from the bloggers I love and admire. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - and that you find a new favorite blog! What bloggers have been catching your eye (and ruining your bank account) lately?

(this is the view from the sixth floor of MoMA, looking straight down - cool, huh?)
Carrie from Eyeliner on a Cat asks her readers to share their dream fragrance briefs - I left her a really long comment that’s sure to make some readers scratch their heads. Luckily, Carrie liked my ideas! 
Gaia over at The Non Blonde brings up some interesting points about the Tom Ford makeup collection. Share your thoughts with her.
Karla’s arm strikes again: I really, really want Le Metier Purple Haze Lip Creme!
Victoria’s post on Pirouette Essentials Soaps makes me want to climb into her shower - in a totally non-stalker sort of way, I swear.
Elvira is just plain evil, and is tempting me with taupes I can’t quite afford. HOOR!
Nobody writes like my own personal Devil on my Shoulder, Sheila. Nobody. Her review of Serge Lutens’ Arabie brought me right to the Arabian deserts.
I’m far from a prude, but even I have to agree with Adrienne: G-Spot is just an unnecessary name for such a lovely product.
Miss Phyrra is making me want to order some Fyrinnae Halloween - now, if I can rustle up a few dollars I will! I went a little nuts and ordered some Shiro and Pollen Cosmetics this weekend.
Sabrina, why did you have to review this Dior nail polish? WHY?! Now I want it! I finally got back into doing my nails, and this color is right up my alley.

My sweet, sweet Candy Perfume Boy reviews two of my favorite musks ever: Serge’s Musc Koublai Khan and Malle’s Musc Ravageur.
Hopefully later today I can get a review up! Wish me well, lovely readers! xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nominee Validation Form for the 2012 FIFI® Award "Indie" Category! How exciting!

The incredible Carrie of Eyeliner on a Cat is a member of the newly established Indie Committee for the Fragrance Foundation's FIFI® Awards, as is the equally incredible Victoria of Bois de Jasmin, along with the remarkably talented Mandy Aftel. There have been so many delicious indie fragrances this year that should be nominated for this award! If anyone wants a Word Doc version of this info, please email me at joeybunnyfoofoo(at)gmail(punto)com! 

NOMINEE VALIDATION FORM for 2011 Fragrance Launches  
All “indie” fragrances introduced in 2011 are eligible to enter the FiFi® Awards process. 
The judging will determine the top five finalists as well as the winner.  
There will be one winner in the FiFi® “Indie” Category for Fragrance of the Year (Men’s, Women’s or Shared). The finalists and the winner will be honored at the 2012 Elements Showcase on January 31st in New York City.  The winner will receive the crystal FiFi® statuette as well as a congratulatory check in the amount of $10,000 from Givaudan Fragrances Corp. The winner will also be recognized at the 2012 FiFi® Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 21, 2012.

The criteria for this category are as follows:
  • Must be an established* brand and on the market for at least 2 years
  • Must be independent, not distributed or owned by a large company
  • Must be sold in 1 to 50 doors (actual # of stores) in the U.S. including online
  • The nominated fragrance must have been launched in 2011
*registered company
The Validation Form asks each eligible brand that introduced a fragrance in 2011 to identify the fragrance, validate and list the number of stores that the fragrance was in as of December 31, 2011 and notarize. In addition, each entry must be accompanied by a $200 entry fee.
Once we receive your notarized Validation Form and the entry fee, your fragrance will be placed on the ballot.  Please complete a separate form for each fragrance launched in 2011 that you would like to nominate. 
The Validation Form must be returned to The Fragrance Foundation no later than WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011, along with TWO bottles of the fragrance being nominated.  All eligible entries become the property of The Fragrance Foundation. 
Voting for the Fragrance of the Year in the “Indie” Category will be scheduled in early January 2012 (exact date to be determined). Entries will be judged by a prestigious panel of independent judges comprising fragrance authorities, beauty press, retailers, etc. Ballots will be tabulated by the Foundation’s accounting firm, Sperduto Spector & Company.

The following fragrance:
(Fragrance Name and Company as it should appear on the ballot)
 Women’s      Men’s      Shared
was launched in 2011 and is eligible to be listed on the ballot as a nominee for 
2012 Fragrance of the Year – “Indie” Category
List Names Of:  
Owner: ______________________________
Fragrance Supplier: ____________________ Perfumer: _________________
Bottle Designer:  _________________________________________________
Bottle Producer: __________________________________________________
Package Designer: ________________________________________________
Distribution as of December 31, 2011:
# of stores (the criteria states 1 to 50 doors): __________________________
List names of stores: _________________________________________
(Please list any additional stores on a separate sheet of paper.)
(Signature of Owner of the Company)
(Print name)
Company Contact person: ______________________________
Phone: _____________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Payment of Entry Fee by:
  • Check enclosed – payable to The Fragrance Foundation in the amount of $__________. 
  • Credit card – charge my (circle one) Visa/MasterCard/American Express in the amount of $ ____________.
Account number: ________________________________
Expiration Date: _____________________ Security v-code: _________________
Name as it appears on card: __________________________________________
Return this signed and notarized form along with two (2) bottles of the nominated fragrance plus the entry fee by Wednesday, November 30, 2011 to:
The Fragrance Foundation
2012 FiFi® Award Fragrance of the Year – “Indie” Category
545 Fifth Avenue, Suite 900 
New York, NY  10017
Attention:  Amy Rubin
If you have any questions, please contact Amy Rubin at 212.725.2755 x103 or Mary Ellen Lapsansky at x106.