Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aftelier Perfumes' Fir Solid: A Lesson in Fragrance Mixology!

One of my current hobbies has been to play mix-master with my perfume collection. I’ve acquired so many samples lately and it’s been quite enjoyable exploring them all. My favorite thing to do is to think of layering combinations. This has been a great way to use some of my fragrances that I’m not terribly keen on - wearing, oh say, L’Eau d’Issey with something else helps empty that poor bottle a little faster while getting some enjoyment out of a perfume I didn’t necessarily like in the first place.
There is one perfume that I keep turning to again and again as a base for my little creations: Aftelier Perfumes’ Fir Solid

(image borrowed from the Aftelier Perfumes website!)
I introduced you to Aftelier with my review of Haute Claire. Mandy Aftel has a true gift for    creating such incredible, realistic, and lush natural scents. Spending time with her creations has lead me to smell everything differently. Fir is a perfect example of this.
I never realized that the smell of a fir tree fragrance could be so complex, so lovely, so...un-fir like. I usually think of that awful, fake-pine smell that assaults my senses every December. Think of Pine Sol mixed with some ozone-y, sort of green “tree” smell. Gag! Fir Solid smells nothing, absolutely nothing like this.
When I first applied it to my skin, I was shocked to smell a bright green, deliciously jammy sort of thing. The best way to describe it is with a place: when I was younger, I spent much time in upstate New York, and there is nothing like the smell of an evergreen forest in the winter. There is an electric minty chill in the air, and the trees smell vibrantly alive. I would chew on pine needles and crush fir cones in my hand - they released an unexpectedly sweet odor, syrupy sweet and faintly reminiscent of cherries. 
This is what Aftelier Fir smells like: it is the smell of being alive, of cold weather and rosy cheeks, and the uplifting sweetness of anticipation. 
Needless to say, I’m a tad bit obsessed. I have been wearing Fir with everything. Mandy recommends layering it with her Roses solid perfume, and I have been doing this. Roses is just heartbreakingly lovely, and I’ll be reviewing it another time. 
But really, Fir goes with everything: when I want to give a fragrance a hit of brightness, I use Fir as a base. When I wear something that I think smells terrible, a dab of Fir makes  it all better. I keep my sample of the solid in my wallet so that I always have access to it. Really, it’s a problem! But a good sort of problem.
Aftelier Fir Solid retails for $175 for a full-sized solid perfume, or $6 for a generous sample in a clamshell. I highly recommend trying it out!
What other perfumed combinations have you been coming up with lately? My other big layering success is using Aftelier’s Patchouli Spice Body Oil as a base for Opus Oils’ Wild Child #13 - I’m the Patchouli Princess when I wear this! 

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lexi920 said...

ooh this sounds lovely. I think I'm the only person on earth that actually likes a whiff of Pine Sol..haha

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I love your bunny background. It's so loveable!

mandy said...

Thank you so much for writing this beautifully written thoughtful review of my Fir solid perfume. I love the way that you describe its jammy quality. I love that you layer it with other fragrances -- it is something i like to do too with it! I appreciate you so very much!

Joey said...

Lexi, you would LOVE Fir. Order it! Mandy's creations are second to none. And you're weird for liking Pine Sol =P

Joey said...

Marcia, thank you! =D I wish I was as cute as those bunnies.

Joey said...

Mandy, you're so welcome! I am so excited to see a comment from you =D You are a real artist. Fir is just so delicious! xoxoxo said...

"it smells of the uplifting sweetness of anticipation" well, that truly got to me. Need Fir. ;)
Beautiful review, Joey!

Joey said...

Thanks Birgit! <3333 yes, you need to try it! xo