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Nominee Validation Form for the 2012 FIFI® Award "Indie" Category! How exciting!

The incredible Carrie of Eyeliner on a Cat is a member of the newly established Indie Committee for the Fragrance Foundation's FIFI® Awards, as is the equally incredible Victoria of Bois de Jasmin, along with the remarkably talented Mandy Aftel. There have been so many delicious indie fragrances this year that should be nominated for this award! If anyone wants a Word Doc version of this info, please email me at joeybunnyfoofoo(at)gmail(punto)com! 

NOMINEE VALIDATION FORM for 2011 Fragrance Launches  
All “indie” fragrances introduced in 2011 are eligible to enter the FiFi® Awards process. 
The judging will determine the top five finalists as well as the winner.  
There will be one winner in the FiFi® “Indie” Category for Fragrance of the Year (Men’s, Women’s or Shared). The finalists and the winner will be honored at the 2012 Elements Showcase on January 31st in New York City.  The winner will receive the crystal FiFi® statuette as well as a congratulatory check in the amount of $10,000 from Givaudan Fragrances Corp. The winner will also be recognized at the 2012 FiFi® Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 21, 2012.

The criteria for this category are as follows:
  • Must be an established* brand and on the market for at least 2 years
  • Must be independent, not distributed or owned by a large company
  • Must be sold in 1 to 50 doors (actual # of stores) in the U.S. including online
  • The nominated fragrance must have been launched in 2011
*registered company
The Validation Form asks each eligible brand that introduced a fragrance in 2011 to identify the fragrance, validate and list the number of stores that the fragrance was in as of December 31, 2011 and notarize. In addition, each entry must be accompanied by a $200 entry fee.
Once we receive your notarized Validation Form and the entry fee, your fragrance will be placed on the ballot.  Please complete a separate form for each fragrance launched in 2011 that you would like to nominate. 
The Validation Form must be returned to The Fragrance Foundation no later than WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011, along with TWO bottles of the fragrance being nominated.  All eligible entries become the property of The Fragrance Foundation. 
Voting for the Fragrance of the Year in the “Indie” Category will be scheduled in early January 2012 (exact date to be determined). Entries will be judged by a prestigious panel of independent judges comprising fragrance authorities, beauty press, retailers, etc. Ballots will be tabulated by the Foundation’s accounting firm, Sperduto Spector & Company.

The following fragrance:
(Fragrance Name and Company as it should appear on the ballot)
 Women’s      Men’s      Shared
was launched in 2011 and is eligible to be listed on the ballot as a nominee for 
2012 Fragrance of the Year – “Indie” Category
List Names Of:  
Owner: ______________________________
Fragrance Supplier: ____________________ Perfumer: _________________
Bottle Designer:  _________________________________________________
Bottle Producer: __________________________________________________
Package Designer: ________________________________________________
Distribution as of December 31, 2011:
# of stores (the criteria states 1 to 50 doors): __________________________
List names of stores: _________________________________________
(Please list any additional stores on a separate sheet of paper.)
(Signature of Owner of the Company)
(Print name)
Company Contact person: ______________________________
Phone: _____________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Payment of Entry Fee by:
  • Check enclosed – payable to The Fragrance Foundation in the amount of $__________. 
  • Credit card – charge my (circle one) Visa/MasterCard/American Express in the amount of $ ____________.
Account number: ________________________________
Expiration Date: _____________________ Security v-code: _________________
Name as it appears on card: __________________________________________
Return this signed and notarized form along with two (2) bottles of the nominated fragrance plus the entry fee by Wednesday, November 30, 2011 to:
The Fragrance Foundation
2012 FiFi® Award Fragrance of the Year – “Indie” Category
545 Fifth Avenue, Suite 900 
New York, NY  10017
Attention:  Amy Rubin
If you have any questions, please contact Amy Rubin at 212.725.2755 x103 or Mary Ellen Lapsansky at x106.

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