Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting My Inner Artist On With Piccasso Brushes!

There are two things that excite makeup bloggers:
  1. Acquiring new brushes.
  2. Discovering a brand that was previously unknown to him or her.
Well, this review is extra exciting for me to do because it covers both of these things!

(ooh, pretties!)
Meet my new babies, courtesy of the lovely people over at Piccasso Brush. Piccasso Brush is a Korean line of brushes, and they were generous enough to send me a few brushes to review. 
Now, everyone I know is raving about different Asian brush lines: The Non-Blonde is faithful to her Hakuhodo brushes, and The Black Panties is in love with Chikuhodo. Well, Miss Bun-Bun over here has found a new love in Piccasso. 
Piccasso Brushes over a staggeringly large selection of brushes (both in kits and single brushes) and false eyelashes; I had serious trouble choosing my new babies, but I managed to narrow my selection down to three essentials: two eye brushes and a cheek brush. After some lovely emailing with the brand’s PR girl, I sent her my choices and waited for a package.
It came two days later. I repeat: TWO DAYS LATER. FROM SOUTH KOREA! I’ve had mail sent to me from Brooklyn that’s taken a week! Color me impressed. Furthermore, everything was packaged beautifully - I should have taken a picture! - and the company also included a few unexpected bonuses (the two pairs of false lashes and the brush case). 

(I promise to review the falsies eventually!)

(The bag has three slots - perfect for my three brushes!)

The icing on the proverbial cake was a lovely, hand-written letter in very good English, explaining the uses of each brush, descriptions of the falsies, and an overview of the company.
Why do I share this all with you? Well, I love when a company goes the extra mile to ensure a happy customer. The shipping was fast, the products were packaged well (I love how the brushes come in individual plastic tubing to protect them from damage), and they genuinely seem to care about how pleased I am with their products (I received a very cute reply to my thank you email!).

(Look at how nice the tubing is!)

It is so important that I feel that all aspects of my shopping experience is worth the cost of the product. I can tell you that, despite having received these brushes for my consideration, I would have happily paid full-price for them.
So, which brushes did I choose? 
The #13 Cheek Brush: This brush, made of Red Squirrel hair, is meant to be used to place highlighter products on the skin, and the Piccasso website also states that it can be used as an eyeshadow brush. Oh, this brush is everything I wanted: it applies highlighters in a sheer wash across my skin, and works well to apply concealer under my eyes. It does also work well to apply washes of cream eye color to my lids. The #13  retails for $33 on the website. Here, I have compared it to the NARS #17 brush, which I use to contour my face.

(#13 on the left, NARS #17 on the right)

The #213 Eye Brush: This brush, made of Grey Squirrel Hair, is meant to apply eyeshadow across the lids and work as a blending brush. This is the largest eye brush I own, and I adore it. It’s just amazing for a quick wash of a powder eyeshadow across my lids, and it does work well as a crease brush. However, I do have large eyes - I imagine this brush might be too large for some users! The #213 retails for $30.80 on the website. Here, I have compared it to the MAC 252 and the MAC 249, which were previously my two largest brushes. Notice the differences in shape and density - the Piccasso #213 is truly luxurious! 

(#213 on the left, MAC 252 in the middle, MAC 249 on the right)
The #224 Eye Brush: Well, hello MAC 224 dupe! We all know what this brush is for, and what it can do: blend out creases, apply soft washes of color, buff out concealer, etc. Yes, the MAC 224 is a wunderkind of a brush - except for its lousy quality. I love the shape of this brush, but my MAC 224 has lost its shape and many of its bristles. So, I chose the Piccasso version, also named #224. It is softer, denser, and of a higher quality than the MAC brush. It has not shed or lost its shape since I started using it.  Also, despite being made of dyed mohair, none of the color has bled when I wash the brush. WIN! The #224 retails for $38.50 on the website.

(Piccasso #224 on the left, MAC 224 on the right)
I clearly highly recommend shopping with Piccasso Brush - yes, the price points are high, but you pay for what you get: the service is impeccable as are the brushes. 

Are there any Piccasso brushes tickling your fancy? 

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panties said...

you can definitely tell the quality of the picasso brush when it's next to it's MAC counterpart. the bristles are so soft. the bristles are as soft as they look in the photo. :)

and ty for the shout out. :) what can i say? i'm a brush fiend. i should do another chikuhodo brush post when i have the time. <3

PerilouslyPale said...

I'll have to check these out. I'd never heard of them. Thanks!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Your pictures show that these are very lush. I've never heard of the brand but you make them sound excellent!

Nicholas said...

the brushes look gorg! i want the 224!

Nicholas said...

I am totally ordering the 224.

Joey said...

Panties, you are such a brush fiend! I knew these brushes were good when they got your approval =) and yes, the Piccasso 224 makes the MAC 224 look like trash!

Joey said...

Christa, I had never heard of them either until their PR contacted me! I'm so glad, though - amazing brushes.

Joey said...

Marcia, these brushes are SO lush. The's like a baby animal being rubbed across your eyelid!

Joey said...

Nickypoo, happy birthday to youuu! You so should get the 224 =D xoxoxo