Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Memoirs of a Geisha...Fragrance Line (Chapter Four): Aroma M Perfumes Geisha Amber Rouge

It’s been some time since I’ve featured Aroma M on my blog. In the same vein, it’s been some time since Aroma M launched a new fragrance. Since Maria McElroy did her part and brought to us a new addition to her Aroma M fragrance line, I had to do my part and review it!

Aroma M’s fragrance oils are rich with character. While I’ve only featured my three favorites thus far on the blog (Green, Blue, and Noire), I can safely say that I love the entire line. Maria is a talented perfumer and she knows how to inject an air of sensuality into her creations.

Amber Rouge is a flanker to the pre-existing Geisha Rouge fragrance. Geisha Rouge is a scent reminiscent of strong, mulled wine. There is a near-medicinal start to the scent, which mellows out into a delicious mix of allspice, tonka, and tobacco. The slightest hint of vanilla keeps this fragrance from veering into the heavily masculine. Geisha Rouge reminds me of cold nights by a fireplace, spiked drinks, and Holiday parties stocked with candies and pies. The sillage is decent, and the spiciness lingers on the skin for hours. Still, there is a decided innocence to Geisha Rouge, due to the Christmas-y connotations it brings up for me.

However, there is absolutely no innocence to be found in Amber Rouge, oh no. This scent is, to put it simply, narcotic. Heady, teasing, hypnotic: Amber Rouge drugs you and seduces you slowly but wholly.

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I find it absolutely amazing that I basically have, in a small roll-on, the olfactory equivalent of listening to The Weeknd. When I first applied Amber Rouge, I was immediately reminded of him, and especially of his song “Wicked Games”. I am transported into a dark room; the smell of hash is strong, and I’m buzzing from drugs and desire. Every sensation is amplified, and the touch of my lover’s hand across my skin is as inviting and luxurious as pulling on a soft cashmere sweater.

That’s the thing: there is an undeniably soft and inviting aspect to Amber Rouge. Still, I choose to ignore it. I can only focus on the pleading, dripping sexuality of the fragrance. The lyrics to “Wicked Games” echo in my mind: Give me all of it, I need all of it to myself.

Sex, drugs, and perfume: decadence in a way I’ve never quite experienced before.

Amber Rouge owes its power to the addition of Japanese incense and resins; Maria was inspired by her travels through the Far East, and it is that smoky depth that I find so irresistible about Amber Rouge. And of course, there is the Moroccan amber which gives this fragrance its name: because of it, the development of the fragrance sees it go from heady heat to a honeyed, sweetly spicy, and fuzzy scent that wears close to the skin. The wearer is faded, the high is coming down, but there’s the cognizance of earlier debauchery.

I cannot get enough of this fragrance. In the couple of weeks that I’ve been testing Amber Rouge (and meaning to post this review!), I’ve made a noticeable dent in my roll-on. Maria, you’ve created an addict - and I don’t want to ever get off of this.

Aroma M fragrances are available on the Aroma M website. Amber Rouge retails for $55 for a 8ml roll-on - trust me, you’ll want to make this purchase.

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Victoria/EauMG said...

I'm so behind on reviews and sampling :( Boohoo, huh?
I've tried this, no official review or opinion yet. It reminds me of spiced whisky and tobacco. So far, so good.
Great review!

lexi920 said...

Nothing short of awesome...once again a great fragrance review. I would read a book of your reviews if you ever were to publish one!!

tarleisio said...

Ah, Devilette, you just KNOW I love this one, and indeed all of Aroma M. Not a bad one in the bunch, and they last and last and last...Amber Rouge is staggering, sexy much, I gave to the Empress Theodora to wear, and I'm at least as good as she ever was! ;) So I want it, too!

Joey said...

Victoria, thank you! I hope you do a review of this fragrance; I'd love to see what you think! xo

Joey said...

Lexi, aw thanks! Maybe I should write one! =D xoxoxox

Joey said...

Sheila, your review was incredible. There really isn't a bad Aroma M fragrance, you're right! xoxoxoxox

styrch said...

Oh dear... I may have to get this one.

Joey said...

Sarah, you do need to try this! Trust me!