Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Opus Oils' Charlie #5, or "This one is Sheila's fault."

Are you all familiar with Scent Less Sensibilities? Sheila (or @tarleisio on Twitter) weaves the most fantastical stories using fragrances. Her reviews, if they can even be called such a thing, are wonderful little works of art that rival their subjects. I adore her, not only because she’s such a fantastic writer but because she is a true joy to know. 
Sheila did a review the other day of Serge Lutens’ Ambre Sultan, which is an incredibly sexual fragrance. She got me thinking about amber fragrances I owned. 
Amber is undeniably sexy. Whether it be a more powdery amber or a more resinous amber, there is just something about it that screams “skin”. I personally prefer a more powdery amber, the kind that makes me think of warmth, of velvety smooth skin… you get the picture. Amber just reminds me of heated flesh and unbearably tantalizing closeness. 
(I think Sheila and I could do a really good collaboration on perfume erotica, but that’s a different story.)
So, what perfume did I grab in my ode to darling Sheila? Well, I turned to my favorite creatrix of “sex in a bottle” fragrances, Kedra Hart of Opus Oils. You remember Opus Oils, right? Opus Oils is responsible for the delirium-inducing Flapper, which I reviewed back when I was in Florida. 
Dear readers, you should already know where this is headed: I once again had a sleepless night due to a perfume. Which perfume was it this time? Charlie #5.

(image from the Opus Oils website!)
Charlie #5 (as in Charlie Manson) is part of the “Afraid of the Dark” collection, a series of four delicious, deadly fragrances. Why did I do this to myself yet again? I had sworn to never again wear an Opus Oils fragrance to bed! I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.
Charlie #5 is a truly delicious, seductive amber. Upon application, I was knocked back by a hypnotic mix of deep amber, an animalic musk, and a rich, creamy vanilla. Oh god, oh god! I could not stop sniffing myself. Sillage was very good, and my room was scented with just the two-three dabs of the perfume oil I had applied on my wrists and neck. 
I went to Twitter and told Sheila that she would now be responsible for any lack of sleep I’d experience. How could I possibly sleep when I smelled this good?! I curled up under my covers, my nose planted firmly on my wrist, and wished that my boyfriend was within grabbing distance. The poor boy would have never realized what hit him.
Charlie #5 is almost a linear fragrance. There’s less of a dry down and more of a progression. The deep amber becomes softer and powdery as time passes, and a beautiful patchouli emerges to mingle with the vanilla and musk. I’m pretty certain there was labdanum there too, lending a further sweetness to the scent.  It is edible but not a gourmand - edible in the way that makes you want to get naughty. Once again, Kedra has created a perfume to get naughty to - Kedra, you could stir the bones of the dead with this one! Ha! 
Oh - here’s where my gap in fragrance knowledge rears its annoying head: Charlie #5 smelled familiar to me, like something my mother wore in the late 90s (after her YSL Paris phase). I couldn’t quite place it, though. Maybe someone could help me out!
The best part about Charlie #5, besides the smell, is its lasting power. 12 hours later, the fragrance was just as strong as when I had first applied it. 18 hours later, it had finally faded to a sweet whisper. I was so impressed! I was tempted to reapply, but I just couldn’t torture myself like that again. I’ll have to save it for when my boyfriend is over (Ilusionisto, you’re so lucky that you live somewhat far from me, or else you’d be constantly tortured with my perfumed passions!). 

As with all Opus Oils fragrances, Charlie #5 is available in a (quite affordable) range of sizes, concentrations, and bath and body products. I want a small dram of the parfum, and a bottle of the bath and body oil; I think it’d be quite fun to get a massage with it. 
And Sheila, don’t forget to mail me some sleep! 

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tarleisio said...

Joey, baby...I'd happily send you valerian absolute or Essence of Morpheus if I could! But now you know...never, ever wear Opus Oils to bed - unless you have company! ;-) You just know how well Kedra does naughty, nice, AND naughtily your peril!

But I thank you from the bottom of my black, bedeviled a member of the Massively Mutual Admiration Society...

<3 T

Joey said...

I know, I know! I should absolutely know better - but I'm a glutton for punishment ;)

Love you, love you! xoxoxo