Friday, November 4, 2011

An Apology, Some Happy News, and My New Perfume Storage Solution!

Hi everyone!
I apologize for not posting this week. The beginning of this week was very difficult for me, emotionally. As some of you may know, I’ve been out of work due to renovations at my job since September 1st. The beginning of this month marked two whole months that I’ve been, for lack of a better term, unemployed. The stress of being financially strained and the stress of the yoga studio still not being finished has made for a truly debilitating period of depression. I was pretty much unable to do much besides check my email on Monday and Tuesday.
However, Wednesday brought me some truly joyous news: I was hired by L’Occitane for a part-time retail job! I’m going to have the softest hands in the blogosphere. Later that day, still on my high from being hired, I had lunch with the owner of the yoga studio I manage and was told that the studio should be reopening next weekend! So, in one day I went from having nothing to do to realizing that I’ll be working 12 hour days, six days a week! I am overjoyed and grateful. I can’t even begin to explain it. I bounced all over the place.
With this in mind, I spent Thursday taking care of errands I should have run earlier in the week but was too drained to do. While at Target (or Tar-jay, as I say), I bought myself a present to congratulate myself. This $7.99 purchase was inspired by a truly ingenious storage solution for perfume decants and sample vials shown to me by @alyssaharad after our Sensorium date last week. 
Allow me to present to you the RE Room Essentials (a Target brand) 3 Layer Organizer, size medium - or, as I like to say, my new home for my little fragrant friends! Here it is on top of one of my Sterilite drawers for makeup, on my vanity. 

(LOL at a lipstick drawer that's so overstuffed it can't close!)

Note the cute lovenotes from Mandy Aftel, Kedra Hart, and my boyfriend. Oh, and can you pinpoint the other perfume goodies?

On top of the storage unit is a vintage Guerlain coffret that my mother gave me (it’s been dated at 1989/1990) and the Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set, which I received this week (review upcoming, no worries!).

The first drawer holds two removable trays, each divided into three sections. Most of my  (opened, unboxed) sample vials and decants are here. There was a method to the way I organized them, I swear. Note all of the Bond No.9 and Serge Lutens samples!

The second drawer has all of my Opus Oils samples, my Aroma M samples (in the velvet pouches), unopened Bond No.9 mini Bon-Bons, boxed Serge Lutens and Ineke samples, and some other decants (Amouage Gold Woman in the red atomizer, a cherished vintage Dior Addict decant from Carrie, my DSH Pandora decant, etc.), as well as some brand-new sample vials.

The third drawer holds all of my solid One Hand Washes The Other scents, all of my solid Roxana Villa scents (the liquids are in the first drawer), two Aftelier tins full of samples, two Andy Tauer Discovery sets (each holds five mini atomizers), and my Penhaligons Discovery Set (a gift from Jellyminx).
Awesome, right?! I thought so. 
Now, here’s my problem: It was only after I showed earlier pictures of this to other blogger buddies that I realized that I had forgotten to add my Liz Zorn decants and vials, as well as my rollerballs, small dram bottles/other decants, and my other solid perfumes (Tocca and L’Occitane).  Oops. I also realized that the second and third drawers are a bit cramped. Basically, I need another one of these organizers! Luckily, at $7.99 I can easily afford one, even before I get my first paycheck after two months! 

How do you store your perfume samples? 

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PerilouslyPale said...

I need these! What a great storage solution. Once you start going crazy with the samples and decants it can get overwhelming quickly. Great post. And we will always be here waiting for you. No apologies required ;-)

Jamilla Camel said...

I am so excited for you! Good luck in your new job!

B said...

I need one of these(maybe two)!! :D Awesome!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Congratulations on your L'O job and restarting at your studio. I don't wear fragrance but my eyes grew big at the site of this RE Organizer thinking of all my eyeshadow singles that don't know where to live!

Joey said...

Christa, thank you so much. You are the sweetest! I can CP some of these in a few weeks if you'd like =) xoxo

Joey said...

Jamilla, thank you so much! I am so excited as well =)

Joey said...


Joey said...

Marcia, no perfume?! GASP! These would be great for eyeshadows too =) they're stackable!!

Cindy (Prime Beauty) said...

Coongrats on the jobs sweetie! Believe me I know what it's like to work 2 jobs, but you're young and have energy so you'll be okay.

Umm, okay I guess I seriously need to get more perfume samples--mine reside on a mirrored tray with my perfume bottles. Yikes!

Joey said...

Thanks Momma C! I hope I survive =)

LOL mirrored trays are always a nice place for perfumes to live.

Phyrra said...

So cool :)

lexi920 said...

Joey, I didn't know you were out of work! But that is great news that now you have two jobs. I did that once around your age and it was DRAINING! Good luck with that.

Also, I asked Joel what he was doing tomorrow and he said "working on your friend's box"...still need it?

I need Serge samples!

Joey said...

Phyrra, thanks!

Joey said...

Lexi, remember when I said that things were bad? That's what I was alluding to =/ It's been so rough.

I don't mind draining. I need draining after two months of nothingness. And I need the paychecks it'll produce.

And yes, I still need it! I just had to get all of these little samples and whatnot out of my way. You saw the pic I sent you. Imagine DOUBLE that since that email =/ eep! Tell Joel I owe him bacon =D


cle0tara said...

This looks amazing! Right now my perfume samples are in some mugs, but I'd like something a little more compact. I got a set of similar plastic drawers (Sterilite maybe?) for my "makeup tower," but it's quite full. Maybe my next one can be full of a mix of nice looking and nice smelling things!
I was also looking at those plastic lipstick dividers for storing liquid samples, because even though I know they don't need to be upright, I like them to be.
Also, your stash looks heavenly! I love the packaging of the Roxana Villa scents.
Thanks for sharing!
xo Tara

Joey said...

Hi Tara darling!

Thank you so much! Have you seen that people use bullet cases to store liquid samples as well? I found that to be pretty cool =)

I am really enjoying the specific organizer I purchased. I need to buy another soon because, like I said, I'd like for the drawers to be less cramped.

Aren't the Roxana Villa samples adorable? I shall be reviewing her scents soon =)