Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team 12/25/11

After all the running around, shopping, cooking, and headaches the holidays are actually here! The Beauty Spotlight Team wishes you a happy and very healthy Christmas, Chanukah and New Year. May 2012 be a beautiful year in all ways.

Joeybunny took part in the O Tannenbaum! perfume blogging project - see what woody perfumes stole her heart over at Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies!

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London Makeup Girl asks if you are washing your hair properly? She was mortified to find that she wasn't! Read the post and watch her video here.

Modesty Brown has a Butter LONDON Knees Up and shares some perfect twinkly red nail colours for the festive season.

Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, talks with MAC MUA Romero Jennings about Daphne Guinness and her upcoming makeup collection with MAC.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O Tannenbaum! (a joint blogging project)

I cannot remember the last time I had a Christmas tree; I think I must have still been living at home, and I miss that little plastic piece of green joy. Admittedly, I always wanted a real Christmas tree: I wanted to smell the fresh pine needles throughout my home, all the time - but my mother refused, claiming it would be a fire hazard. Sigh.

(the tree at the Mast Bros. Chocolate Factory)
One day, I’ll have a real Christmas tree: I’ll string it with garland and obnoxious ornaments, and I’ll place presents and cards underneath it. Even if I spend Christmas alone, I’ll get to luxuriate in the sight and smells of such a gorgeous living thing. But for now, I have a hilariously bad drawing of a tree taped to my bedroom wall (in the corner where I have lumped all of my Christmas gifts and cards), and a large collection of woody fragrances with which to assuage my want. 
I have always had a soft spot for woody accords in fragrances. I love them for the warmth they give to fragrances, the instant imagery I see in my mind while wearing them - forests, darkness (or light, depending), coziness, expanse, life, and death. Woody accords bring to mind both the divine and the irrefutably human: wood is a material for near-infinite possibilities, and this is evident even in perfume. 
With this in mind, I should probably let you all in on why I’m waxing poetic about wood: today is “O Tannenbaum!” Day - many of the lovely perfume bloggers who reside in the blogosphere are getting together today and posting about some of their favorite woody fragrances. Each of us picked three perfumes to do mini-reviews on; I will link all of the participating blogs below.
For my particular post, I decided to focus on three of my favorite Indie perfumers: Laurie Erickson, Mandy Aftel, and Roxana Villa. These women are incredibly talented and have cast a serious spell of magic over my life (and my wallet), and when I had to think about three of my favorite woody fragrances, their creations were the first to ‘pop’ into my head. The following three mini-reviews will take us from the photo-realistic to the purely dreamy, from the severe to the soft: all different interpretations of trees, of wood - a material we all seem to take for granted despite the magic that permeates its very being.
Sonoma Scent Studio’s Winter Woods: Laurie Erickson’s Winter Woods is an ode to every fantasy this citydweller has had about spending a white Christmas in a log cabin. I’ve always had a desire to spend Christmas by a fireplace, the smell of my kindling filling the air with a robust, thick smoke which would mix with my soft, ambered perfume. I would sit there for hours, cuddling someone close and just basking in the warm glow of the fire. Winter Woods smells exactly like this fantasy. At once incredibly soft and almost charred, it straddles a fine line between the masculine and feminine. An incredible combination of guaiacwood, cedar, birch tar, cade, and labdanum lend Winter Woods its irresistible thick and resinous appeal - and a decidedly sexy leather aspect. The fragrance lasts for hours, and as it wears the smoke clears somewhat and makes way for a lovely amber and sandalwood skin scent: just as sexy as the smoked woods at the beginning, but softer, sweeter, and a bit tamed. It is the dying embers in that fireplace, emitting a warm glow as my mystery cuddle partner and I get closer and closer…
Aftelier Perfume’s Oud Luban: Mandy Aftel originally created Oud Luban as part of the Clarimonde Project, an ode to one of the most haunting stories of love and loss I have ever read. The priestly Romuald was cursed to spend his life serving one love (the church) while aching for his other love (Clarimonde). Mandy’s interpretation of the story brings us this fantastic solid perfume, whose smell is both unique and familiar, old and new. Anyone raised in the Catholic Church can still smell the fragrant and heady mix of the wooden pews and the cloying incense burned during services: the frankincense smoke curling from brass censers. Oud Luban recreates the smell of the Church with a blend of frankincense, no less than eight varieties of oud, and an incredible orange note - the combination makes for a deliciously smoky orange lacquer while first applied to the skin. One can almost see Romuald on bended knee, praying for his damned soul. However, Oud Luban is all top and base notes - no middle - and the notes transition from piety to passion, a delicious and deep skin scent emerging. It is night, and Romuald’s head and heart are with his Clarimonde, his mind recreating the warm spiciness of her skin: benzoin and patchouli call to mind his carnal desires. Still, the fragrance never quite loses the austere woodiness: a brutal reminder to Romuald of his reality.
Roxana Illuminated Perfume’s Q: Nobody does dreamy quite like Roxana: her fragrances are a call to an idealized, fairytale version of nature that is not unlike that of my childhood fantasies. Woodland creatures, fairy sprites, and the souls of the ancients live and dance together in the scented scenes that her perfumes create. To try her perfumes (I adore her solids, with their beautiful color-coded seals) is to find one’s ‘happy place’, to reacquaint oneself with the simplicity of the surrounding world. Her gift is to make art out of that which one usually does pay attention to: Q is a perfect example of this - who knew that the oak tree could serve as muse for such a beautiful fragrance? Q is a deep and twirling sort of woody scent, and while smelling it, it is easy to imagine oneself standing amongst the sturdy, tall trees. You pick up a fallen leaf and hold it to your face, feel the trace amount of dew which it has collected, and smell the sunshine and greenness. There is a beautiful hint of citrusy snap to Q that marries well to the fresh green powderiness of the wood accords; I wear it and I feel a deeper sensuality. There is an unmistakeable spice to the fragrance, and as it wears, Q reveals an animalic ambered base, an accord which smells to me of benzoin and labdanum. Bark, leaf, twig, sun: the oak is encapsulated, revered, and made magic. It shares the magic with me, and I revel in it.
I could go on and on, but why do so when so many other of my blogging friends have other lovely wood fragrances to share with you! Please check out their blogs - and their contributions to O Tannenbaum! Below - and feel free to share with us your favorite woody fragrances! 

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  • Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    A Tour of the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory

    I now have something else that I can blame Nathan Branch for: my new love of Mast Brothers Chocolates. Nathan is the ultimate enabler, sending me links of fragrances to try, books to read, and foods to eat. On Friday evening, he sent me a link to an article about the Mast Brothers, Brooklyn residents (and brothers, obvs!) who were among the first in the country to start a chocolate factory that produced “bean to bar” chocolate: the brothers received their beans in their rawest state, and did all of the processing themselves - and packaging, and branding, etc. I Googled their website, fell in love with what I saw, and immediately booked myself a tour of their chocolate factory for the next afternoon. 

    Nathan, it was the best $10 I’ve spent in a long, long time!

    The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory is located on N.3rd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; the commute from my job to the factory was quick and easy, and I wondered how I had never heard of it prior to Nathan’s message. Clearly, I don’t spend enough time in Brooklyn! The hour-long tour was scheduled for 4:30pm, but with about twenty minutes to kill, I stopped first at the factory’s Tasting Room + Store (a few doors down from the factory). 

    The decor and displays in the Tasting Room + Store are gorgeous: chic and minimalistic, and I loved the paper used the wrap the bars. There was a truly stunning display of small cakes, macarons, and truffles, but I went right to the round table where samples of some of the bars were available. The Mast Brothers Brooklyn Blend bar that I tried was quite nice: deep, a teensy bit grainy, and rich. 

    The tour started in a timely fashion. Derek, our adorable tour guide, provided us with water, aprons, and hairnets. He was affable and quite knowledgeable about the chocolates he helped produce, and he was patient with all of our questions. The tour started with a video of the Mast Brothers discussing their philosophy. I was quite taken with this quote from Rick Mast: “To make great chocolate, one needs two things: the best ingredients and the best execution.” The brothers get their beans from co-ops in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Belize, Madagascar, and Papau New Guinea. They use organic cane sugar or maple sugar, and they strive to “connect consumers to the chocolate, straight from its source.” I really appreciate that, as I’m trying in my own life to shop indie and shop local as much as possible. Also, the reasonable prices ($7 a bar) don’t hurt either! 

    The physical tour of the factory began after this video presentation. Some pictures of the tour are below! 


    After the tour, we had a (very generous!!) tasting of the Origins line of Mast Brothers Chocolates (the seven bars represent the seven locations they obtain their beans from), and then I went back to the Tasting Room to purchase some bars! 

    I ended up coming home with two bars of chocolate, the Papau New Guinea and the La Red. All of the Mast Brothers Chocolates are dark, and are around 70% - the darkest is 75%, and it’s phenomenal: bright and sweeter than one would expect. The Papau New Guinea came home with me because it has a smokiness (lent to it by a double roasting) which makes it taste of hickory bacon. The La Red, from the DR, came home with me because it has an irresistibly juicy, fruity flavor. 

    I hope that if you’re ever in Brooklyn, you get to visit the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory. It was an hour well-spent (I came home smelling of divine chocolate, and happy as a clam), and part of the $10 fee gets donated to a charity of your choosing on their website! If you’d like to see more pictures from my tour, please click here to be directed to my Flickr account

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Joeybunny's NYC Perfume Shopping Tour, Part Two: Shopping Below 14th Street

    It’s now time to complete my little guide to perfume shopping in NYC! My first installment took us along Fifth Avenue; my darling Kenny and I wore out our noses at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sounds like a full day, doesn’t it? It does - but I still had four (!) more places to drag Kenny. This required a train ride downtown to the West Village, and later on some eastbound walking. We purchased Kenny a MetroCard, and off we went to our first stop.

    (picture borrowed from

    Every fragonerd must pay his or her respects to the veritable shrine of niche perfumery, Aedes de Venustas, located on the lovely Christopher Street in the West Village. Aedes is a boudoir filled with luxe and hard-to-find niche lines; also, the two cutest dogs in the world live there, so pet them if you get a chance! Kenny and I went straight to the Malle display, both of us agreeing that Musc Ravageur is an essential fragrance to own (although I’m not much of a Malle fan beyond Musc Ravageur!). We poured over every nook and cranny of the store, sniffing everything we could get our hands on. I wanted to bring the Serge Lutens cabinet home with me!

    Some of the highlights of our sniffing include: Amouage Gold Woman (I have this and love it; Kenny was wide-eyed over it), Serge Lutens Chergui (a holy grail fragrance for the both of us), L’Artisan Dzing (I need this!) and Tea for Two (Kenny said I need it), and Diptyque Tam Dao (a favorite of mine that I think Kenny needed to sniff; he enjoyed it). 

    After Aedes, Kenny and I took a gelato and cookie break, and then walked over to MiN New York. MiN is a new store in the East Village, an atelier and apothecary combined. The layout of the store is wonderful and the selection of products made me gasp. I saw Spanish apothecary products my grandmother used on me as a child, and Kenny nearly fainted over the Frapin fragrances. I ran straight to the Miller Harris display, and the two of us squealed over the Keiko Mecheri table. I cannot stress this enough: MiN New York is an absolutely necessary stop for any fragrance enthusiast. Any place where I can buy Amouage,  By Kilian, metal bunny paperweights, and get a cup of coffee all at once is a slice of heaven on earth! 

    Some of the highlights of our sniffing include: Frapin 1270 (Kenny instantly bought a bottle!), Penhaligon’s Amaranthine (I have a decant of this! I need to dig it up and review it), Keiko Mecheri Cuir Cordoba (I love this, and I knew Kenny would too - see Nathan's review here), and Carner Barcelona Tardes (Birgit’s review piqued my curiosity, and both Kenny and I agreed that it was the best of the line). 

    After MiN, I dragged Kenny around the corner and across the street to the Santa Maria Novella/LAFCO store. The Santa Maria Novella store is great if you’re one of those crazy people who likes to buy your friends housewarming presents, and stuffs their closets and dressers with potpourri. The store is a veritable Candyland for those who like all aspects of their life to be scented. I own their potpourri, their soaps, their skincare...I can go on and on. I also love gifting people with LAFCO candles. I can’t help it! I wanted Kenny to sniff the SMN colognes, and we also had a random woman follow us from MiN to SMN and I was able to help direct her to some lovely home fragrances to give as Christmas gifts! I really need to start charging people for my help. 

    Some of the highlights of our sniffing include: SMN Calycanthus (see my review here; I need to get a bottle ASAP!), SMN Carnation (I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would), and SMN Vetiver (Kenny preferred Calycanthus; I thought the Vetiver was OK). 

    Our final stop of the afternoon was at Le Labo, as there was no way I was sending Kenny back to New Jersey without a stop at one of my favorite stores! It’s silly to even include a ‘highlights’ section, as there isn’t a Le Labo fragrance that I don’t like. Rose 31 is a holy grail fragrance for me, as is Santal 33. We both drooled over the Olfactorium, and I decided that I need to buy a bottle of Labdanum 18 as soon as I can. Kenny also pointed out the laundry detergent (oh, to have all of my clothes smell of Rose 31!), and we swooned over the candles. 

    With our time at Le Labo complete, it was time to take Kenny back to Penn Station and for me to go home! I hope you enjoyed this guide to NYC shopping! I plan on, in the future, elaborating on some of these shops and writing about other stores we didn’t get to visit last weekend! Let me know in the comments what you think about this. 

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    The Beauty Spotlight Team 12/11/11

    The holiday season is upon us. Is your shopping done yet? Take a break, sit by the fire grab a cup of coffee or cocoa and gather some great gift ideas from your favorite beauty bloggers!

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    At Everyday Beauty, Zuzu's Petals found another red lipstick to love. See what's so special about NARS Sheer Lipstick in Flamenco.

    London Makeup Girl bought a couple of the new MAC Metal X cream eyeshadows. Are these less crease-prone than the 2007 version? See what she thinks here: MAC Metal X Gold Carbon and Palladium.

    Can Quick BlowDry Shampoo by it FACTOR really reduce your blow dry time??? Pammy Blogs Beauty tests it out.

    Modesty Brown takes us through a new purchase, a couple of old favourites and an item that was good enough for a fussy beauty blogger to re-purchase. She invites you to share your old, new and re-purchased items too.

    With Christmas looming and the search for the perfect present upon us, Visionary Beauty has a look at the Trish McEvoy Portable Beauty collection in Romance.

    Think a product called Loose Glitter Pigment sounds like something you could never pull off? Don't let the the name scare you. Perilously Pale shows you why the new neutral offerings from Rouge Bunny Rouge are stunning and MUST HAVES!

    Over at Pretty in Dayton Styrch discovers what is quite possibly the best scent to wear for the holidays at a visit to Preen Apothecary.


    Don't forget about the auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Participants have donated a treasure trove of the best lotions, potions, products, and gadgets. Donated items range from the hottest items from this year’s holiday collections to hard-to-find exclusives and limited edition cult favorites. When the auction ends, winning bidders make their donations directly to Doctors Without Borders, through the site’s secure giving page.

    Hurry, the auction ends Monday, December 12th.

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    "The Kiss That Rose From The Earth": Aftelier Secret Garden

    (picture borrowed from this lovely blog)

    The sign of a well-composed fragrance often lies in the reactions that wearing it generates. Usually, when I try a new fragrance on, I often will “ooh” and “ahh” or moan inappropriately. Sometimes I visibly recoil and audibly gag. Once in a while, music or poetry will come to mind if I make a tangible and deep connection with what I’m smelling. When this happens, I know that I’ve struck “perfume gold”, and that what I’m wearing needs to come home with me or be purchased in a larger size. The undeniable beauty of the scent is its own symphonic treat, words painted with an olfactory glaze, mobile and living art. 

    I feel as if it’s no surprise that Mandy Aftel’s latest fragrance, Secret Garden, conjured up such emotions in me. I had excitedly followed the genesis of the fragrance on Nathan Branch’s blog, and his review of the finished product left me thrilled and anxious to get my paws on a sample. From the inspiration behind the name (how I love the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett!) to Nathan’s declaration that the scent was “irresistibly luminous”, Secret Garden seemed to bloom with the promise of sensuality and surprise.

    It has been interesting to read other bloggers’ thoughts on the fragrance. My demonic sister Sheila found herself seduced by the fragrant blooms and animalic base of Secret Garden, while the lovely Birgit was enveloped by a very human sense of comfort and warmth exuded by the perfume. Incredible that one small vial of liquid could conjure up such vivid and conflicting emotions and thoughts! Like I’ve said before - and like I will say again - Mandy Aftel’s genius lies in her ability to create perfume as an experience. All of the senses are stirred, the mind struggles to comprehend, and the heart leaps. 

    When I first applied Secret Garden to my skin, I was instantly reminded of Pablo Neruda. I have been a fan of his for as long as I can remember, and I keep his collected work of poetry by my bedside. I am especially fond of his sonnets, and I know a few by heart. Soneto XLVII (47) in particular jumped out at me; I’m posting the Tapscott translation below for you to read:

    I want to look back and see you in the branches.
    Little by little you turned into fruit.
    It was easy for you to rise from the roots, 
    singing your syllable of sap.

    Here you will be a fragrant flower first,
    changed to the statuesque form of a kiss,
    till the sun and the earth, blood and the sky, fulfill
    their promises of sweetness and pleasure, in you.

    There in the branches I will recognize your hair,
    your image ripening in the leaves,
    bringing the petals nearer my thirst,

    and my mouth will fill with the taste of you,
    the kiss that rose from the earth
    with your blood, the blood of a lover’s fruit. 

    What is incredible is that this sonnet perfectly embodies the experience of wearing Secret Garden. Secret Garden is flower, fruit, and flesh all at once: the initial application is bright, unfolding, and full of promise but as the fragrance develops it becomes feverish, deeper, and lustier. I am kissed by happy hints of bergamot and blood orange, caressed by an indolic jasmine and a blooming rose, and ravaged by (real!) civet and castoreum. It reminds me of perfumes from another era; Secret Garden could be a long-forgotten vintage and I’d believe it. 

    Still, this is probably the easiest Aftelier fragrance to wear - and I do think it is Mandy’s best. She managed to create a perfume that is both accessible yet outerworldly: Neruda’s forest lover encapsulated. Secret Garden: it is the kiss that rose from the earth to awaken passions within us all. 

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Joeybunny's NYC Perfume Shopping Tour, Part One: Shopping on Fifth Avenue

    On Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to take another ‘fumehead from out of town (hello my dear Kenny!) around NYC on my grand perfume shopping tour.

    (A John McCracken piece at MoMA called "The Absolutely Naked Fragrance)

    In the span of about three and a half hours, we hit up seven - yes, seven! - stores, covering most of the fragrance bases. I thought that it would be nice to offer you all a small NYC shopping guide. I wish that everyone could come visit me and have me act as tour guide, but maybe this post will make you feel as if you’re in NYC with me! 

    Now, I’m going to split this up into two sections: today will cover my favorite stops along Fifth Avenue. In a day or two, I’ll do my favorite downtown spots. I am admittedly biased, so I’m only focusing on the three stores that I prefer to go to. I’ll make a list of honorable mentions that are perfume-centric, but are places I just choose not to visit. 

    Joey’s Perfume Shopping Tour: Fifth Avenue

    First stop is - ALWAYS! - Bergdorf Goodman. I make everyone meet me here due to its central location and the fact that the store’s beauty level carries all of the perfumed big-shots one can think of, save for Dior. For Dior, I recommend actually visiting the Dior boutique on 57th between Fifth and Madison; their staff is hospitable and eager to let customers explore the fragrances.

    At Bergdorf, there are five essential stops that must be made (besides at Le Metier de Beaute and Edward Bess!): 
    • The Chanel counter for the Les Exclusifs - I need a full-bottle of Coromandel ASAP.
    • The Guerlain counter. I shouldn't have to even explain why this is a necessary stop. Ask for Peggy, and play. You will not be sorry...but you will be broke!
    • The By Kilian counter, because I find that the Bergdorf sales associates who man the Kilian counter are much nicer and more generous with their time, knowledge, and samples than at other By Kilian counters in the city - look for Samina on the weekends and Eva during the week.
    • The Annick Goutal counter, because the display is just gorgeous!
    • The JAR room: This is a serious experience that I don’t want to spoil for anyone. All I can say is that you will find at least one JAR fragrance to fall in love with, and your wallet will suffer a coronary when you hear the price tag on these fragrances. Also, don’t try on the jewelry. You will only suffer more.
    • An honorable mention to the Diptyque room on the seventh floor. It’s beautifully organized, but not my favorite place to purchase Diptyque. 
    While at Bergdorf this Sunday, Kenny and I sniffed numerous - at least fifteen - fragrances. Some highlights include: By Kilian Beyond Love (this might be my next Kilian), By Kilian Straight to Heaven (which is exactly where Kenny went after smelling it), Van Cleef and Arpels’ Midnight in Paris EDT (Kenny, send me a decant of the EDP please!), Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Cheri, Par Camille (this confused Kenny; I have a FB and will be reviewing it soon!), and Guerlain Sous le Vent (this managed to distract me from Iris Ganache, so I know this is good). 

    Walking south along Fifth Avenue, the next stop is Henri Bendel, whose perfume floor is manned by the hilarious and very sweet Albert. Albert reigns supreme over Bendel’s incredible assortment of niche fragrances. Every single line carried here is worth a sniff, and here are some of the gems hidden amongst the displays:
    • Aftelier Perfumes - Yes! Mandy’s indelible creations are available here. Sniff Cepes et Tuberose and try to pretend like your life hasn’t changed for the better.
    • Etat Libre d’Orange, whose crazy concoctions make me giggle. I am hoping someone buys me the coffret - or at least a bottle of Jasmin et Cigarettes. 
    • Nasomatto, because everyone needs to smell Duro and Black Afghano (Albert and I had a serious laugh over Kenny’s instant love of Black Afghano. Kenny, I’m sorry, but you need it!).
    • Histoires de Parfums - I fell head over heels for 1740, Marquis de Sade, and purchased the small bottle immediately. Albert wasn’t surprised, and neither was Kenny. A review will come, I promise. For now, read Sheila’s
    • Hype Noses, the BEST candles ever. All of them are extremely edible. 
    Of course, Albert showed Kenny and me a ton of scents that were new to us. Some of the highlights include: the Blood Concepts fragrances (I really enjoyed O, which surprised me), Jouany Marrakech and St. Barthelemy (Kenny and I both preferred Marrakech), and Nez a Nez Immortelle Marilyn (perfect, plastic, and it needs to be mine immediately).

    The last stop along Fifth Avenue is Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks is included only because they carry Cartier and Thierry Mugler. I needed Kenny to smell the new Cartier fragrance, L'Heure Convoitée II. We both agreed that it’s fantastic - but the price point is not! Also, Saks carries Thierry Mugler, and I had somehow yet to sniff the Mugler “Taste of Fragrance” collection. We smelled all four of the fragrances, and pretty much agreed that Taste of Fragrance Womanity is much better than the original (more fig = so much more balanced), and that Taste of Fragrance Alien is just delicious (mmm, salted caramel!).

    Now, that’s it for our tour along Fifth Avenue! Moving off of Fifth Avenue and onto Madison Avenue offers more perfume options, such as the aforementioned Dior boutique, the Caron boutique, Barneys NY (whose perfume counters are lovely, but I just choose to not frequent Barneys), the Malle boutique, and the Creed boutique. I’ve yet the visit the Caron, Malle, and Creed boutiques, but I will soon!

    Stay tuned for the next installment of my shopping tour! I’ll be taking you all south of 14th Street. Let me know what you think in the comments; have you sniffed any of the fragrances Kenny and I tried this weekend?

    Sunday, December 4, 2011

    Mystery Makeup Bag - What's Zuzu Hiding in Hers?

    It's time to peek into another Beauty Spotlight Team member's makeup bag, and this week Zuzu's Petals will show just how much she can squeeze into a tiny bag. What minimalist essentials might be hiding inside? Click on the bag to find out!