FTC Disclosure Information

  1. I sometimes get freebies from companies. A freebie does not guarantee a POSITIVE review, but I do try to review the things I'm sent for free. I believe it's just a nice thing to do.
  2. I disclose whether I bought something, was given something as a gift, or was given something as a press sample. 
  3. I do accept sponsorship. A bunny's gotta pay for this blog somehow! I do not accept bribery, though.
  4. I am as honest as possible when doing my reviews. If something sucks, I'll say so - but I'll do so nicely. There's no need to be rude, so I've learned.
  5. I would actually rather accept grilled cheese sandwiches than products, but apparently those are hard to mail, so if you want to send me something to review, you can - just shoot me an email at joeybunnyfoofoo (at) gmail (punto) com! 
  6. Seriously, someone mail me food! I'm hungry.