Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some of my favorite blog posts from this past week!

In lieu of a review today (I’m currently writing this while in the throes of a horrendous migraine, so please bear with any spelling or grammar errors!), I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts this week from the bloggers I love and admire. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - and that you find a new favorite blog! What bloggers have been catching your eye (and ruining your bank account) lately?

(this is the view from the sixth floor of MoMA, looking straight down - cool, huh?)
Carrie from Eyeliner on a Cat asks her readers to share their dream fragrance briefs - I left her a really long comment that’s sure to make some readers scratch their heads. Luckily, Carrie liked my ideas! 
Gaia over at The Non Blonde brings up some interesting points about the Tom Ford makeup collection. Share your thoughts with her.
Karla’s arm strikes again: I really, really want Le Metier Purple Haze Lip Creme!
Victoria’s post on Pirouette Essentials Soaps makes me want to climb into her shower - in a totally non-stalker sort of way, I swear.
Elvira is just plain evil, and is tempting me with taupes I can’t quite afford. HOOR!
Nobody writes like my own personal Devil on my Shoulder, Sheila. Nobody. Her review of Serge Lutens’ Arabie brought me right to the Arabian deserts.
I’m far from a prude, but even I have to agree with Adrienne: G-Spot is just an unnecessary name for such a lovely product.
Miss Phyrra is making me want to order some Fyrinnae Halloween - now, if I can rustle up a few dollars I will! I went a little nuts and ordered some Shiro and Pollen Cosmetics this weekend.
Sabrina, why did you have to review this Dior nail polish? WHY?! Now I want it! I finally got back into doing my nails, and this color is right up my alley.

My sweet, sweet Candy Perfume Boy reviews two of my favorite musks ever: Serge’s Musc Koublai Khan and Malle’s Musc Ravageur.
Hopefully later today I can get a review up! Wish me well, lovely readers! xo

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tarleisio said...

Sending you head-healing hugs, Bunny! Get better!

And bless your lovely midnight-black and devious heart for the mention, too! XOXO

PerilouslyPale said...

Thanks! You pointed out some posts I missed and now I have new lemmings...I don't know whether to hug you or kick you!

Joey said...

Sheila, thanks! It took a while to pass, but the migraine is gone now! xoxo

Joey said...