Monday, November 7, 2011

Let Me Warm You Up with Alima's Warm Inside Holiday 2011 Color Collection

Happy Monday, everybody! Today’s post brings you the continuation of my reviews on the Alima Pure Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collections. Two weeks ago, I brought you my glowing review of the Cold Outside kit, which I loved: the bright jewel-toned colors are so me! 

Today, I bring you the other kit, the (obviously warm-toned, duh) Warm Inside collection, which contains three full-sized eyeshadows and a shimmer powder. Like the previous kit, Warm Inside retails for $36 and $2 from the sale of this kit will be donated to the Global Fund for Women. It’s one-stop holiday shopping, really: you get to buy something lovely and donate to a deserving charity! Win-win! 

(With flash - how great does Hot Toddy look in the upper R? Candlelight e/s, bottom R, is SO reflective!)

(Without flash)

So, what are the colors in Warm Inside like? Let’s see:

(The shimmer powder is that large swatch across the bottom, obviously)
Candlelight eye shadow, which Alima describes as “a pale gold shimmer”: Well, that’s a pretty apt description. This is a yellow-gold, not a true gold, and is very shimmery. A wash of this color across the lids deposits more shimmer than actual pigmentation, but it does build up quite nicely. Candlelight would work well as both a lid shade or a highlight shade. I am looking forward to trying this wet as eyeliner, because I feel that it is a bit too yellow for me to wear opaquely on my eyelids.
Mulled Cider eye shadow, which Alima describes as “a medium rose-gold sparkle”: On my olive-tan skintone, this color is more orangey than rose-gold. This disappointed me somewhat, as I have some trouble with pumpkin-y oranges. I love orange shadows, but the orange has to be a true orange or have some sort of cool duochrome effect to break up the warmth of the color. Otherwise, the color just clashes with my skin tone. I have to apply this color lightly, but I imagine it working well on someone who is warmer-toned than I.
Hot Toddy eye shadow, which Alima describes as “a deep, shimmering bronze”: Again, a great description! This is a very warm bronze, almost too brown to be considered bronze. The color is nearly metallic, and applies with less obvious shimmer than the other two shadows. This color is the most wearable for me, and the most versatile; it makes a lovely crease or liner shade, but when applied lightly it works on the lids as well. By the way, I love the name: I am a Hot Toddy fanatic! 
Firelight Shimmer Powder, which Alima describes as “a warm gold shimmer”: Now THIS is a rose gold! Firelight is a very light, fine rose-gold shimmer that isn’t garish or obvious on the skin. What appears to be visible shimmer in my swatch is actually the flash’s reflection of the gleam and color of the powder. When applied, the skin just has a lovely warm glow. In the FOTD pictures below, I included one with flash so that Firelight’s gleam would be more apparent to you all.
My FOTD is pretty similar to the included face chart, pictured below. 

The only difference was that I used a brown Bourjois liquid eyeliner to line my upper lashes instead of using Hot Toddy. My bottom lashline was lined with Jordana Easyliner eyeliner pencil in Eggplant.
(Good lord, I look scary with the Flash!! Eep!!)

(Prettiest cheek shine ever!)

Here, though, is my problem with this kit: when worn all together, the overall effect is one that is too warm-toned for my skin. I am not sure if it translates on camera, but the shadows made my skin tone seem very yellowed. Despite being Latina and having tanned skin, my skin is actually not warm-toned. I have very obvious pink undertones and look best in neutral-to-cool colors. That’s not to say that I can’t pull of the eyeshadows in this kit; I just can’t wear them together. I have to do some experimenting with the colors.

(Without flash, you can see how yellowed the colors are. I also look less scary this way!)
However, if you are a person who enjoys warm colors, this kit cannot be beat. The colors are seasonally appropriate (warm golds scream Thanksgiving and Christmas to me!) but are classic enough to be used year-round - imagine these colors with tanned summer skin! 
What do you think? Will you be picking up Warm Inside? 

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Anonymous said...

I can totally see what you mean. You still look gorg but from the first pic I was thinking how I prefer seeing you in cooler colors.

Anonymous said...

The difference with flash and without is really surprising. Maybe since I know next to nothing about makeup shades, I think you look great in the gold colors. :) I shall have to wait for cooler-shade testing to see if I can spot them looking better!

mary said...

Very pretty colors with and without the flash.

Joey said...

Nickypoo, thanks for commenting! I definitely prefer myself in cooler colors.

Joey said...

Miss Nat, thank you! You're too kind. If you look at my previous Alima Holiday review, you can see me wearing the cooler colors. They look much better on me =)

Joey said...

Mary, hello! The colors are very pretty - I just wish I felt more comfortable in them!