Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Pretty in Taupes and Purples, Thanks to Glamour Doll Eyes!

Over the summer, I received a fun little package from Glamour Doll Eyes of six eyeshadows to review. I had been interested in Glamour Doll Eyes for some time, and I jumped at the chance to pick six colors of my choice to try. 

(What a great package to open! I love all the look cards and info!)
Unfortunately, I put the eyeshadows aside and completely forgot to review them! My apologies, GDE! ‘Tis the life of a beauty blogger: we forget what we have sometimes. I should probably invest in better storage...

(I LOVE the labels, especially the Twi-Shadow!)

(Yay for indicating vegan-ness!)
Anyway, here are the six shadows I chose; my color choices should not surprise anyone -  they are all purples and taupes! Haha! I had actually built a GDE wish list on my MacBook a few months back based on swatches I had seen online. Note - I find that the product pics on the GDE website are terribly inaccurate. Instead, please click on the swatch pictures they feature and also search online for different swatches on various blogs. 

(All of the eyeshadows, in the same order as the labels above indicate)

(Brown Eyed Girl, Boyfriend Sweater, & Undercover - swatched wet and dry)

Brown Eyed Girl - This is a lovely metallic pinky brown shadow whose pink tones are more evident when foiled. I preferred this shade foiled, but it’s just as pretty when applied dry.
Boyfriend Sweater - This an unblended eyeshadow (which from the FAQ on the website, I take to mean that this shade isn’t uniquely made - I appreciate the honesty!) It’s a warm taupey-brown that becomes browner and more shimmery when foiled. This is one shade I preferred unfoiled.
Undercover - This color is a warm grey-taupe with hints of green and visible gold shimmer. When foiled, the color became a deeper version of itself. I liked it both foiled and unfoiled. Very pretty!

(Graves in May, Typical Girl, and Premonition, swatched wet and dry)

Graves in May - This is one of those colors I have become obsessed with over the past few months: that sort of grey-pink-purple duochrome that is just so cool. When foiled,  it becomes a cool toned pink! Eek! This is definitely one shadow that I will apply unfoiled.
Typical Girl - This is a medium-toned pink purple with gold shimmer. It appears much more purple-y when foiled. I think I prefer it foiled. 
Premonition (a Twi-Shadow) - This is a slightly deeper purple than Typical Girl, with  visible red tones and red shimmer. When wet, it becomes a near-black shade with purple tones and red shimmer. It was so dark when foiled that it was impossible to photograph! 
Upon further reflection, I regret getting both Typical Girl and Premonition because I don’t find them terribly different from each other when dry. Premonition will end up becoming a liner shade for me, only because it’s so dark - it requires a bit too much work to apply any other way.
The winners for me are Brown Eyed Girl, Graves in May, and Undercover. I will absolutely repurchase these when I use up my sample jars.
Now, my thoughts on the more boring (but necessary) tidbits of information about Glamour Doll Eyes:

  • I don’t find the pricing to be bad at all - $6 for a 5g jar is standard for an Indie company. 
  • I love that the company offers two different types of sample sizes - $1.25 for a .5g baggie or $2.50 for 1g of product in a 5g jar. Again, brilliant. I’ve recently become a baggie convert after running out of room to store sample jars, so I love this. 
  • YOU CAN CHOOSE WHETHER YOU WANT A SIFTER OR NOT WITH YOUR JARS! GENIUS! I personally hate sifters. I can never get any product out of jars with sifters unless I remove the sifters - which leads to massive spillage when I finally pry out the damned thing.
  • The website is honest about which shades are unblended and which are not. I like that.
  • The company is very involved with blogs, YouTube, and Twitter. Yay for social media smarts!
So, would I order from Glamour Doll Eyes? Hell yes. Next time, I’ll get brighter colors though!

2 love notes:

Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

ooh! I checked out the site and it looks really nice. There's so many colors, some of the brighter ones are super appealing!

Joey said...

Mimi, yes, I want to get some of the prettier brights =)